Disabled people: ‘collateral damage’ in the government’s Austerity War

Press Release: Disabled people: ‘collateral damage’ in the government’s Austerity War – New report offers the first detailed, comprehensive analysis of the impact of cuts and other changes to welfare on disabled people and their families.

Report: The Austerity War and the impoverishment of disabled people by Chris Edwards (.pdf) 3rd September, 2012

Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People

14 thoughts on “Disabled people: ‘collateral damage’ in the government’s Austerity War

  1. Jeff Metz says:

    I hate this Government. I would like to be a part of taking these rich unfeeling jerks and put them OUT!. Then we can start to repair the damage done to Our Constitution..

    1. simmo says:

      What a way to end the week – Greedy Osborne caught fare dodging ,well if he can steal from the public purse and get away with it Hamilton resigning for swearing at police,Cameron getting flustered and making policy on the hoof about energy prices ,then doing a U turn on hugging a hoodie – he now wants to ‘bug’ them and of course Grayling ,no need to scratch your head he hasn’t done anything special this week but has been his usual lying bastard self ,now we know where ATOS assessors get it from ,the Lying expert himself GRAYLING the public purse thief .Rest easy in your beds tonight folks ,we are being looked after by the Party of LAW and DISORDER ,thieves liars and Police haters.

    2. simmo says:

      The whole ATOS fiasco goes to prove that using private companies do not serve the public in any way ,but are put in place to do their pay masters bidding ie the Government .Large companies are allowed to use tax loop holes because they are also large employers ,it is fair to conclude then that its business that’s dictates the policy of public management with little input from Government ,except to ignore the sharp practices they use .Governments serve no beneficial purpose for a cohesive and stable social platform ,why vote for any party.Under the Geneva Convention 1949 nobody should suffer for a mismanaged economy not of their making,but that is exactly what is happening here and now .Draconian Welfare reforms are being put in place because of the state of the economy so we are told, either the Government are lying they are not for that purpose ,because of the convention or lying to hide the fact they are carrying out a programme of social cleansing .Whichever we the public are lied to which ever stance any Government wish to take .

    3. simmo says:

      Cameron,s rhetoric shows no bounds ,he pontificated today on crime and punishment ,whilst some of his own cabinet are know liars and thieves.He mentions the Jimmy Saville case .A few weeks ago ,whilst on holiday he intervened with a public interview on
      the comedian Jimmy Carr’s offshore account ,and yet does not mention anything concerning the public’s anxiety about the draconian cuts ,the ineptitude of Atos ,or anything else of substance that matters to us ,the public.Cameron your so full of bu**s**t its about time you stood down and took your lying thieving cohorts with you .But is there an alternative – the only one I can think of is a GENERAL STRIKE show all those on the gravy train “YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED” .

    4. simmo says:

      With all the effort put in from different quarters of the public against the draconian Welfare Reforms ,although our discontent has been noticed by Government they seem hell bent on carrying them through .Actions speak louder than words – it’s about time we all lobbied the UNIONS to call for a general strike .This is not just an open protest about our way of life being thrown into disorder it is about the unfairness of the whole process .A 50% tax increase for those earning over £100,000 would raise £54 billion ,those worth more are no better citizens than those less well off .Cameron’s sham phrase “were all in it together “ is a total lie ,not a misconception or misunderstanding on his behalf ,but a LIE .Welfare Reform needs to streamline the system but not at the poorest of societies expense .CUT overseas aid and TAX the more well off ,without that you are totally ignoring the majorities call for fairness in this mismanaged shambles you repeatedly regard as your flagship in Government .ADMIT YOUR NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

    5. simmo says:

      Successive Governments since 1994 in the UK have moved closer to an American style healthcare system funded by insurance – Unum the not fit for purpose Insurance giant ,cited as such by an American commissioner of insurers is at the heart of it as well as the new pensions pot ‘NEST’.They also involved ATOS an IT firm to carry out our assessments ,whom had no previous experience in health matters .Now we know why Miliband stated at the rally 20th Oct 2012 in London that if they were elected they would continue with Welfare Reform Cuts .www.brokenbritainundertoiries.com since its inception has maintained all governments have the same agenda .They all p**s in the same pot .Vote for no party and advocate a general strike

  2. simmo says:

    People on welfare benefits must have one voice whether they are disabled or able bodied our independence on both fronts will be eroded by proposed draconian cuts.Universal Credit will put us all back socially ,encourage poverty,crime and a more lawless society .The whole exercise is not to rescue the country because it’s on bended knees but to enforce the class system between those that have and those that have not.And we that have not will have even less when Universal Credit comes into force.Even those in work and are on low income now will suffer .www.brokenbritainundertories.com. Sign the petition to show our response to a draconoin measure,bailing them out of mismanagement of our economy.http://gopetition.com/petitions/unfair-wefare-cuts.html

  3. simmo says:

    The purpose of the above site is to highlight the draconian methods used by the DWP to reduce the welfare budget .It has used a semi medical company to carry out the assessments on the disabled and incapacitated of the UK .The company known as ATOS have failed almost 100% of those it assessed ,the assessors are made up of 99% of ex nurses and 1% of medical doctors .A person with mental health problems is assessed by a general nurse referred to by ATOS as health professionals .The main aim of the DWP through ATOS is to transfer everyone onto Universal Credit ,which will be a single benefit ,at greatly reduced rates .The unemployed have had draconian sanctions made against them ,lasting up to three years without benefit for leaving a job .Employers have been given more rights to sack employees .The NHS service is being decimated .The Police service is under the threat of privatisation ,the first step being Police commissioners .The civil service is also going to be privatised under the Tories .They tried to dismantle the Legal Aid system .WE are stealthily moving away from a Democracy under this Fascist regime .If you disagree with these measure please sign the petition on the above website .

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