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In one of the most shocking and callous examples of corporate bullying most people have seen since the McLibel trial Atos HealthCare have been attempting to purge all condemnation of them from the internet by using legal threat against the webmasters & hosts of several websites that have dared to criticise them, something that led The Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights to search out a refuge for our website, somewhere we could safely continue to exercise our rights to free speech as outlined in the European Convention of Human Rights and The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we found that place in Iceland where the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative offers us protection from bullying of this nature allowing us to offer our contributors & members a safe haven where they can freely express their views on Atos free from fear of persecution and legal harassment from these poverty pimps.

The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative offers webmaster, contributors and journalists –

  • The Icelandic Prize for Freedom of Expression
  • Protection from “libel tourism” and other extrajudicial abuses
  • Protection of intermediaries (internet service providers)
  • Statute of limitations on publishing liabilities
  • Virtual limited liability companies
  • Whistle-blower protections
  • Source protection
  • Source-journalist communications protection
  • Limiting prior restraint
  • Process protections
  • Ultra-modern Freedom of Information Act

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If you, your organisation or online community feel that your freedom of expression is being threatened in any way by your government, Atos or any other corporate entity The Black Triangle Campaign can heartily recommend upping sticks and relocating your servers to Iceland where you will receive the same protection under the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative as The Black Triangle do with the following links leading to some articles about this that you may find interesting.

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If you are considering relocating you’re hosting to Iceland we can recommend, our Icelandic hosting company who have over the past 3 months offered us what I as Webmaster can only describe as an exemplary service and helped us save several other websites too.

What is currently happening with Atos & websites who are critical of of them in the UK.

 Black Triangle have helped them to relocate safely to Iceland



The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative – Professor Salvör Gissurardóttir

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 PdF Europe 2010 | Birgitta Jondsdottir: The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

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