This section of the website presents art that has been inspired by our shared cause.

David Bissett

My photographic task was to try and illustrate to people a truer side of the story concerning disabled and vulnerable people, in the current political and economic climate of the UK.

In the midst of the Government’s austerity measures in trying to balance the UK economic deficit, it has decided to target this section of society as a way of saving taxpayers money – The government and media have been portraying these people as “work shy” and scroungers. Against this backdrop I wanted to portray the human face and emotive side to the argument proving the Government are to say the least, misguided in their policies in tackling disability and welfare reform. My project is a series of diptychs (two images in one frame) of such people – one image would be a straight forward portrait of the person, as anyone would see them and the other image is an interpretation of their thoughts.

I asked everyone to ask themselves the following question:

“What image best represents how I feel inside, to show the outside world how it is for me?”

This image combined with the portrait will emphasise that it is too easy to misjudge people with disabling illnesses. It is only through care and closer regard for their requirements that society will enrich itself. Blatant disregard for sections of society is not the answer and hopefully more images such as these will turn the minds of Government and media making them reconsider their attitudes before branding everyone with the same label.

© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


© David Bissett


Maria Rud

Blind Man © Maria Rud
Visit her website to see more of her work 

Andrew Wyeth

Christina’s World © Andrew Wyeth
Purchase of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

This piece by Andrew Wyeth is a favourite of ours. He painted this in 1948. His father, N. C. Wyeth, had been killed at a railway crossing just three years earlier, and Andrew’s work underwent a significant change after the loss. His palette became muted, his landscapes barren and his figures–if present–seemed plaintive. Christina’s World epitomizes these traits, and conveys the impression that it is an outward expression of Wyeth’s inner grief.

Phillip Evans

NEVER AGAIN! © Phillip Evans

“I did this for a project, but the image was unused.”, Phillip David Evans

Disabled Prisoners assigned the Black Triangle ‘Arbeitsscheu’ (Workshy) category, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. You can visit Phillip’s facebook page here.

15 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Cathy MacLennan says:

    Karen and Pamela are the ones that stood out for me, great pictures which help get the message across

  2. peter smith says:

    The picture of Jimmy does It for me.
    They all tell a story and are all as powerful.
    Well done David and Maria.

  3. chel says:

    Excellent work. Needs to be given widespread public showing. Glad to see campaign movement growing – the upside of the internet.

  4. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Powerful images of real life and real people, the kind of which cameron and co are totally unaware of, such is the way of the sociopath.

  5. David butler says:

    “Worker’s of the world unite!”
    “You have nothing to lose but your chains”
    “Each according to his needs, each according to his ability” K Marx

  6. Phillip Dudd says:

    The word is entitlement !!!
    To receive any benefits one has to pass an entitlement
    how can one scrounge for what one is entitled to
    We are also entitled to fair. and honest service standards from government and domestic services but that’s another entitlement that’s ignored. and complaint procedures now none existent.
    If the images above don’t touch your heart or leave an impact. you probably shouldn’t be on this site

  7. Phillip Dudd says:

    Where there are no choices
    man cannot make any decisions,
    who knows what the word servant means
    in the title “PUBLIC SERVANT” ?

  8. Phillip Dudd says:

    Einstein (a fairly clever bloke) classified insanity as:
    doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
    surely then, parliament need the mental health services intact ??

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