Nick Clegg says “Sorry” ……



At least Judas had the grace to hang himself 

~ Smeejit 

R.I.P. LibDems, ScoTTish or otherwise!








Clegg tells C4 News: “Even if people don’t agree with the AtoS decision …everybody at least accepts that it has been taken in a coherent way”

Lifelong Lib Dem voters explain why they have turned their back on the party for good.



We do not forget….



Revealed: Lib Dems planned before election to abandon tuition fees pledge Exclusive: Documents show Nick Clegg’s public claim was at odds with secret decision made by party in March

11 thoughts on “Nick Clegg says “Sorry” ……

  1. jeffery davies says:

    say sorry its a bit late in the day for that has its his policys have killed thousands by implementing them and now hes sorry i dont think so hes just sorry he wont get back in and that in itself we must give thanks for jeff3

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    It shows how Ignorant and Out of Touch Politicians are

    Shame Eternal upon the Liberal Democrats for being the Lobber Fodder Sheep
    of the Tyrannical and Tawdry Tories

    It is Under the Tories that Things have a Lot Worse Squatting made an Offence
    whilst a Crime against Humanity such as the War in Afghanistan goes on
    EMA has been Messed Up the List is Diabolical just as the Stupidity of Boneheads
    Brainwashed by Tabloid Bigotry against Disabled People

    Wake Up Britain and get out of the Trance

  3. MP Hoskins says:

    I voted libdem, too. First time ever. Never, never again! Even my husband who is a long time libdem supporter is appalled by them.

  4. ODIN says:

    He has betrayed all of us who wanted to give him a chance and and for him to hopefully curb the Tories bid to smash everything that’s good about Britain. We were wrong he and the Lib Dems have stabbed us in the back, but as I wrote in the letter that I sent to him at 11 Downing street, “you have blown the only chance you had to make a difference people will never vote for you again shame on you”. I don’t suppose he even read it, Sorry is not good enough, betrayal after trust is deadly.

  5. Charles Sutherland-Boyce says:

    I’d like point out that Nick Clegg isn’t actually apologizing for breaking his promises but for making a promise that he couldn’t keep. Semantics I know but that means he is still a lying B+@*ard and his word is not to be trusted and for all we know he could still be lying about the apology.

  6. Mandz says:

    Biggest mistake of my entire life voting libdem, I will never forgive myself.
    I’m glad he’s sorry although I don’t believe he really is, but I am sorry I voted for him.
    Roll on May 2015 good riddance.

  7. Jim says:

    What a joke – he assists the Tories to demolish the NHS & Benefits then gives us this garbage – do us all a favour and foxtrot oscar.

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