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This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the fundamental human rights of disabled people by Government using “Work Capability Assessments” to re-classify sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work”. This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Reekie (Born January 23, 1962; Died June 2010) : Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him; May He Rest in Peace.




The following letter was written by a dear friend of Paul’s after his funeral. We make no apologies for republishing it, with its expression of raw grief and anger at our loss.Youare asked to read it in this light. Be warned that the language is very strong and would request that you move on to the next link if you are likely to be offended. We believe that the statement must be republished intact to preserve its integrity in tact. We share fully the author’s raw fury and indignation at the way Paul was treated:



The Nazis forced people with mental and other disabilities to wear black triangles in the extermination camps during the Holocaust. The generic classification they used was “Arbeitsscheu” – literally “Workshy”. This term is also the one most favoured in our right-wing tabloid press to described incapacity and disability benefit claimants today.

This group of people could also include the homeless, alcoholics, prostitutes, draft dodgers, pacifists and travellers (Roma). 

It is salutary to use the black triangle as the symbol of the UK Disabled People’s Protest Movement because British society is at present seeing an increasing number of violent and deadly attacks on people of disability in the community, and the tormenting of disabled people leading to tragic suicides and an official policy on the part of the State to infer that disabled people are just “workshy” and must be reclassified as “fit for work.”

It has become socially acceptable to ridicule, demonise and denigrate the disabled, both in public and in the mass media.

This hatred and ridicule derives from the same source as all the other evil in the world that leads to murder and genocide.

It is a pernicious and insidious evil and must be vigorously exposed to the light of reason and understanding and identified for what it truly is. It starts off with bad behaviour towards the “OTHER”, usually a minority of some sort, that goes almost unnoticed and seems relatively innocuous, perhaps a bit of a ‘joke’, and then gradually gathers force and momentum until its effects are absolutely devastating to individuals, families and to society as a whole.

It is a source of deep and lasting shame to those who witness it and stand idly by and do nothing. It is an everlasting stain on the good reputation of a nation. It is the scourge of man’s inherent capacity to show unlimited degrees of inhumanity to his fellow human being.

It is a powerful evil that must be fought vigorously in every time and generation, and in every place where it rears its ugly head. It is always awake and always around seeking new victims as circumstances of the time and social conditions permit.

It thrives in times of crisis, insecurity, social upheaval and anomie. The social and economic conditions we may be facing right now and over the next few years are ripe for it to thrive.

These attacks are increasing daily.

It is now time to ACT! They have effectively been unofficially sanctioned by public statements made by Government ministers who set the tone of debate and who should know better.

They pander to the baying mob, these types who should be well-educated enough to be above discrimination, victimisation and scapegoating of a vulnerable minority.

They deliberately manipulate public opinion by distorting reality to suit their own narrow political and economic agendas.

Men and women who should be ‘civilised’.

How could such a thing happen, they asked? But “we are a civilised nation” they said to themselves – another people in a now bygone era in a different country and society where they made people wear triangles and stars on their coats. They were treated as “OTHERS” and ‘different’ too.

“It can’t happen here!” you say, but it IS happening!

It is the aim of this group to monitor these resurgent and deeply troubling developments and campaign against unacceptable attacks on the dignity of the sick or disabled human being, whenever and wherever they arise.

In particular, this group is determined to defend the dignity and rights of the sick and disabled during the onslaught which is to come through the “Welfare Reform” programme that has been announced by Government with the express aim of getting people off Incapacity Benefit and/or Disability Living Allowance – we maintain simply to cut the social welfare budget and regardless of the needs and human rights of the disabled persons who are to be denied.

The current system was rolled out under New Labour and a company called ATOS Healthcare has been subcontracted by Government to carry out “Work Capability Assessments”.

The media has been full of stories about people with the most grave illnesses including terminal cancer being deemed fit for work. That is the norm of its operational policy. NOT the exception to the rule.

There cannot now be a single member of parliament who has not seen a constituent in a similar predicament. This is an injustice which cries out to Heaven being perpetrated right before our very eyes daily. TO REMAIN SILENT IS TO BE COMPLICIT.

There can be no compromise with evil.

We call on all people, without exception, to oppose this gravely evil system in our midst and to become active in this movement in defence of the poor and disabled at this time.

This is the acid test of the morality and decency of this society: that it stands up and defends these brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and friends and fellow citizens from the onslaught which is ongoing and which Mr. Osborne seems intent on intensifying rather than ending according to his most recent public statements.

May WE NOT be put to shame!

As Rabbi Hillel the Elder said: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, who am I? AND IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

http://www.petitiononline.com/12buckle/petition.html http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/sack-atos-healthcare.html William

Shakespeare wrote: “But in these cases We still have judgment here; that we but teach Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return To plague the inventor: this even-handed justice Commends the ingredients of our poison’d chalice To our own lips.” Macbeth, Act 1 Scene VII

Love, compassion and care for the sick and for each other is not a commercial, for profit enterprise. It is carrying out one’s duty in keeping the solemn commandment “….and You Shall Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself” whether one is religious or secular. That is the mark that must be met when establishing social justice in this world. It is the gold standard by which everything else can and must be measured in judgment.

Black Triangle’s Mission: “To Defend, Protect and Fight for Humanity with Disability.

Motto: “Disabled People Fighting for Our Future : Custodians of Our Past”

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60 thoughts on “About Black Triangle

  1. malka says:

    i saw this coming from May 2010 when these tory thugs came into power ,and there media onslaught against the disabled started spewing it’s disgusting lies and hate. IDS and Miller should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

  2. Damian says:

    Social injustice? The whole system is designed to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else. Who designed the financial system? The rich and powerful. Who determines economic and social policy? The rich and powerful. Perhaps a new financial and political system would be in order? One where usury of governments is illegal, and printing money/ lending money one does not have (in the case of banks) to dilute the value of the earnings of the poor/ middle class is illegal? These are the roots of social injustice. How about politicians that actually have to represent the views of the majority of the community that they represent rather than those of the rich and powerful?

  3. Me says:

    Someone needs to stab IDS and If I was well enough to do it I would.

    18 years worth of notes, supporting consultants letter and a disabling lifetime condition.
    Beat ATOS- only to get screwed by DWP.

    Spent hours trying to sort it and nobody can explain what has happened- hopefully my MP can sort it as they have said they will try.

    No money since 25th of Febuary and rent not paid, so far the salvation army only people who seem to give a toss.

    I wonder do I need to set fire to myself inside a dwp office to show them that the system is broken?

  4. malka says:

    People are becoming more desperate now as you can read (ME)’s comments come from someone who has been through the torture process………i wonder how many more people will have to be ruined by the dwp before action is taken to dismantle this terribe WCA and ATOS machine? Maybe politicians forget that disabled people and their carers have a vote……….

  5. Linda Walsh says:

    I have a lot of health problems and can hardly get out of the house I suffer Seizures and have asthma…. Diabetes…. spondolitus …. osteo Arthritis….. high blood pressure anxiety attacks and severe Depression amongst other things the amount of meds I take cause side affects Migraine pain etc they have took my severe dissability allowance off me they said its because my son has just turned 18 my son has been going to college and has not had a single penny in two years he was getting DLA because of his ADHD

  6. Linda Walsh says:

    Because I was unable to fill in the forms as I was too sick I just cant cope with whats happening I am now in debt because I can not pay for bills and just dont know what to do or where to go my quality of life is poor and have to go to bed to keep warm because I dont have the money to heat my house I dont have money for my boys college books transport exipment my life seems ruined

  7. me says:

    It appears I have a 156 week sanction as far as I can tell.
    Been to see MP and managed to make myself worse by sorting out anything worth money.

    Back to hospital for my regular tests tomorow- Will ask about hospital transport or will have to stop going due to lack of travel money.

  8. Naomi says:

    ive been switched from the Incapacity benefit i received for roughly 15 years, onto ESA, and after an ATOS medical i was placed in the work related activity group. with my conditions (for which i provided medical evidence) it will be impossible for me to fulfill the obligations of this group. yes, there are days when i am relatively ok, but there are also days when i cannot even get off of a toilet with out help. i cant predict when i will be well or unwell. i have the support of two doctors. my letters (sent recorded delivery) asking for an explanation and reconsideration, have so far gone completely ignored. i’m know that i am not up to a tribunal, so i am terrified that my benefits will be stopped when i fail to participate in an interview and i will not be able to survive.

  9. Andrew-Douglas McAdam says:

    I have had this rubbish treatment before when the last conservative government was in power, so I was prepared.

    I was placed in the work related group so I requested their decision in writing. All my ailments were dismissed and they countered them with conditions that I did not have as their reason for putting me in the work related group. Their tactics were the same as back in the mid 90’s using a never ending litany of counter excuses and claims to warrant me as not sick enough therefore well enough. I immediately put in an appeal and contacted my Westminster MP who has interveined. My objection to their decision was on the grounds of MALADMINISTRATION as they claimed amongst their litany of lies that they had requested FME (Further Medical Evidence) and they had blatantly had not. I found this out by contacting the secretaries of my specialists where I was informed by ALL OF THEM that no requests for FME were ever received. I proceeded to get specialists letters and forwarded them on to my regional centre and also presented all copies of these letters at the DWP jobcentre plus work related group interview. I was informed that they would update their records and no date was made for me to return which I thought was unusual. That means that I am “parked”. I did not pull any punches nor put on any acts and I made sure that I had a witness present with me. I was informed that my appeal could take between 3-6 months.

  10. Andrew Gow says:

    I am glad to see that there is finally some organized support for disabled people in the face of what are, quite frankly, crypto-fascist measures.

    The tactics of this crypto-fascist hegemony all revolve around de-normalisation: of the disabled, of the mentally unwell, of smokers, of any minority group that comes to hand.

    The problem with de-normalization is that it can lead to de-humanization.

    By de-normalizing, and eventually de-humanising its opponents, the hegemony has deprived them of their essential force, and their right to exist in society.

    It is this tactic which has caused so many deaths – I express my sorrow and solidarity to those who have died due to the acute and intended psychological pressure of “assessment”.

    This is something that we should all be fighting to end – I for one do not want to live in the kind of society where exclusion exists as a tool of oppression.

  11. Malcolm says:

    I have been really ill since late 2006. I haven’t worked since. I got put on Incapacity Benefit. 2011 I lost that benefit as ATOS thought I was fit for work. I appealed and went to Tribunal considering I live alone and get a bus I’m fit for work.
    I went to see my local MP who wrote a letter to the chief of DWP to see if decision can be overturned it couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do. I then got told fill in a new application for ESA. I thought why do that as I got turned down for Incapacity Benefit? But I decided to fill the application form. Well someone did this for me as I can’t see well. I got sent a letter to say I’m on ESA Work group related. Why cut my benefit of me at all?
    Then I realised that I could be on Support group related so just this April I applied for it. So far I’m waiting tribunal. I have been put under a huge amount of stress, that I wonder if I can cope at all with all this as well as my health it’s not at all good. I got awarded 2 years from ATOS without work but now I live with partner and I’ve been told due to the fact my partner works and I’m on Work Group Related they stopped my benefit. Adding extra amount of stress that I feel very suicidal.
    I’ve spoken to my local MP to which has come back and said there is nothing they can do as it’s Conservative party and we’re labour party, I cannot intervene. I’m all alone fighting this all. I really cannot cope. I rang ESA, I been to CAB all of which have said take it up to parliament as it’s nothing we can do to help. Surely this cannot be the case. But I find out it is. I’ve never cried so much, I can’t sleep at night, the worry and stress this is causing, the arguments, no one cares. Worse more in Streets I get mocked due to my disabilities, I am terrified of going out. I’m like a prisoner in my home and no one cares. The Government make it easy for someone like me to commit suicide. Tell me why I shouldn’t commit suicide?

  12. Citizen Smith says:

    The way to beat them is t be as difficult as possible and resourceful.

    CAB or Salvation army should know where local food bank is.

    The Parliament are scum.

    Oh and deregister from electoral roll by simply writing nobody wishes to be registered at this address.

    Keep fighting

  13. malka says:

    I am so sorry for your plight, there is no true opposition now, it is a coalition of three parties who do not care for the sick and disabled. On a more positive note you could apply for PIP (personal independence payment), it won’t be easy but it’s worth a try.

  14. Malcolm says:

    Thank you for comments. If I de-register this means I can’t vote. I want to vote as we need this sorted and get rid off coalition. I believe if we don’t vote then we are not helping ourselves.

    I fight everyday to keep alive. My dad believes everything is going good as I don’t want any hard questions, as its already hard as it is. I wrote to many MP’s who I thought could helpwith this but have come back and said they forwarded to my local MP. Seriously, why do we have MP’s? They don’t care at all and no one fights this in Parliament. Its these MP’s and more who put us in this mess in beginning. They have a luxury at our expense. Yet they can’t help us when we need help. Something is very wrong but we can’t put right.
    When I found out I wasn’t entitled to legal aid but criminals are this says a great deal what our Government are like. Scum isn’t the word I would use. No words can describe what I feel.
    No one cares if I did suicide only those that are friends and family but Government would be happy about it. More money saved for them as I get DLA or supposed to get it. After I pay for food I don’t get much after this. I’m supposed to travel to hospital for tests very long way from where I live. If I can’t get transport I be stuck in going. I can’t afford and I have to go by train to get there. Consultant set this up just waiting to hear if I can get some help. Knowing all this I bet there isn’t any help available.

  15. Citizen Smith says:

    If you look labour dreamed up the idea and condem ran with it.

    Meacher parliamentary debate ignored and still it carries on.

    Labour have stated that they will run a work program if in power.

    Bottom line is just like the Nazi’s did, dehumanising a target group.

    So I stand by the vote isn’t worth jack as they are all as bad as each other.

    The way to beat atos/dwp and rest of the scum profiting from this is to make it as difficult as possible.


    when they stitch you as I have experienced-they tell lies as they believe you can’t prove it-when you confront the dwp and threaten to publicise it-they lie some more and then eventually falter.

    Having seen what I believe is genocide of sick and disabled in this country-it is disgusting

  16. Citizen Smith says:

    Malcolm contact hospital about hospital transport, my friend did this and explained situation and they transported him for free

  17. Carl Loftus says:

    Having spent the last six or so years single handedly fighting the dwp for myself and family and many others, starting with a disability discrimination case against both Atos and jobcentre plus as my many ailments include soiling having a £45,000 disabled facility at my home i asked for a domiciliary assessment but despite specialist medical reports was turned down and at the examination centre took ill and had soiled myself, i took legal action and won, the organisations had signed an agreement not to discriminate against me again and to change the system for all who require home assessments. Fast forward to september 2011 and after having to suffer periodic targeting of my benefits [stopping/starting due to my vociferousness, a repeat of the requirement was that Ihave been accuse of hiding nearly six thousand pounds in savings [isnt this fraud?]and that an enormous amount of benefits need to be repaid,[CONTINUED TARGETING]Iwas required to attend my local JC+ for interview, Iwrote to the dwp and reminded them of my disabilities and risks also of the agreement not to discriminate again, this was ignored and has been ever since, Ihad now issued a disability discrimination case against dwp and issued a pre action letter which is required before issuing court proceedings, thus far this has been ignored by dwp they have not responded and continue to disregard the law. Not withstanding this and after the time limits had expired for issuing such a case at court [six months] my application has been accepted after a two year delay for reasons of delay to a promised discrimination investigation by dwp instead of issuing at court, of course they had no intention of investigating but just to take me out of time, of course i know their moves and have many cunning plans such as a little known article 13 of echr. [look at this by googling it is very powerful] the court find it impossible to ignore. all in all my point being i agree, with the fact we are inevitably heading toward nazi-ism scapegoating the disabled, the poor, the vociferous, the rights to complain bears a heavy penalty if used as i have found, but as somene on this forum has already said ,you must make a nuisence of yourelf but i would add that it must be effective and reasonable. UNLESS AND UNTILL WE ALL PHYSICALLY GET TOGETHER TO DEMONSTRATE UNFORTUNATELY WE CAN ALL POST THESE ITEMS ALL WE LIKE THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE CORRUPT ORGANISATIONS. iHAVE A COURT CASE AFTER CHRISTMES AND WOULD LIKE ANYONE WHO CAN ATTEND MY COURT ACTION TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW SOLIDARITY FOR THE DISABLED ,POOR, AND DISENFRANCHISED IN A PEACEFUL YET OBVIOUS WAY. Ireally have no problem with the authorities knowing or seeing my input here in fact my contact details are 01352 731988 if these forums are genuine and the cotribuers are really feeling strongly about opposing the dwp then help me to highlight this cout action it is potentially the most explosive case on record.

    1. rick says:

      Dear Carl

      Can you tell what legal action you took exactly in order to compel Atos to accept your request for a domicillary visit. I can see having to this myself. Who did the legal work?


  18. Citizen Smith says:

    When I read the treatment of people and the callous dwp state behaviour- I’m embarrassed to be British.

    DWP and Nazi party seem to have same tactics.

  19. Malcolm says:

    I too embarrassed to being British, it’s awful knowing people out there swing the benefits and the real deal of people get punished are the frauds still making money pretending to have disability?
    Letting people know I went for tests with eyes in total I had 3 lots of tests. First and third test was almost the same I look at a screen just concentrate in centre of screen. I did that with ease.
    The second test however, causes concern. I had to be in darkness for about 30minutes very long time. I then got placed in a machine that dim flashing lights began. Just 5 seconds being there I couldn’t take it. The pain was too much. I tried my best to deal with it all but I had to terminate the test. I was then told to relax and take it easy eyes began watering I felt very humiliated and scared. Now just waiting to hear back to see the consultant. Being really honest I am totally scared of the present and future for me. There is nothing worse than the unknown.
    I also rang up the tribunal number asking for large print for the documents they said they would post to me still waiting and I received a letter stating the venue has changed meaning still waiting for a date. I believe it be next year when I get to go for tribunal. One thing I hate the most is waiting it feels eternity.
    Although, its not going make huge impact of my life I truly believe it will be impacted later in life for me to be on Support Group ESA.

  20. Carl Loftus says:

    Malcolm Ihope you dont think Iam a fraud? THE dwp HAVE MADE UP A STORY ABOUT ME HAVING NEARLY £6,000 this was actually true as it was arrears paid to me in 1998 of DLAafter the disregard period Ihad to show the diminished amount, It was used to provide much needed equipment for my care. the DWP in 2012 decided to dishonestly use this award against me thinking Ihad not the original papers to rely upon to counter their smears, Ikept most of this and had shown them to be wrong. the allegation was that Ihad mislead, and failed to tell the relevent office of the remaining amount, Ihad shown that Ihad notified the relevent office within 4 days. This did not stop the harassment and they decided to change its reasons, I COUNTERED THIS WITH DOCUMENTS, THEY CHANGED YET AGAIN AND CONTINUE TO TARGET ME. They are truly a dictatorial oppressive instrument of all the political parties. I have genuine disabilities, AND HAD BEEN A DIRECTOR OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY PRIOR TO MY ILLNESSES AND EVEN MY SICKNESS POLICIES iHAD PAID FOR WAS TARGETED LEAVING ME WITH BEAR BENEFITS [IN ORDER TO DESTROY MY FAMILY LIFE] iLOST MY OWN HOME BUT NOT MY WIFE AND KIDS. Most people fail [understandably] to realise the real extent the political parties will go to in order to stop successful opposition. parliament is made up deliberately to have an idiot opposition [this is not calling them idiots they are not]when think of voting for any opposition next election just remind yourself of all the decisions made which had been opposed by laboUr particularly the benefits reforms and then when in power they remind us that they cannot reverse the tory [nazi nasty parties previously opposed views thus carrying on where the Tories left off, hence semi dictatorship. Sorry about rattling on but just think about it.
    yours sincerely

  21. Carl Loftus says:

    By the way Ihave an appeal tribunal and it is convening at my home due to the extent of my disabilities, this is a very rare event under exeptional circumstances of risks to my health, Ironically the DWP despite my previous opinions which I stand by, had actually supported my appeal hearing to takeplace at my home due to the risks identified of my health , this is under section 21 [dda]and section 20 of equality act 2010, Malcolm if your health and wellbeing is put at risk and you can show this, the tribunal and dwp must make reasonable adjustments for you to overcome your difficulties and risks to your health, the obvious example are the large texts if these are not supplied to you the HMCTSare breaking the law and is disability discrimination. MAKE THE LAW WORK FOR YOU, EMPOWER YOURSELF AND DO NOT ALLOW THE RICH AND POWERFUL TO USE THE LAW AS A WEAPON TO BEAT THE POOR AND DISENFRANCHISED,[CARL LOFTUS]AND GATHER YOURSELVES TOGETHER FOR MUTUAL SUPPORT LEST WE ALL SUFFER.

  22. Malcolm says:

    Carl thank you for your time in responding to me. I do not think your a fraud by all means I believe you are genuine. Thank you for the support too. I know the DWP are breaking the law with me and without a solicitor what can I do? I have asked few times for the papers to be in large print but nothing has come. I will go to tribunal and I will make my case clear. I lost the original tribunal stating I was fit for work. I could’ve won the case if I had said I cannot read 16point print. However, I was alone, scared I got asked if I could read a newspaper? I said it depends on the print size. If I had said no then I would probably be thought of as a fraud. They then asked other questions but in truth I lost the case. For me to be going to tribunal 2nd time but just to be fighting the Support group of ESA I believe I’ll win. My partner is going to go with me so she can maybe add details too.
    I know whoever will be in power this will not change. This is going to be here for years to come. We need to arrange a rally and make our feelings known.

  23. Carl Loftus says:


  24. Citizen Smith says:

    I have offered to go to a tribunal after partially beating atos and dwp the person was put in work group.

    We have successfully stopped work provider harassing and breaking equalities act.

    I believe we are seeing Nazi values in uk and will be recording the tribunal- I don’t need their permission as I believe they are corrupt and ECHR aeticle 13.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  25. Carl Loftus says:

    C.S. you appear to be active for others as well, and as Iam unsure as to the partial win over ATOS/DWP but in any event well done. The recording of, for example a tribunal hearing can be construed as contempt of court as this normally is prohibited unless you have notified the court this is a court judicial procedure and is recorded by the panel anyway. be careful. The article 13 is the 1950 convention right to an effective remedy, it is not signed to by the human rights act but was not intended to be ignored by parliament.THIS ARTICLE IS THE ONE iSUGGESTED IN MY FIRST CONTIBUTION.iHAVE USED THIS SUCCESSFULLY TO DATE IN ORDER TO APPLY TO COURT TAKING AN OUT OF TIME DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION CASE DUE TO BE HEARD IN NORTH WALES AFTER CHRISTMAS.[sorry for my typo i cannot be bothered to redo ]my contact details are on my last blog and feel free to contact me I promise to open even more your obviously very wide eyes to the oppressive culture of this country, we are the new jews, the Romanies, [and disabled twice?]we must have physical contact and mobilise as in Ukraine for example peacefully. If Ican be of help please make yourselves known to me. also anyone who has tried to secure community care services been doing this for years. C.S. the nazi culture had never been defeated, in fact the EUwas a nazi plan to administer defeated europe.

  26. Naomi says:

    i wrote to my MP when i had issues with being wrongly placed in the work related activity group, he did nothing at all. i just got a letter from him telling me to appeal, despite my letter to him stating that i had already done so. anyway, after much stress and effort on my part (alone!) i got moved into the support group, because of “change in circumstances” according to dwp. the only problem is that my circumstances did not change, they just got it wrong the first time. no back pay, not even an apology. and i bet i’ll be up for a new WCA real soon….
    now they are harassing my husband. he has mental and physical health issues, the mental being the worse of the two. his benefit was completely stopped because he missed a WCA that he didnt know he had. never got a letter or phone call. filled in the forms to explain thats why he missed it and they effectively said “tough”. his condition was made far worse by the stress it took to fight this and get benefit reinstated. only to have the exact same thing happen again two weeks later!
    and once again our MP, Robert Sym, has been less than useless!
    i am basically fighting these things by myself as hubby cant face it and i cat get out to CAB, cognitive issue means i cant use phones and nobody can help via email. its a pathetic and cruel system. especially for those who are too weak or ill to fight the injustices.

  27. Citizen Smith says:

    I am more than active, I have caught the dwp out for the liars they are and beaten them when their lies became untenable.
    My opinion is the whole situation is criminal.

    ATOS ARE EXCREMENT but Freud, IDS and DWP are the real culprits.

    I will be recording the events as I believe the current administration are corrupt.

    The most vulnerable are being harrassed, manipulated and abused in a manner I believe constitute’s genocide.

    I do not care for myself as I am untouchable, the state has tried and failed to manipulate me even when they tried to make me homeless and fabricated lies.

    Now I help disabled locally where I can for free,

  28. carl loftus says:


  29. carl loftus says:

    will you all who feel strongly about the abuses of the poor and vulnerable to join me and try and secure some sort of support?

  30. Citizen Smith says:

    Lets not forget that labour had the idea and if they win next election they will enforce work schemes as con/dem do.

    My dislike of the state burns within me, my argument has always been those able to work should earn a living wage and those disabled should be treated compassionately.

    I see neither of the above and the most vulnerable in society are used as scapegoats.

    I advocate record all interaction and keep all letters.

    I’m willing to lend support

  31. Malcolm says:

    Carl thank you for support I really do appreciate it. I will be in touch sometime today. I never knew the DWP could scope so low to threaten people that’s more than words can say. Can we make a rally and make our selves known? I am in a positive position simply because I am not entitled to money even if I go on support group of ESA meaning I am not at all scared what I can actually say to DWP and to Atos. Are they so thick that I could ruin them? Simply put, I can write on Atos retire me. I can demand that. I can state on the form Atos is not fit for purpose its not a healthcare we all know that. I don’t care what will happen. No doubt I will go to Atos and then I can say in Atos are you really a dr? What medical knowledge do you have? I can refuse to answer any questions if not being given any information. Afterall I don’t get money so I can dig around information. They can take me off ESA no doubt they will but then I can appeal this and I know I will win the AppealI making everyone look rather stupid.

  32. Malcolm says:

    I am not entitled to go to college, legal aid and no money so what am I supposed to do? I want to go college but I was told I got to be looking for work to go college. I said that’s discrimination. I got nowhere. Having no legal aid means I can get treated like a piece of @#%& and its all ok. Its not ok MPs do nothing and they are using our money that we are not entitled to. Afterall they got a payrise £74000 that’s our money that we not entitled to. Theu rubbing hands and saying thanks very much. All corrupt they should all be sacked what are MPs good for? My partner has to payback inland revenue over £1000 as they overpaid she’s struggling as it is. I contacted thw MP and they said they look in to it. Rresponse was nothing at akl. No letter, email or phone call. Absolutely good for nothing. I contacted them and I was told the person is having a holiday. I put the phone down. I was disgusted.

  33. Citizen Smith says:

    Citizens advice can be useful.

    Also record all atos interaction, request any assessment recorded and if they use the excuse that equipment isn’t available-say your wait until it is

  34. carl loftus says:

    Iagree with the sentiments of both of you Malcolm and C.S. And CS IS CORRECT REGARDING THE LABOUR PARTY, My family had been steeped in labour party, My mother a senior Tuc official and when Irene White who was minister for health in 1960’s under Wilson was my mothers best pal and vitually lived in our house, Lord Barry Jones was a school teacher and my mothers right hand man at the constituency labour party where we live, having 7 children in toe, when Irene retired she [my mother]was noninated to take over, she declined giving the position to Barry Jones who was another family friend. The point being C.S.is that having come from this background and active within the labour party myself untill 1997 [the last time i voted] you can really see the validity of your own stance when you realise someone from this position and tradition agrees fully with you, the labour party is dead and has been since being taken over by the Tory party under Blair. Malcolm please do contact me and anyone else as well, we cannot be just armchair revolutionaries [or keyboard revelutionaries] NOT STATING WE DO NOT GET OUT AND HELP AND CAMPAIGNE INDIVIDUALLY AS iKNOW THIS IS TRUE ,BUT THERE COMES A TIME TO TAKE A COLLECTIVE STAND.

  35. carl loftus says:


  36. carl loftus says:

    cs Citizens advice is usually a good option but again it is the aim of the state to undermine such organisations by underfunding them and thwarting their ability to get other funding.

  37. Carl Loftus says:

    Taken the dwp to court for disability discrimination, awaiting hearing date, the dwp defence is that the action should be struck out because basically my argue my presentation of the papers are not to the standard required, in other words trying to have the case stopped on a technicality, the defence conentrates almost entirely on this. The most disturbing thing about this, and shows the dwp in their true colours is that the defence actually states they are embarrassed by the way i have written my case, as i have cognitive deficits which mean that writing this for example has to be done mostly by my son because my illness causes brain fog, and other deficiencies and i cannot remember or mix up my words or misspell etc, the dwp know this but state they are embarrassed by my disabilities, this is an outrage to all disabled people to have the dwp actually state that the disabled are an embarrassment.

  38. Malcolm says:

    Carl after hearing this, its absolute disgrace! Anyone at any time can have illness or disability. Even those who think they can’t be touched such as IDS.
    I been told that if I put a new claim in for ESA that I wouldn’t be on Contribution based as I not worked since 2006. Meaning either way I have no income and I need to depend on my partner.
    I can however, fight for discrimination on the DWP also my Solicitor as all paperwork was given in small print. I hadn’t had a voice since losing my eye sight. People from Job Centre + filled ESA form in wrong as they put down I sold a house and have stocks and bonds. I had a phone call from fraud squad telling me about the form and the mistakes. Luckily I was put on Income Support while awaiting the tribunal hearing. Therefore, it wasn’t much of a problem but this is a massive problem because all forms have never been in large format I’m tired of asking for help if my friend filled the form I remember having arguments that I can’t say that and other things then I found out the form was wrong and that it has repocussions for me. The very first form that was given my ex-wife filled it in and she never stated that she filled it in either meaning that the DWP think I filled it in. No wonder why I lost the Incapacity Benefit. I have got all evidence from the 2011-2012 tribunal. I always believed that something was very wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. All the paper work including the solicitors was in small print. It states very clearly that I have trouble with the eyes. At the time I was given 10/30 now I have 6/76. It could be down to stress and anxiety as I have severe pain in eyes but no reasons why? I have written to DWP as I been told to do so and I have stated why put me through the stress of tribunal? Even though, I lost the case I got put on ESA even though, its not support group nor was it contribution based its still ESA claiming I’m unfit for work. Then I won ATOS claiming be off work for 2years. My next review isn’t until next year. But also stating that all paper work was in small print. I also stated that December last year I was told the DWP had made mistakes and that I would receive a form that would be in the post on the day I rang. But nothing arrived then when I rang them nothing had changed. Now after all these faults I demanded that I be put on contribution ESA Support Group and I should receive compensation. I have to wait 15 days to find this out. If I get nowhere I have to call the ombudsman where shit will really hit the fan. Put it that way.

  39. Citizen Smith says:

    I admire your resolve, NEVER surrender as this isn’t being lazy and unemployed-this is planned victimisation for profit of those who have genuine disability

    When people ask where I live-I am embarrassed to say UK.

  40. Carl Loftus says:

    DWP like all the other public bodies are populated with narcissistic idiots most of which are so out of it that like psychopaths they have no need for compassion, humanity or humility. The fact they comfort themselves with is like carpet bombing [i used the word bomb will they come for me? i said it again][sign of the times]they do not see the victims suffer [actually they do]well anyway they simply care not one jot for life, unless it is their own. sorry digress. malcolm shared with me an item that like i said in my last offering that the DWP are acually mocking the disabled in my case they actually stated they were embarrassed by my impairment, if any one can share any other evidence please let me know i am compiling evidence of this attitude to which we all know but have had little or fragmented evidence.

  41. citizen Smith says:

    Be bloody minded, get an advocate, get the advocate to ask on your behalf to have meetings recorded.

    Piss the state about, use the nhs,doctors and any other methods

  42. slipknot says:

    HI, I can’t find a way to enter forums on this site.
    I was deemed fit for work over a year ago by ATOS, without an interview. Tried to appeal but was told I needed consultants letters as evidence. At £50 a time for at least 4 of them; couldn’t afford them, consequently no ‘valid’ appeal.
    Without any notification had my ESA ‘expire’ at the beginning of February, which I didn’t find out about until half way through the month. Found I had to fill a new form out to make a claim from scratch again. Since then heard nothing. Had no money since 6th Feb. Spoke to a social worker who advised me to find a food bank; great.
    I have several degenerative and debilitating conditions. I’m nearly 60, have no family; I’m on my own and feeling desperate. When I really have had enough and end it all (pretty soon) I want there to be no doubt why I did it. Any suggestions where to address my final words to?
    I’m so ashamed to have lived this long and to experience what is happening.

  43. Citizen Smith says:

    Hi Salvation army will help with meals, go along to MP Surgery and lastly FIGHT AND NEVER GIVE UP

  44. jasonpullenheadinjured says:

    David Cameron has caused and is causing others to die due to his incompetent actions..and is hence titled a murderer…and until, perhaps you are his next victim…others will die.
    Fact, Murderers can be killed to prevent this, and hence any citizen within the world aware of his murderous actions can legally kill him in defense of his proposed victims…
    The money stolen from the poor and needy he promised to help…was strangely given to another country(probably where he intends to run..in his escape from Justice adventure..)
    We cannot get the money back…but kill him LEGALLY in defense of proposed victims…and we will lose no more.
    He promised to help…a lie.
    He robbed us…. He is a fraudulent incompetent murderer in need of Justice. Kill him now and the world will praise you..

  45. mum says:

    I have just found this site and am most unhappy with all a what I am reading and what has happened to me. Is anyone able to stand up and be counted and listened to.

    1. CITIZENZEE says:

      I’m a resistance fighter and disabled. Rest assured I’m fighting not just for me but for all disabled victims of uk holocaust. I’m taking the war to the enemy. Last time at torture centre I was hugely popular openly handing out protest posters and recruiting for the resistance. I taught those their how to fight back and I will never stop doing it. Check out my citizen zee fb page.

  46. pauline white says:

    Please help me. I have been told that I cannot take a representative with me to my tribunal appeal. I suffer from short term memory loss [ among other things ] as a result of Meningitis, and as such I have difficulty in strange places and with people I don’t know. I suffer from confusing and anxiety, I feel like I am being discriminated against, as if I had a hearing or sight impairment I would be allowed to take items or things that I needed to help me get my case heard properly, without someone to help me I have no chance of doing that. I have a letter from my GP [ who has access to my full medical records ] stating that it would be a danger to myself and / or others if I was made to go back to work. Yet they choose to ignore this fact, So they insist I go back to work, and my Gp insists that I am too ill to work, so I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place. My husband has read up on things and seems to think that I should be receiving both DLA and Carers allowance. I receive neither to date. Many thanks Pauline

  47. CITIZENZEE says:

    I am seriously I’ll and disabled human rights activist. I have been left to die with no food and no heat. I will fight this nazi scum with my dying breath. Taking the war to the enemy is the only way. I will go to their torture centre on the offensive. I will never yield. Our motto is resistance to the tyrant never yield. Shout shout the battlecry of freedom!!!! I’ll be singing that entering the room to be tortured. Last time I openly handed out protest posters and recruited for the resistance. This scum may kill me but they will NEVER BREAK ME.

  48. CITIZENZEE says:

    It has become socially acceptable to ridicule, demonise and denigrate the disabled, both in public and in the mass media.

    This hatred and ridicule derives from the same source as all the other evil in the world that leads to murder and genocide.

    Chanel 5 and 5* constantly air fascist propaganda demonizing the disabled making hate crime acceptable and actively encouraging it.
    Wheelchair symbols are being removed from buses an reclassified as buggy space as though all disabled were already dead.
    I’ve suffered hate crime and am sick of being demonized and treated like a criminal in a country where it is a crime to be disabled and any wrong done to the disabled is promoted and encouraged. I used to be proud to be British now I hate it. I want no part of a country that murders the most vulnerable and promotes hatred against them. In any contact I have with nazi government I treat them with pure hatred and contempt the way I am treated. They are scum and murderers and I treat them accordingly. I go in to torture centre on the offensive and attack them first. This is war. War for rights, war for our very survival. This nazi scum will find me as ruthless as they are. I will not back down. They rule by fear. I fear no nazi scum. I do not fear death. There is nothing more they can do. I will fight them with my dying breath and my last words will curse their very existence.

  49. Alex says:

    There has been no comment in this section for quite some time but the attacks against disabled people generated by their own Government keep on coming year upon year.

    We hear little now in the mainstream media about the deaths caused directly due to Government policies – perhaps it is old news!

    I came across the following a few years ago and believe this to be very pertinent and directly relates to “Black Triangle” – I call it the “Ladder to Genocide” and it comes in five stages.


    This means a majority group freely makes jokes about a minority group. Speech is in terms of negative stereotypes and negative images. It is commonly seen as harmless by the majority.

    Antilocution itself may not be harmful but it sets the stage for more severe outlets of prejudice.


    People in a minority group are actively avoided by members of the majority group. No direct harm may be intended but harm is done through isolation.

    People in the minority group also feel safer avoiding the places where the majority group may be found.


    The minority group is denied opportunities and services, so putting prejudice into action.

    Behaviours have the specific goal of harming the minority group by preventing them from achieving goals, getting education, jobs etc.

    The majority group is actively trying to harm the minority group.


    The majority group vandalises the minority group’s things, they burn property and carry out violent attacks on individuals or groups.

    Physical harm is done to members of the minority group.


    The majority group seeks extermination of the minority group.

    They attack and eliminate an entire group of people.

    So the question is – what step on the Ladder of Genocide has the UK Government managed to engender and engineer in 2018?

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