A CALL TO ACTION! Turn Paralympic Boos and the Spirit of Our AtoS Games into ‘A Future That Works’ on October 20th: WE MUST FIGHT TO WIN THIS TIME!


Let’s turn our resistance into the biggest demonstration in British history this October 20th.

Moreover, let us turn October 20th into the springboard that will bring down the evil ConDem régime.

A government cannot govern without the consent, or at least the acquiescence of the majority of the governed.

This ConDem junta has no democratic mandate to drive through policies and introduce systems which are killing sick and/or disabled people and which will drive millions of others into indentured slavery.

It is time for us, the people of Britain, to stand up against barbarism and a return to the days of the workhouse for able-bodied folk and institutionalisation for disabled people.

Only by uniting as one – the progressive anti-austerity majority of our country – and engaging in acts of peaceful civil disobedience, general strikes, unofficial walk-outs and economic blockades can we put an end to the tyranny which is being imposed upon us and which, shamefully, the so-called ‘opposition’ supports.

As disabled people we must must join with the grassroots trade union movement to demand that the union bosses unite for a general strike! And a general strike that will stay out until this ConDem junta falls!



We need a new way.

Power concedes nothing without a demand.

Let’s demand back our freedom from fear and take back the power that the political cliques have usurped by hook and by crook this October 20th.

Let’s show THEM who’s BOSS! 

Let’s show them that ….

We shall not die, BUT LIVE!





If we want to build this event as large as possible, we’ll need to

work really hard to reach every friend, colleague, family member,

to let them know what’s happening and how they can get involved.


The mainstream media certainly aren’t going to do this for us!

Here are 5 things you can do right now that will make a real difference.

1: Share it everywhere

Help spread the word by sharing this website on Facebook,

Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or by email.

You can use these buttons to tell hundreds of people about the

site with just a couple of clicks: 


If you’ve already added a message about why you’re marching
to our online pledge, why not share that as a message on social media too?
On Twitter, we’re using the hashtag #Oct20 to link up people supporting the march.


2: RSVP on social media

Let your friends see that you’re coming on the march by joining the

event page on Facebook or Google plus.

That way when they come to look at the page, they’ll see that they

know someone who’s already committed to go, which will make a big

difference to their confidence in signing up themselves.

Join the event on Facebook | Join the event on Google Plus

3: Show your face

If you’re supporting the march, let others see it on every Facebook

or Twitter post you make by adding a Twibbon to your profile image.

This is a little image that you overlay onto your current photo, to show

your support.

Following these links only takes a minute to add the badge to your

photo, and can be seen by loads of people.


Add the Twibbon for Twitter | Add the Twibbon for Facebook


We’ve also got a Facebook image that you might like to use as a

header on your timeline, if you’d like to make a rather bigger statement! 

Download the image.

4: Blog all about it

Have you got a blog or Tumblr site?

Write a quick post about why you’re coming on the march, or why you support it.

It doesn’t need to be long or complicated.

Link it to the march site so people can get more information about the day.

Getting hundreds of pages all over the web, talking about why people feel

this is important, will be a huge shot in the arm for the event as people start

to become more aware of it.

5. Get creative

Have you got an idea for something that could help raise awareness for the

march or for our aim of A Future That Works for everyone?

If you can make a video, record a song, create an infographic or a funny

image, then make it, upload it and share it around as much as you can.

Be sure to contact us with a link too – we’d love to see it!

Thanks for all you’re doing to help build the march!


5 thoughts on “A CALL TO ACTION! Turn Paralympic Boos and the Spirit of Our AtoS Games into ‘A Future That Works’ on October 20th: WE MUST FIGHT TO WIN THIS TIME!

  1. bridget price says:

    For the many of us who can not actually do a march but would like to, could our faces be put on a banner or placards, alongside something like something like ‘body too sick to come but here in spirit’? For the ‘fun’ anti ATOS week phoning them en mass felt good. Just having something on Facebook will only reach my friends. Ideas?

  2. jeffery davies says:

    it with this lot they kill us daily by denying our benefits but they use the police to hide behind and dont thuink protesting would make any difference with them as they hang on with all their might so that they can stop us only they have no concious to whot happens after atos dwp just that they make more money for their masters jeff3

  3. Patrick Brett says:

    Currently I can not afford the time and money required to travel to London on the day of the march, is there a possibility of having marches in different parts of the country on the same day?

    I would personally like to take part in a march and Truro is a lot nearer to me than London for instance, however my partner who is being treated for chronic depression and has panic attacks in crowds and is also feeling suicidal at the moment, so depending on how she is on the day I will make my decision then.

  4. kasbah says:

    Please can there be something organised in Cardiff? we had a great turnout and blocked a major road on Sep 29th-let’s do something again.

    London is too much for me – cant travel AND take part on the march but my spirit will be with all the marchers 100 %. I am totally reliant on my family for my survival as my ESA was stopped due to the 1 year ruling. I now have no money of my own. KICK THEM OUT!

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