HomeConservativesScrapped! Ministers ‘secretly ditch government’s disability strategy’
  • MarkCarlisle April 15, 2018 at 2:21 am

    They say they will help the disabled but they dont help they just threaten with sanctions a few months ago the DWP were telling me to apply for shelf filling jobs what involves a lot of heavy lifting and bending down i use a walking aid to help me walk my own doctor says iam unfit and can’t do that work because of a spine injury ive since moved home and got a new doctor. Who got me a appointment at the hospital they want me to have intense physio the way my body movement is that bad he classes me as disabled my doctor gave me a sick note for 3 months because I don’t know when I will start the phsyio one week later the DWP sent me a form a fitness for work and because they have not received it yet they are threatening me with a sanction when iam waiting for citizens advice bureau to fill it out for me once they fill it out I will post it back.

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