This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the fundamental human rights of disabled people by the Government of the United Kingdom utilising “Work Capability Assessments” (as administered by ‘AtoS Healthcare Ltd’ on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions ‘DWP’) to re-classify sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work” – in flagrant violation of all  accepted medical, and human, ethical standards.

This crime against sick and/or disabled people is being carried out at the behest of heartless, amoral, opportunistic British political élites, from all sides of the political spectrum, whom obscenely arrogate to themselves the titles of being “just” and “civilised” members of the human race. They merit only the contempt, oppobrium and disgust of all decent, caring people everywhere for their shameful conduct in betraying many of the most vulnerable people in our society in order to make ‘political capital’ – also known as ‘scapegoating’.

Sick and/or disabled people are not ‘Vulnerable’ of themselves – we have been rendered so by the disgraceful, despicable treatment meted out by the hands of these political élites who have abdicated their civic duties and responsibilities to disabled people, and by so doing have abandoned many of us to a life of ever-increasing hardship, penury and neglect. How can we not all but feel ashamed to be British while this scandal continues unabated?

Will YOU permit this to continue?

Each one of us has their duty to do whatever we can to oppose and  bring an immediate end to this barbarism. Whether you study the facts herein and disseminate them in order to counter government-sponsored myths about disabled people and social security, or you choose to become more actively involved in our disability rights activist community (you don’t need to be disabled!) or donate: Please support our work in whatever way you can!

“It is not incumbent on you to finish the work, but neither are you entitled to refrain from it”

~   Pirkei Avot 2:16

This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Reekie (Born January 23, 1962; Died June 2010) : Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him; May He Rest in Peace.