United Kingdom Government Denounced for Crimes Against Disabled People to International Criminal Court in The Hague


Date: September 22, 2012

To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
E-Mail: otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int

Subject: Austerity deaths of sick and disabled people in the U.K.

Dear Mrs. Bensouda,

I am a 56-year-old Disability Studies specialist from Montreal, Canada who has been reporting frequently for the past year to the United Nations on the crisis for the United Kingdom’s sick and disabled. Austerity measures, consisting of draconian welfare reforms and “sham” means-testing (Atos Healthcare U.K. and the Department for Work and Pensions) are ostensibly to blame for their plight—with disability hate crime and inflammatory media attacks factored into this mix.

I have a plethora of evidence but for the purpose of brevity, see:

1) Early day motion 295 http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/295

2) The attached British Medical Journal Article by Dr. Margaret McCartney.

3) http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2012/04/32-die-a-week-after-failing-in.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

4) https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/22/epileptic-colin-traynor-29-had-massive-seizure-and-died-3-months-after-dwpatos-fit-for-work-ruling-michael-meacher-mp/

5) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/jcsufp

6) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/15/austerity-measures-uk-a-thousand-cuts_n_1670711.html

7) https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4DDIATl4FpJS1dNWEVHTkUzWXc

8) https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4DDIATl4FpJdktNYi1HOTM5S3M

9) http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/08/leveson-willful-blindness-disabled-people

10) http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2012/aug/14/disability-hate-crime-increase-reported-incidents-data

11) http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/aug/14/disability-hate-crime-benefit-scrounger-abuse?intcmp=239

12) http://www.scope.org.uk/sites/default/files/pdfs/Campaigns_policy/Scope_Hate_Crime_Report.pdf

13) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yRaBth9w6Q

14) https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/22/paralysed-teenager-on-life-support-since-birth-told-to-attend-dwpatos-work-capability-assessment-or-lose-his-benefits/

15) https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/22/disabled-people-collateral-damage-in-the-governments-austerity-war/

16) https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/22/atos-scandal-victims-speak-to-the-scottish-daily-record/

17) https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/22/disabled-people-are-being-unfairly-targeted-in-what-amounts-to-collective-punishment-prohibited-under-1949-geneva-conventions/


19) Please note the comments of MP Dame Anne Begg in item #18.

I am interested in filing an ICC complaint against several British Ministers—namely, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the draconian welfare reforms and the resultant deaths of their society’s most vulnerable.

My questions are as follows: Are austerity deaths of the sick and disabled in the U.K. considered a crime against humanity by the ICC? Would the UNCRPD be taken into consideration by the court?

I am aware of a submission to the ICC by psychologists Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou regarding a request for a Greek austerity trial at the Hague—so there appears to be precedent in this matter. Based on the preliminary evidence that I have submitted with this letter, do you believe that the sick and disabled of Britain have a justiciable ICC case?

I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest possible convenience. My personal information is on file with the UN CRPD Secretary, Jorge Araya. My street address follows below.

Best wishes.

Samuel Miller.

Samuel Miller
E-Mail: disabilityinliterature@gmail.com
Blog: Hephaestus: Disability Studies
Blog: My Disability Studies Blackboard
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Hephaestus7
(Montreal, Canada)

Deaths and Suicides linked to WCA: more evidence needed for justice

107 thoughts on “United Kingdom Government Denounced for Crimes Against Disabled People to International Criminal Court in The Hague

    1. peoplesunitedassembly says:

      The only way to resolve our Countries dilemma is to use the rule of law. Police and Judges are bound by position, duty and oath to uphold International and Domestic laws and treaties; they are not above the law.
      At present they are all in breach by not upholding domestic and International laws.
      On the 20th October 2012 at 2pm in Parliament Square there will be a Peoples Assembly of Justice.
      This will be demanding that the law is done and seen to be done. There are no other options on the table. If those who profess to uphold the law fail in their duty, then they too will be found guilty under the following Nuremberg Principle 4 along with and including international laws.

      Nuremberg principle 3 (addressing the UK Government and the 559 MP’s who voted in favor of using armed force to attack other Countries and their citizens). Nuremberg principle 4 is addressing the Police, Judges and all others in Public office
      Nuremberg principles
      Principle III states, “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”
      Nuremberg principles
      Principle IV
      The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.
      With immediate affect arrest of all of those whose unlawful actions have directly resulted in, genocide, war crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, abuse of Human and Civil rights and ecocide.
      This is not a political issue, it is one of law.
      UK Citizens demand the arrest of MP’s who are war criminals http://peoplesassembly.blogspot.co.uk/
      UK Government WAR CRIMES

      1. Kevin Baker says:

        “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”
        Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

        “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”
        Mahatma Ghandi

  1. Joanna Terry says:

    My socks have blown off, thank you so much for caring about us, not something you needed to do. I wish you every success for all our sakes. This government is bloody.

  2. Rogr says:

    Even if the UN will not consider the guilt of these people we all know that they are fully culpable. It may at long last reveal what “orders” ATOS belive they are following and prove once again that this defence is worthless when it causes the deaths of so many.

  3. ODIN says:

    If the UN does not want to know then we will have to sort this ourselves, the British are slow to anger, but push us too far and will never let this go, just like the Bulldog

  4. Martine says:

    Fantastic letter Mr Miller. If you need anyone to stand and campaign in Den Haag, I will be there.

  5. The Infamous Culex says:

    If indictments can be raised against those responsible – and don’t forget “Baron” David Fraud, who started this – then European Arrest Warrants could be issued to get them to The Hague.

    The ideal time to serve such an arrest warrant would be during the Tory Party Conference.

  6. Anne-Marie Sandham says:

    It is the UN Agenda 21 that is controlling what the UK government does, and also all the other UN member countries governments. It is all part of world population reduction. All western governments, bankers and large corporations like Monsanto are guilty of crimes against humanity. So I will be surprised if any help will be forthcoming from them. Hopefully the European court will have some news for all of us at the beginning of October… fingers crossed.

  7. kasbah says:

    Fantastic! Thank you Samuel Miller for caring about us, it is so unusual for anyone to care that I cheered when i read your submission. All power to you! I do hope that the ICC deal with your request speedily- time is not on our side in the Uk as even more draconian measures against the sick and disabled are in the pipeline come 2013 and beyond.

    If something does not happen to stop this government then we will have to resort to desperate measures.

  8. lyndyloo says:

    thank u mr miller for what u have done. it is so comforting to know that someone as far away as you are, have such a good heart to be so concerned about the welfare of disabled people like myself and my good friends. i consider u, one of my friends now. more power to you!

  9. jeffery davies says:

    i wish it was so but how can they show that this evil lot have done anything wrong when they made it law to do so ,but hope if true that they do take notice of whot is happening in this country by those who hold hands with bankers and its them who should pay not the people for their mistakes when when when but think torys libdems would take any notice of them jeff3

  10. DAVID SHAW says:

    This is the start of the nuremburg that these evil individuals have had coming to them. They believed they could carry out this action without recompense. They are soon to be proved wrong.

  11. Findlow says:

    Thank you Samuel Miller, you have worked so hard on this. Thank you for bringing your intelligence and expertise to this issue. Thank you for caring. The best of luck with this, so many of us are truly grateful and hope you succeed.

  12. Helen says:

    I am heartened that you and others care and hope that something can be done to halt and reverse what this government is doing to the vulnerable. I have been astounded that they have been getting away with it so far. Being personally affected by their actions and my son too, I have a vested interest in this and live in hope.
    Thank you Samuel Miller

  13. phil johnson says:

    I empathise deeply as i myself am struggling to get my benifits sorted for Disabilty. When i see able bodied people who know how to screw the system get everything, and i cant get any help and have been turned down several times. I have been so close on several occasions to ending my life and giving in because I dont have the fight left in me anymore. I lost my wife,home and family because they are now better off financially without me..We all make sacrifices some should not have to to these extents… I keep going in the belief there is someone out there worse off than me. Where is the GREAT in Great Brittian…….Keep up the Fantastic work for our future generations..

  14. maureen says:

    Thank you Samual,your artical has raised my hopes that maybe ,just maybe there maybe a sensable & humaine outcome from the maddness that purports tobe a benefit system.As I had to take medical retirement due to illness Iam in reciept of a small works pension,this coupled with IB I was able to eat well and keep the house warm. However this pension will now be means tested ,This puts me a couple of pounds above the threshold for any benefit from the state add to this the the phasing out of the lower level of the care componant in DLA .This will leave me in a very vunrable position, as not only can I nolonger afford to purchase care- I need to have my house cleaned as my medication whilst controling my disease results in a reduced immunity system.I can forsee that by the end of this winter I will have to make a choice between food and warmth . I belive that for myself and others in simler csercumstances,that we will be unable to live on a basic substance level without support from family &friends ,begging or particpating in criminal activty.Is this a life that is worth living? Is this the future? I’d think it was the fate of someone in a third world country or a passage from a history book Is this realy what is in store for residents of GB in 2013? Thanks Moggie

    1. Carls Dickinson says:

      Maureen. Hang in there. I live in Australia and am appalled at these cruel and draconian measures that have been metered out by the Tory Government. Try not to feel isolated, and arm yourself with a good support network if you can. Remember, you are not alone even though you may feel so for now. My heart goes out to you, and the countless others in these horrid situations. I truly feel that a change will ensue for the better and this won’t continue for long, as like minded people are fighting against this, and good always wins out. Bless you. Carls x

  15. sue mccafferty says:

    This, together with Dr Pauline Nolan’s report to the UN, should give us all some hope. There are other cases in the pipeline. This Government are also in breach of many of the articles of the ECHR, not to mention the Equality Act. It will be an interesting six months I reckon. I would do anything to see justice done and the vicious ideology of this government universally condemned in an international court. But, like Moggie above, it’s unbelievable how far and how fast they have managed to dismantle what we took to be inalienable rights and securities. It really is becoming more and more like some grotesque nightmarish dystopia with braying, over-fed merchants counting their investments while the majority of the population struggle to buy food. Labour need to seize the initiative now, before we lose faith completely.

  16. Phil Lee says:

    Thank you so much for making this referral to the ICC, but I do wonder why Andrew Lnsley is not among those named – as minister for health it would have been impossible for the attacks on disabled people to proceed without his collusion.
    I hope it is not too late to correct this omission, and as I have the misfortune to live in his constituency (note: I do not say that he represents me – he clearly doesn’t, despite that being the ONLY role he was elected to) I would be delighted to witness his arrest and remand for crimes against humanity.
    I believe it may be a significant fact that Atos made considerable contributions to his campaign funds, which will probably be of interest to the court (they can presumably seize records which would prove that).

    1. shaun 'ali bongo' says:

      Being selfish as usual n getting worse ..as Pastor Michael Niemoller ”First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me”.

  17. hippygothica says:

    Its about dam time my life was nearly unlivible a few weeks ago due to know care being kicked out of hospital with terrible treat n no care in the hpospital etc with no care in place when I got to my flat since then my mobilty is opoor my mental state has been bad etc Neighborhoodd violent have had a buse being a scronger been spat at too etc ive been fighting goverment health authoritires because of benefit loses n need to move nearer to my mother who lives 20miles away from me and the council thetre are like my butt saying they have no flats etc But they have a few empty ones etc Im 50th on the list n thats piriority what have the 49 folk in front of me have more problems than I livinng n struggling in bad conditions have poor mobility in all my body can be asleep for days with chronic fatique etc due to benefits taken last year n messed around playing catchup with Mr bills debts etc Dont start me on when big greedy insurances conpanies dont listen to you n expect while your sick in hospital and expect you to pay your whole premium on housing insurances etc great when I do get it sorteed il not be with them ever again !!!! Winters coming like most folk who are in my position so I shudder to speak of this and yes the goverment are like the Nazi and cameron il say hi hitler to you MR cameron n Cleg n salute you all in the SS cabinet or are millionares n dont need expenses or to be paid out of the public purse which so need What is it about greedy business n banker the money you get the more money we need you greedy gits Im going to write the whole of my discusting treatment to john of disability press AND MR CAMERON N CLEG CABINET I WILL NOT SURRENDER or DO SUICIDE FOR YOU OR NOBODY And I sugget to others who are disabled etc DONT DO IT LIVE N FIGHT N PIEE THEM OFF Sorry forr my errors very ill but im a ex soldier I have a lot of wiil power and sorry for my passion Im just so disgusted with the press n folk etc Lets hope OUR PLIGHT IS LOOK AT !!!!! BECAUSE IL START WRITING TO OVERSEAS PAPERS ETC N THEY WILL HAVE TO SHUTME UP IM A SOLDIER KNOW THE SWORD BUT PREFER TO USE THE POWEER OF THE PEN IT HURTS DEEP WITH ME WRITTING !!! tgc many blessing all be safe ok all x 🙂

    1. ros says:

      I echoe my thanks Mr Miller I am disabled myself on benefits and currently trying to fight against works and pensions who are trying to say that they overpaid me to the tune of £36000 from 2001 -2004 and 2007 – 2011 during those times I was in receipt of student loans as well as incapacity benefits. The benefits people are trying to say I shouold not have been in receipt of both and they keep saying it was income support.

      For god sake its a loan not a grant and if i do find work is paid anywayI was also told the rules are different for disabled people however apparantly they change every year and are not readily available

      Interestingly enough I actuactually found a letter from work and pensions and my email response on the request for further information on my student loan payments dated January 2009 and yet they are maintaing I did not inform them of a change in circumstances.

      I qualified with a degree in counselling in 2011 and have been trying to get back into work and am currently attending my second works related programme.

      I have now had to request all the information held on me and am finding it a minefield to get through my physical, psychological and emotion health is suffering.

      This governments cruel and dispasionate attitudes need to be challanged what insentive is there for for me to continue trying to get back into a paid working envireoment I am currently about to start a voluntary placement as a counsellor which has definaetlynot been through any work programme which appear to be a joke I attend once a month for 30 mins.

    2. Rosa says:

      bless you! you are absolutely right to say you will not surrender or die – i feel the same – and thousands of us do – we will fight on together to beat this evilness. We are all here for each other and our strength is in caring about each other. xx

  18. Les brady says:

    Thank you mr miller
    this goverment needs to know right from wrong, they are destroying DLA..they are a disgrace the way they are treating us, were all on our own had no one to fight our corner (until mr miller) …im bemused that there is no public outcry, if this was france the whole of france would come to a stanstil as all the roads would be blocked, i just get the feeling its all just a little too late, and if mr idiot cameron has friends in the hague then were fighting a losing battle
    thank you again mr miller

    1. Sheila Amies-Byron says:

      Dear Les please do not think that the more able bodies of us do not care. We do very much and will fight alongside you no matter what. Good luck to you.

  19. Ali van Dam says:

    Thank you, Mr Miller. Sadly, I fear that this government will already have their weasel words lined up to deflect any blame directed their way. Every protest at the vicious attacks on vital support for the disabled is met with cold and implacable dismissal. There is no compassion in them – we are the casualties of the ‘sacrifices must be made’ mantra. So much easier to make us into the scrounging scum in the system than look at tax-dodgers and bad business practice. I am struggling to keep working full-time with rapidly-evolving relapsing remitting MS and am so tired of being treated like a drain on society because the government and the media are seeding an already-hostile populace with poisonous words like ‘scroungers’ and ‘fraud’. They are welcome to see the lesions in my brain scans and spend a few days with me to see how much energy it takes just to get up, shower and dress on the days I can manage it. And I am lucky enough to still have a job and be able to pay into the tax system…

  20. Sheila Amies-Byron says:

    Thank you so much Mr Miller. Although not disabled myself, I believe in justice something this coalition obviously does not. The passion this has evoked is amazing and I have the greatest admiration for those who, despite their disabilities, will continue to fight for their rights. Thank you again.

  21. Lorraine Hockin says:

    Thankyou Mr Miller for taking action against this goverment the way they see fit to treat the disabled and vulenerable in this country,I have 2 disabled sons and find it a day to day struggle for them,one is in a care home ,the other is still struggling to live independently.Good luck with your fight,Thankyou

  22. Frances Griffin says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Miller ! Thank goodness somebody is standing up for us. Having been through two tribunals and been successful in having DWP’s decision overturned, I am so grateful that somebody is standing up for us. The stress all this has caused has worsened by condition, and was never meant to help me to find my potential. I feel for all those who are long term sick and disabled who are going through this hell. May the good God strengthen you.

  23. ODIN says:

    In May of this year the UK had to have a UPR. Every four and a half years the UK’s human rights record is considered by the other countries which are members of the United Nations Human Rights Council in a process called Universal Periodic Review (UPR). UPR is based on the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all UN human rights conventions to which the UK is party.

    There were 10 recommendations one of which addresses the criminal actions inflicted on the mentally and physically disabled citizens of this country. Namely to

    Guarantee economic, social and cultural rights and ensure that human rights are taken into account in the context of economic austerity, particularly the rights of vulnerable groups and in the context of welfare reform.

    The ConDem government must respond by September 2012, doesn’t look like anything has changed does it? The Bastards will lie through their high teeth again and we will continue to be hounded to death, where is Guy Fawkes when you need him.

    Any comments or ideas from anyone about the UN?

  24. Wendy Lowe says:

    I live as independently as I can with Multiple Sclerosis. DLA and IB enable this. I sadly took Ill Health Retirement from my beloved NHS job. Now I’m going to be forced to try to do the impossible. The stress is already making me ill. I dread the post daily.

  25. M. Mowbray says:

    Thank you so much for this action Mr Miller. My girlfriend is badly disabled and has been devastated by the Atos/DWP policies. I hope you get a reply very soon, and I pray that this wicked and inhumane Government and its evil policy is brought to justice at last.

  26. Bob says:

    ODIN – do you have any links to the info about the UPR & the 10 recommendations? Where would the UK’s response be found online if they do it on time? Thanks!

  27. Eriks Teteris says:

    OMG! we have a champion, I really thought the time had come for us ‘dis’ed’ lot. Hmm? just when you thought it was all over Eh? Feels like the sun just came out 🙂

  28. Keven Jackson says:

    Mr. Miller,


    Could it be that for once, those in Brussels might just surprise we ‘Brtis’ with a common-sense rule of law…

    …and tell this bloo – err – blummin’ ConDem Government what we have been saying for some time ?

    Namely – that their benefit reforms are not only both shambolic and disgusting…
    …but that they are ILLEGAL as well.

    You wouldn’t get away with treating DOGS like this (depravity to the point that death can be the result ) in a civilised society…!

    I have said this time and again on my facebook page – repeating it here can do no harm…

    …the Sheriff of Nottingham could learn a thing or two from the current British Government !

  29. jeremy williams says:

    I’m writing this to ask every mp how can they ignore the cruel effect funding uc is having on the poor and disabled people of the uk. Do you realise good but disabled and poor people are reduced to begging you not to take away their benefit and transfer it to a project intended for them, that isnt even ready yet. This article http://gu.com/p/2jyz9 clearly shows why people have had no option than take their own life than wake each day in pain from starving. This article projects that 500,000 people on ib will be found fit for work, not because medical cures have been found enabling them to work but because the medical was changed to find them fit. The disability was not changed and these poor people are still not able to find work. So no job and now no benefit left these people no way to even have a meal. as the cost of uc keeps rising more people are suffering because to fund uc another benefit is taken away. The fact that work should be more rewarding is true but because we have a good economy that pays more to workers. Not because people who cant work are punished for it. millions of people live in the uk that means millions of different types and requirements. The old system was designed so that ALL circumstances were covered and sic disabled people were properly protected from further suffering, they dont deserve anymore pain. So i ask you all to realise this uc is taking all the benefits poor disabled people need to survive and giving nothing back. the time for reviews and fancy arguments has long since gone the cruel truth is people are dying and begging you all the time to let them live. Please stop this cruel treatment and give my friends and family a reason to believe in good again. Please dont turn your back and ignore them no one should have to die over a idea.
    what hurts me the most is they call my unwell family member a scrounger over the tax i pay. when in truth i am proud and more than happy to get up each day and work hard to help anyone who not by choice cant. these are my friends and family they grudge helping. well give me my tax back and i’ll help them myself. they may turn their backs but i never have or ever will these are the people i love without them there is no future.
    Every day this continues to be ignored more people die because poverty kills the fact of it is only you all have the power to stop this. so we ask you once again to use that power to save peoples life because sir they deserve the right to life as every other human being in the uk working or not. if you believe these people should live you will stop the torture if you continue the message you will send to everyone is you believe because of disabilities they dont deserve the life they have been given. now is the time to show us what you believe and what you dont.
    from all those suffering

  30. k davies says:

    I agree with everything said above but talk is cheap we need actions, about time we ill and disabled mobilised as a group and show IDS and his cronies how we really feel

  31. Darik Hart says:

    Welcome news. Mr Miller, I doff my hat – or would if I had one. This unelected government’s war on the electorate, and pogroms against the vulnerable must be stopped. The amount of avoidable suffering currently endured (and in some cases escaped in the worst way) is far beyond any level of acceptability in a ‘civilised’ nation.
    Propoganda campaigns and manipulation of the media have helped to further the despicable aims of a self-seeking, self-important elite in high office.
    Anything that raises the profile of the struggle cannot but help. Anything that can drag those who feel themselves above the law, into a courtroom, is even better.

  32. Amanda Hemers says:

    Mr Miller. I can’t thank you enough for this. I’m British and I work with people who are on Disability Living Allowance. Their fear and anxiety has risen above what I have ever experienced before. They were already suffering and life was hard but now it’s intolerable. It’s so good to know that people care. I am so ashamed of my country right now. Everything we fought for to bring people with disabilities in to main stream society (I started working with Scope in the 90’s when care in the community was passed) is just pushing them further in to a hidden society again if they survive that long. People with disabilites deserve more respect and compassion. They are missing out on some wonderful, inspiring people who able bodied people should be learning a few things about life from. Much respect. Amanda

  33. hamstrung says:

    I am 54 so I was lucky enough to miss WWII. But from what I have learned of the assaults carried out at that time on the weakest and most disabled, it seems to me that history is repeating itself. Different country but same outcome.

    And this is the 21st century for Heaven’s sake.

    What excuse can there possibly be?

    We know what happened – why are we allowing it to happen again?

    I hang my head in shame, as should others. Those who are allowing and enabling it to happen.

  34. Lydia says:

    Hurrah! I applaud this effort wholeheartedly!
    I have contacted the EU before regarding this, but was not able to phrase it so well or provide such a plethora of evidence; I sincerely hope that this produces fruit! And if not, let’s keep trying. It is clear that a crime against humanity is indeed in progress, and we ought to do all we can to stand against that, for if we let it happen on our watch we are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

  35. lorraine seath says:

    I am 50 years old, disabled for nearly 20. my life was over almost as it began, and I am unsure of the future. I am totally dependent on the strength and goodness of others who feel me worthy of their support. I am grateful to them. Sincere thanks from one who is afraid.

  36. Sue Howley says:

    There should be a new charge of Political Manslaughter to help protect citizens from the kind of bad policy making we are seeing that is resulting in deaths.

  37. lawton and bennett says:

    hi…my daughter and i have the same illness/disabilities. Today i went to my daughters and through the reforms weather pushed by atos or the government my daughter is on a knives edge with 2 young children 2 step children and a husband that works. Monday she was sent to an interview were a lady said “your not fit for work i can see this, phone this number and appeal your case” my daughter was so confused, when she phoned and asked for these forms she was told shes to late to appeal she should have done this back in october……but she was only sent this interview appointment …..how do you appeal something before you know what the appointment is about?……shes have no medical no other letters and she is more than worried sick …..if i lose my daughter because of these discriminate reforms do i hold the person who put her into the group shes in ( the two groups i was told today you get put in one or the other) …..or the same three bright sparks that seem to have nazi tendencies.

      1. lawton and bennett says:

        my daughter and i have fibromyalgia sydrome i have other problems as well……she filled in a form she said when she was very poorly with an ear and head infection. I had to phone twice tonight to get all letters they say she should have had……the lady at the inteview said shes not fit for work but she doesn’t have any forms to pass my daughter back ….i’m worried she cann’t cope….then the dwp said to me even though you are partialy sighted you will have to go in the same group unless you have mental health problems ….so there catagorising you before your accessed…..by people buying into this nazi type reforms….. and i woundered why i was starting to see positive discrimination/persecution in my town and supermarkets…..started by my own goverment so were are we perposed to go from here?

  38. k davies says:

    About time we had a champion. ATOS are a money grabbing outfit, until they stop getting paid for every assessment an re-assessment and get penalised for aborted and lost tribunals they wont stop these unfair assessments. I would also ask you all to complain to the Advertising Standards Agency about the inaccuracies in the pamphlet sent by JCP/DWP. WCA AL1 06/12 Read page 2 its misleading I have sent it to them but the more complaints the better address your complaint to Mr. D Humber

  39. jessica mccarnun says:

    Wow. What a clever guy I wonder if he would like to run our country?

    With all of us standing together and shouting for what we believe in we will become a massive thorn in their side that wil not go away. We will be heard please come and load your stopries to our personal petition as the aim is to educate and also to change the governments views about the vulnerable. You can do it privately or publicly x by PMing Jessica Mccarnun admin on this page

    Solidarity x


  40. Maureen P says:

    Their are a lot of people cheating the system,,but their are a lot of people being put under great strain by Atos who lie about what people say to them, like they did with my daughter, luckly she took someone with her who could disprove what the lady at Atos had to say,my daughter has four incurable illnesses, and is in great pain and cannot take painkillers, they said she was fit to work, she won on appeal, but 12 months on they are after her again, causing her great amount of stress. The government should get after the real cheats not sick and disabled people……I am a strong supporter of the Tories but on this they have it very wrong. Atos are only out for what they can get for themselves financially and dont care who they hurt as long as they get their money.

    1. Bluesky says:

      If you want to see who is cheating the system you only have to look as far as the PM and his wife, they had their hands in the cookie jar in relation to their disabled son, they claimed DLA for him and money to have a bathroom adapted for his needs (all from the public purse) they are both millionaires so why didn’t they put their hands in their own pockets to support him like they want everyone else to, it’s one rule for them and another for us………..

  41. jay says:

    Maureen P you say their are a lot of people cheating the system.

    If you mean the sick and disabled then that is a lie, the evidence has been provided that tax cheats and avoiders cost this country far more than anything else.

    You support a corrupt party and only come on here and whine when it affects a member of your own family.

    Atos = Tory only in it for themselves financially and don’t care who they hurt as long as they get their money.

    That is the Tory motto tax the rich less but the poor more. This current Con Dem government are the most disgusting ever in my lifetime – pigs with their noses in the trough.

    From your daughters experience perhaps you will eventually realise what Tories stand for read the stories on this board and open your mind.

    The deficit is increasing, people are dying because of people like you supporting these scum.

  42. Ghislaine Pelletier says:

    Is this 2012 or 1812??? We have progressed in technology and in so many other ways but our compassion for the sick and disabled and the needy in our society has certainly diminished.

  43. A Morrison says:

    Samuel Millar, thank you so much for speaking out on behalf of those of us who cannot, due to fear of reprisals, illness, disability and hunger.
    Poverty kills. The UK Government knows this, just as it knows “work will set you free” (tell that to those severely disabled workers given the boot by Remploy, the traumatised soldiers, the rest of us).

  44. nikki says:

    I was assessed by an Atos doctor and the report on his observations were disgraceful and a pack of lies . He was rude ,ignorant and rushed me during the assessment .He refused to look at further evidence which was put in a file to show him . I was removed from high rare care and mobility of DLA to nil overnight ,and this Doctor’s report defineatly held the majority clout in the decision .I have suffered long term mental health problems for 18 years , am 100 % dependent on people ,cant go out alone or even stay in alone .I feel detached from reality nearly 24/7 .I have had to have electric shock treatment for suicide attempts as a result of depressive illness .I feel detached from my own self ,have no confidence or self esteem .I suffer with bladder and bowel incontinence ,severe anxiety ,panic attacks. I was under a psychiatric consultant for 17 years ,and was only discharged a year ago because my consultant had exhausted all avenues of medication ,including Lithium ,electric shock therapy ,counselling ,psychotherapy ,psychology none of which made any significant improvement to me . Every day of my life is a living hell in my mind and body .I get no feelings of joy ,happiness , I suffer with fibromyalgia which went un diagnosed until recently ,which can range from everyday pain in my knees ,stiffening ,pain ,stiffness in neck back ,shoulders arms ,wrists ,fingers . constant feeling of heaviness and fatigue throughout my body and mind . I have a condition where i fall asleep without warning and this could be dangerous if unsupervised .I told this doctor who is also by the way also a general practitioner at a surgery about half hr away from where i live .I told him how mixed up ,confused i get very easily and cant concentrate or take in information around me .I told him of the derealization i suffer with this word not even used in the report ,past self harm with razor blades ,suicidal thoughts of which he described as strange thoughts .Bed wetting which is embarrassing to talk about to a stranger let alone a male .Yet he summarized me as friendly , well nourished , well built ,intelligent ,no signs of sweating or shaking ,refused to get up and walk ,yet did not say in his report that I could not walk as my feet were in so much pain and I could not stand on them .Since this visit and being signed off dla ,i am lost our mobility vehicle and therefore the slightest small piece of independence i had enabling me to get out on short journeys .I have lost my appetite completely ,experiencing tremouring through out my body all day every day . Im not sleeping ,i have relapsed mentally having suicidal thoughts of which i had to been seen on 3 occasions by the crisis mental health team and referred urgently back to my previous psychiatric consultant , both my antidepressants increased .I emailed the GMC on 3 separate occasions firstly dating back to early November ,yet had no response from any of my emails . Its my strong belief that the Dr who visited me from Atos has no duty of care to patients and only to that of Atos .I even complained about this Dr to Atos and basically its mine and my partners word against his as we had no impartial witness . He even lied what time he arrived and left my home . So 18 years of suffering with mental health problems ,physical problems , people dependent and all listed above ,existing in my life not even wanting to live ,having to be supervised / cared for with personal needs ,living my life scared like a little child .Yet somehow Atos was able to cure me overnight by sending a doctor who obviously has no understanding of mental health or the complexity . or the fact that just because i can relay to him how i feel .how i am effected ,how i suffer does not warrant someone being described as intelligent ,what about the fact that years of medication and lack of mobility has made it difficult for me to lose weight ,He ticked i didnt need help with basically anything that in his opinion i can manage all alone when i can not .18 years of docors reports ,psychiatric reports ,endless visits to different consultants ,every day a struggle to live ,this government allow Atos to decide our fate ,this is so inhumane and wrong .

  45. Elaine Hall says:

    Mr Miller ,Thank You for giving us hope the way this government is treating us we are not human beings, Just statics , They have targets to meet regardless. Atos tick boxes , simply not interested in anyone’s condition, In my humble opinion one health condition fits all

  46. Bluesky says:

    On monday IDS is up before the cross party work+pensions select committee. Dame Anne Begg MP said IDS would face a grilling when he goes before members…….Eairlier this month the PM attempted to re-shuffle IDS to the job of justice secretary as fears over the progress and costs of the Universal Credit circulated in parliament, however he was rebuffed by IDS who is determined to see his reforms through.. hopefully IDS will get the message that he is NOT WANTED and that he should do the right thing and take a pistol to his head (if he did he would more than likely miss, as he has no brains at all)…..anyway if the radio interview was anything to go by, monday should be very entertaining, if only to see him throw his toys out of his pram yet again (looks like a spanked botty from his nanny again, poor woman must be getting really knackerd by now from all the spanking she has given him for throwing his toys out of his pram)…….

  47. hippygothica says:

    want to say thaaank you mmr miller i wrotee a while a go reread it I was suicidal at the time Im glad Now I PISS THE GOVERMENT OFF AND LIVED 😀 but Im afraid a dear friend of mine wasnt So lucky He ran a mental health groups and help others with all the failedd claims etc Due to this Gastapo Hitler Goverment Atos etc He was so upset n depressed He killed hiself 🙁 I Now think when he passed He told me to survive And I will Going through crap stilll very iil But I will fight being the ex soldier and the long line of military family I come from Still have battles to win Il Win The War and iiim surere we will ALL WIN OUR WARS AGAINST THEEM soory forr errors iiiim onnn morphine 🙁 IN mucch pain but It maakes me angry and irritated if I get sttressed etc tgc 😀 x BE STRONG x

    1. hippygothica says:

      and I ussed to help in disabled groups too wwith my friend butt I became really bad physically ill disabled So I hope When myy battles n War is won maybbe I can get to help agin pray goods tthats true my fellow soldiers aganst this apalling disccriminatiion 🙁 tgc FIGHT ON 😀 x

  48. Keven Jackson says:

    Hello Nikki,
    Almost EVERY Atos report is full of lies. Mine contains 16 blatant untruths.
    Not ALL Atos employees are doctors. My report says that my assessor is – so I checked with the GMC. The person that assessed me is actually registered as a doctor.
    So – I telephoned their helpline to get advice.
    I asked the lady I spoke to about what we should expect from a doctor.
    She started to list all the qualities that the GMC expect of a doctor.
    When she got to ‘honesty’, I stopped her and asked if I could cite a few examples, which I did.
    After the first and second – the lady gasped. After the third example, the lady advised me to make a formal complaint to the GMC about the doctor that assessed me.
    I am doing just that. See – http://www.gmc-uk.org

  49. Faye Marlowe says:

    Thank the lord someone speaking sense. People in the UK need help and no one is listening . It beggars belief what this Government are getting away with. Thank you for this letter!!

  50. David G.Jones says:

    It harks back to the Nazi regime of ethnic cleansing, but worse…… as they are targeting the most vulnerable,… heaping stress on them to the point that they no longer know where to turn for help. This a targeted attack on the quality of life against the disabled. Their system has more Holes in it, than a Tetleys tea bag!! I pity the 1st people to be targeted in this draconian policy that has been thought through by a person with the intellect of an amoeba!

  51. Paul Somethingtobe Barnard says:

    an email i sent last 9th september 2012:
    To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor
    Information and Evidence Unit
    Office of the Prosecutor
    International Criminal Court
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands
    E-Mail: otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int

    Subject: Austerity deaths of sick and disabled people in the U.K. and basic human rights abuses causing homelessness and hunger.

    Dear Mrs. Bensouda,

    I am writing to you as the UK is facing a growing crisis amongst the most vulnerable in our society. There is now well documented evidence of the governments abandoning and maliciously targeting the poorest people in this country. Whilst the wealthiest 1.000 people in the UK have seen their fortunes increase dramatically the poorest have seen their fortunes reversed and punitive actions used against them by the Department for Work and Pensions and Atos to deny them even basic benefits.

    The deaths due to this malicious targeting are increasing and despair and terror leading to suicide is spreading.

    The evidence suggests that the UK government is using austerity to target the vulnerable and we urgently need help and for these matters to be looked into at the earliest opportunity.

    I understand that Samuel Miller has also written to you regarding these matters and like him, and to use his words, ‘I am interested in filing an ICC complaint against several British Ministers, namely, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the draconian welfare reforms and the resultant deaths of their society’s most vulnerable’. I would also like to include in the ICC complaint David Cameron as the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the UK government sits squarely with him.

    My full experience so far of this system is documented here:

    other relevant pages etc:











    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Barnard

  52. Karen Stevens says:

    My daughter & I have been off sick since a criminal + 2 gov’t depts forced us out of business in April. We’ve been bullied, intimidated, ill treated, abused by DWP+ATOS, they left us without any money for a whole month after losing business. DWP are now inciting us to risk driving dangerously to compliance interview in a treacherous built up area when we suffer panic attacks in built up areas, if we don’t got they will cut our benefits = legalized blackmail, white collar bullying and abuse.

  53. Peter Nicho says:

    As an ex-police officer that had to be sworn in for service to the Queen and empire, the most important part of the swearing in process is the protection of life and property……it seems that we have forgotten the part about protecting life, l could go into the some of the police laws and you could easily use them to arrest some of our government ministers for their lack of backing these laws which would protect people, however at the base of it is a government that is not telling the truth and are misleading the people of this nation, as a police offer and if l was presented with these facts l would arrest them all as they conspire to deceive the public people but it will no happen because they cannot afford the truth to come out as it would destroy them all.
    It is time to rethink the way government works be sure that if they do not stop waging war on the sick people will wage war on the government with their own revolution, it happened with the poll tax and this social benefits system is 100 times worse.

  54. Steve McCue says:

    The conservative politician’s behaviour during the foodbank debate was deplorable. Not only did it bring politics down to a new low in my view. They showed a total lack of respect for all those who signed the document that brought this debate into the house. As for the lib dems who supported and voted with the conservative party every single one of then should hang their heads in shame. I hope they lose every seat they currently have at the next election.

  55. teresa says:

    i hate the Tories i cant wait to vote them out so many disabled are stuck at home many bedridden from lack of care all there services have been cut its so wrong some one needs to put Hitler Cameron in his place

  56. teresa says:

    i hate the Tories i cant wait to vote them out so many disabled are stuck at home many bedridden from lack of care all there services have been cut its so wrong some one needs to put Hitler Cameron in his place we are sick of his nazi party

  57. Hugh Walter says:

    Why a Canadian is rescuing the old country is beyond me but bless you sir!

    I have just had 18 months going through the ‘Residential Training’ system and have several ‘stories’ but the media aren’t interested…

    Photographs of Ammunition being stored in the midst of a community of disabled people…in a warehouse with no security, no blast shielding and cardboard windows…anyone?

    Can I do anything to help with the ICC? Where’s the petition?


      1. Hugh Walter says:

        I have emailed you (26-02-14 @ 11.39.24hrs) – please check you junk mail and get back to me!

  58. Charles says:

    Why is the chief instigator of these actions against the poor, the sick and disabled and the workless, David Cameron, not named in the letter. If you read his speeches to his own party members, HE is the main driving force behind these attacks and cuts. The others are equally as culpable, but it is HIS policies behind all these very inhuman actions, so he TOO should be referred to the ICC.

  59. Patrick Vincent says:

    I sincerely hope and pray that the disabled, the infirm, the sick, the poorly, the infirm, their carers, their families and friends, all who sympathise with, those who are suffering so badly at the hands of the coalition government to teach the government a very sound lesson at all voting opportunities and elections. This government may well have come along way with getting the economy back on its feet. But do not forget that the quantitative easing they used so widely has caused massive inflation wiping out many of the elderly and infirm’s savings. This same Government made a big song and dance about getting rid of the benefits cheats so that they could spend the saved money on further improvements for disability benefits being paid to those who qualify and deserve them. So far all we have seen are the cut backs. Prior to the coming of the coalition government, provided I was careful with my benefits and allowances, I managed to stay well fed and warm.

    I have terminal cancer, and I was rather thrilled that I had lived longer than was predicted by the doctors and oncologists. With the drop in my standard of living there has been a big change in my feelings, and I think death will soon be a preferred option.

  60. valerie12@hotmail.co.uk says:

    The un take all this money from us and do jack shit in return……..and the british people are to cowardish to stand up and be counted.. they have had 4 years to do so, i have done everything demos, petitions etc, Anonymous is worse than useless…….so we are the creak without a paddle.

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