These 10 People Killed Themselves Because Of Government Cuts To Their Benefits – R.I.P. ~ Labour Left

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(Photographs added by Black Triangle admin)

By Dr Eoin Clarke 

Tragic: Mark and Helen Mullins could not face another freezing winter on the poverty line, according to neighbours

1. & 2. Helen & Mark Mullins both aged 48 killed themselves together in a suicide pact because they had become so poor as a result of Helen losing her DLA and having their daughter removed from custody. The family, unable to afford a fridge, used to hang bags of food in the garden to keep them cold. (see link)

3. Wandsworth’s Richard Sanderson a 44 year old former pilot took his life after he feared his family would be made homeless due to a cut in his housing benefit because of his inability to find work. (see link

4. A woman wrote to DPAC to inform them that her 33 year old sister had committed suicide after first failing to kill herself by overdose and then jumping to her death. (see link

5. Martin Rust aged 36, from Norwich, was declared fit to work by the DWP. Martin took his life and left his family with the note “To those I love I am sorry. Goodbye”. (here

6. Sunderland’s Leanne Chambers aged 30 drowned herself after receiving a letter saying that she was fit to return to work. She had battled depression for years. (see link)  

Paul Reekie, poet, author, iconoclast, Leither. Paul took his own life following an Atos/DWP Work Capability Assessment. The Black Triangle Campaign was founded in his memory

7. Leith’s acclaimed writer 48 year old Paul Reekie took his own life one month after George Osborne’s emergency budget in June 2010 announced a crackdown on welfare. Letters informing Reekie that he was to have his benefits cut were found close to his bodily person on death. (see link

8. Hull’s Elaine Christian aged 57 slashed her wrist ten times and jumped into a river and drowned on route to a disability assessment to decide if her benefits should be taken from her. (see link

9. Northants’ Paul Wilcoxen aged 33 took his own life by hanging himself in a forest as he had spent a summer searching for work. His suicide letter expressed worries about government cuts. (see link

10. Frank Campbell, aged 55, killed himself in protest because of the red tape bureaucracy required of him to gain his benefits (here

Tragedy: Brother Anthony Hill with a picture of Stephen – Photo by Ross Parry

See also, Stephen Hill (here)

and Paul Turner (here

Paul Turner and the letter informing him he was considered fit to work







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10 thoughts on “These 10 People Killed Themselves Because Of Government Cuts To Their Benefits – R.I.P. ~ Labour Left

  1. jed goodright says:

    there is no labour left – its all gone down the drain

    the traitors in control at labour central control have never worked before, are not academic geniuses and certainly are not any friends of mine – labour – like the tories and liberals can FUCK OFF

  2. ODIN says:

    Dear God help us all, no one is listening to us. Surely these welfare cuts cannot be legal, this is nothing short of murder. One thing is sure these excuses for Human beings must pay for what they are doing, how I do not know?

  3. steve davies says:

    Every loss of a life is such a sad occasion and such a waste. My sympathy is with the families that remain and have to carry on. Sadly more and more people will see suicide as the only option for this monstrous assault upon all of us.

  4. Danihil says:

    I’ve felt that way more than once over ATOS/DWP benefit appeal stress. On balance I’d prefer to take one at least with me though.

  5. Jean Nash says:

    A decision on a person being fit for work should be taken by their own GP—-NOT by someone who is instructed to give answers that are twisted to say that because they can press a button they are fit to work. Families are being destroyed—–This is inhuman!!

  6. jeffery davies says:

    but who will take them to court afraid they get away with it every day and how much i pray for the day where they go his just that and see more who go without dieing because of their injustice to us where are the rest sorry got their mouths in the trough no help there but who in power will stop it no one by the looks of it no bal– have they jeff3

  7. sharon burton says:

    it breaks my heart ,to read about families losing loved ones througth the way atos are deeming people fit for work ,when they are clearly not fit
    how the hell can an employer of atos assess people on medical grounds
    it breaks my heart ,to hear of people committting suicide ie if you can use ya hands your deemed fit to work
    its the goverment that needs to get a grip ,there killing this country
    i have no faith in any of them
    ide like to see them live the lives of people who are suffering

  8. Mick Shaw says:

    It is time for all socialist to come together and form an opposition party of strength, they must but their silly bickering about Marx etc to one side and unite against the Capitalist who are punishing the poor for them almost bankrupting this country, Labour no longer represent us, Dynamic capitalism is a dead duck killed by the capitalist themselves, these has never been a better time for the real socialist of this country to beat them , unite and do just that .

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