As Disabled People are Driven to Suicide – Westminster School Eton Fag Clegg Jets off to Davos


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Nick Clegg holidays at millionaires’ Swiss ski resort in £1300 gear as the UK Government’s benefit cuts hit Britain’s poorest 

THE Deputy Prime Minister jetted out to his family’s £7million Swiss ski chalet as hard-up Brits faced the coalition’s brutal austerity cuts.

Photo: Phil Harris
Photo: Phil Harris


 By David Collins 6 Apr 2013

NICK Clegg sloped off to an exclusive Swiss ski resort last weekend – days after the Government hit hard pressed Brits with more austerity.

The Deputy Prime Minister clearly felt the need to escape from the misery in Britain, so he jetted off to stay at the 20-room chalet owned by his mega-rich mum and dad.

When we caught up with Clegg near the £7-million villa in the millionaires’ playground of Davos he wasn’t too happy at being pictured.

Returning from skiing, the Deputy PM wound the window down of his car and snapped: “Are you looking for me?”

Before our reporter could give an answer he drove off in a fury.

Clegg arrived at the resort last Saturday – only three days after the “we’re all in it together” coalition government delivered its Spring budget.

Today is the first day changes come in which will see more than two million hard-up families lose council tax benefit, while over 660,000 in social housing will be hammered by the bedroom tax.

The only winners this weekend appears to be the super rich – who will begin to benefit from changes to income tax, with the top rate slashed from 50p to 45p for high earners.

Labour vice-chairman Michael Dugher said:

“While hundreds of thousands are hit by the bedroom tax, Nick Clegg will be putting his feet up in his 20-room mansion.

“Sounds like Clegg has a lot of ‘spare rooms to subsidise’.”

Clegg – who gets £135,000 as Deputy Prime Minister – and his family get to stay for free in the Alps retreat every year.

But some people in the resort estimate his trip to stay in the stunning chalet, built by Clegg’s Dutch grandfather, would cost up to £20,000 including flights.


Clegg jetted off to Davos in Switzerland on luxury break
Clegg, 46, who has been joined by his glamorous Spanish wife Miriam in Switzerland, was seen on the slopes dressed in the very latest in designer ski-wear.

His outfit, worth more than £1300, included a grey Dainese designer helmet, Killy insulated gloves and a trendy Patagonia ski jacket.

Clegg can’t mask colours

THE Deputy Prime Minister kitted himself out in more than £1000 worth of kit for his family ski holiday at an exclusive Swiss resort, as hard-up Brits faced the UK Government’s savage benefit cuts.

NICK CLEGG’S ski poles alone cost more than a week of jobseekers’ allowance.

The posh leader of the Lib Dems sloped off to the ski playground for the rich this weekend just as his dishcloth party helped the Tories usher in the savage cuts in the welfare budget.

He fitted himself out in Coalition colours and more than £1000 worth of kit for a family holiday in an exclusive Swiss resort.

This week, 660,000 social housing tenants will be hit by the hated bedroom tax that will cause untold misery and 

While the cost of a fondue in the rich playground the Deputy Prime Minister is staying at will not dent his wallet, the measly one per cent increase in welfare benefits will mean that many poor families in work, and those without, will be scraping to put decent food on the table.

The arguments on welfare reform will dominate the next election but it is already clear which side Clegg is on.

Being the son of privilege and an inheritor of wealth means he doesn’t even have to pay for the ski jaunt.

By instinct, choice and style, he is showing his true colours – he is a Tory.

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Aldridge Pryor – a pathological liar whose lies are ludicrous, such as The Nolan Sisters living in his fridge. Pryor is instantly recognizable for his retro dress sense, usually a tartan jacket with a sheepskin collar and a pair of uncomfortable-looking platform shoes (Viz)


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16 thoughts on “As Disabled People are Driven to Suicide – Westminster School Eton Fag Clegg Jets off to Davos

  1. Mike says:

    This cheap plastic imitation of a human-being is annoyed when confronted by a reporter. He knows the game is up, let’s show him that it truly is at the next election. A good drubbing of his party of collaboratos, in the council elections in May, will help toward his dismissal as leader.


    Collectively we might make this work?

    If we all jump up and down frantically we might trigger an avalanche that could bury the evil bastard forever…….

  3. kelpiemare says:

    Vote labour. I know the party, these days, isn’t the defender of the poor it once was, but do we need another Tory coalition? Especially with UKIP as a partner??

    1. John Lanigan says:

      Please don’t vote Labour! I can’t believe anyone could really think that New Labour could be any better than the Tories. This two horse nonsense where people swap from one set of liars and careerists to another is why we are in the mess were in.
      What we really need is a socialist alternative, and yes, it is possible, we get what we vote for, and if people really want socialism and a real alternative, then that’s what they will get. Carpe Diem!

      1. kelpiemare says:

        Where, at this moment, is our leftwing saviour?
        Mark Serwotka is talking about a general strike with other unions. I pray they do have a strike. The unions, with public support, can bring about a real leftist change in middle-of-the-road labour in time for general election in 2015. Or…..can they help construct, and support, a viable leftist party to challenge this right-wing deathgrip on our country? Again by 2015.
        Otherwise, its another right-wing coalition. Judging by Eastleigh results.

  4. Dissabled dave says:

    Why not vote Monster Raving Looney? If they got in, it would be a hell of a smack in the face for the Tory Tories, the Lib Tories, and the Lab Tories. Lets face it, some of their supposedly stupid policies became law: 24hour pub opening, Sunday shopping, and so on. Perhaps they are intelligent enough to be able to play the fool, whereas the current crop of MPs aren’t intelligent enough to play the fool , they simply ARE fools.

  5. David Calvert says:

    We need an election now before more people are harmed or die because of this coalitions policies.

  6. jay says:

    Harman says
    “The difficulty is for people in work, seeing their standard of living pressurised,”

    And why is the standard of living pressurised for people in work?

    Sky high rents
    Rocketing fuel prices
    + Gas & Electricity prices
    + Food prices

    No wonder.

    And what of those that are not working

    JSA – under 25 you get £56
    JSA – over 25 you get £71
    JSA – married couple get £111

    How much pressure do you think people are under trying to survive on that?

    Harman then says
    “Understandably they feel very resentful to people who are not working.”

    No doubt as a result of right wing media propaganda, what they should be feeling resentful of is politicians mismanagement of the economy, the nation’s assets such as the utilities being sold off. Bankers are wankers and other financial con-men

    Cameron calls it a lifestyle choice! A multi millionaire objecting to these paltry sums paid to those unfortunate not to have a job.

    “people could have a bigger income by choosing to stay on benefits rather than work”

    Complete lies and if it was true does that not suggest that wages are far to low in this country?

    He then follows it up with the outrageous statement “we are making sure that being in work really pays.”
    Tell that to the people on the work programme working all week for their £56 or £71 job seekers allowance.

    Vile scum indeed

  7. Pink Parrot says:

    Angry is he? Like Gideot who is also angry that people have the audacity to be sick, disabled or unable to find a job? Well, tell you what Cleggers, we’re ****ing FURIOUS at the way disadvantaged citizens in this country are being treated. If it weren’t for Clegg and his yellow-bellied pals supporting the new Nazi regime and Labour for looking the other way, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Shout it from the roof tops! Let’s cause an avalanche.

    1. JEFFREY says:


  8. jed goodright says:

    Ding Dong! The witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below, below, below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sign and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong! The merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked Witch is dead!

    the tory press will not allow any comments by ‘the public’ on this event – now just exactly who’s side are they on again???????????? state funeral being discussed whilst disabled people are murdered by cameron and co – utter trash, scum, vile bastards the lot of them

  9. jed goodright says:


    read somewhere that they are deciding on the gravestone and one wit has suggested it better be as big as a dancefloor for those celebrating …. hehehehe

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