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  1. Peter Morris says:

    I can understand how badly this will affect disabled people because two friends of mine with the incurable and debilitating disease, MS, were assessed by ATOS as being awarded NIL disability points, meaning they were 100% fit and healthy and able to hold down a full time job, apparently on the evidence that they could each raise their arms above their head. Both appealed and both won. One had her claim refused a second time and appealed and won again. They then wrote to her a third time (when does it become harassment?) and want to assess her a third time.

    1. Judith says:

      What happens if you can hold your arms above your head,but after one goes numbe and pins and needles all thru it for hours on end? would that count? such a dumb stoopid test,nonsense,I know lets ask them to touch their toes(like they used too for DLA,and all the hypermobile but crippled with other stuff folk can pass that test too) just dumb

      1. Peter Morris says:

        ATOS provided the other MS sufferer with a table showing all the assessment criteria in one column with their assessment in the second column. She added a third column and added her comments. Q: Can lift arms above her head? ATOS: Yes. MS Lady: But only with pain and discomfort. She added her painful comments, etc. for each criterion. She won her appeal.

        1. robertchewter says:

          it was stated that the ATOS WCA was far too simplistic..most conditions are complex..what is worrying is the new scrutineer who is on record for stating that ‘sickness is lifestyle choice’ that and his connection to atos..

  2. steve davies says:

    I am still amazed of little to no response from the Labour party or its reported leaders. I

    have worked all my life and have always considered the Labour Party the voice of the

    under dog, the sick , the elderly , the disabled , however I am wrong. I will appreciate

    the many Romanians and Hungarians coming to this shit country…….they will be the new

    demons and not the disabled

      1. robertchewter says:

        @Judith thanks for response yes that truely shocked me..as ppl will need support for housing changes that will affect a lot of people..naive old me thinks that this is deliberate..if so then what is the govt ‘game plan’ here if it results in lots of homelessness?

  3. Steven Oliver says:

    This is exactly what the Government want. Cameron wants to make everyone else pay because his disabled son died.

    1. Bluesky says:

      Well said Steven, I also think that david Cameron was ashamed of his disabled son and that is why he is taking it out on the rest of us…He should try living the life of a disabled person for a month or more and i bet he would soon change his tune…

    2. hillary says:

      while I think David Cameron is the lowest of the low.I can’t believe that he is targeting us working age sick and disabled,because his disabled son died.

  4. Kevin Mullins says:

    If she has kept her documents on which she won her appeal then she only as to replicate her answers and indicate that she feels harassed and it is harming her and putting her at risk. If it is a nurse who is the HCP then he or she might be in breech of the Nurses and Midwives code of practise sec. 38 & 39

    Sec 38 You must have knowledge and skills for safe and effective practice when working without direct supervision.
    Sec 39 You must recognise and work within the limits of your competence.

    Surely the best person to asses MS is a neurologist.

  5. angered john says:

    No matter what anyone says ATOS will plough on with what the DWP has set their targets to acheive, thats what they are paid for, many of their so called assessors HCP’s are from various parts of Europe also desperate to work despite lack of qualifications.

    It is inconcievable vast numbers are going to fail, this is goverment policy. Removing legal aid, sanctions, appeals, revolving door assessments, refusal to meet with spartacus or members of the General medical council. They have even ignored the public accounts commitee’s report on the outrageous costs and despair suffered by the claimants.

    With IDS at the helm nothing is going to interupt his brutal callous attack on sick and disabled people, he apart from being arrogant and ignorant will listen to nobody who will rock his boat.

    May I suggest that each and every one of us write continousley to our MP’s, they are our civil servants and “WE pay their wages.

    You may not get a response as they are afraid to rock the boat,but you must continue writing listing your concerns and insist on a response, they are duty bound to respond if you are a constituent.

    If this process is enhanced and continued by all, it will drive home eventually the deep concerns of we who are being demonised.

    Best of luck to all, ps I have written to my MP 64 times and recieved 25 responses he is sick of me but I wont give up unti he see’s the despair this coalition is causing, correction not a coalition Cleggs party are a none entity, they make the tea for the tories whilst they make the decisions on who to hit next.

    1. robertchewter says:

      the new scrutineer of Atos wca is not impartial in fact he’s connected to FOM who are directly connected to Atos via their training..in fact he was a director of FOM like gunyon..

  6. jed goodright says:

    Liz sayce is now complaining about something that she helped this government deliver by pandering to them in the first place. Liz Sayce does not represent disabled people she represents HERSELF and her lust for power and fame

  7. Humanity2012 says:

    Diabolical and Worthy of the Evil Nazi Regime

    How Long before the Evil Tory Regime are Out of Office ?

    It makes my Blood Boil how Bloody Docile People are in this Country
    since the Con Dem Nation Wreckers came to Office

    Taking from the Poor and Letting the Rich have their Obscene Wealth

    Evil Utterly Evil

  8. Bluesky says:

    I’m no Pancake expert but when it comes to David Cameron and IDS, I know ‘TOSSERS’ when i see them…

  9. Annos says:

    Think on all this…

    How do we know that we are not being tracked on where we go!, what we say, what we think, there are so many ways to watch us, don’t forget, google earth is juat one way, thay can watch your home and see when you leave it and where you go, when you come home!!!..The power is total…




    A government that wants to know how someone who is disabled gets around, how far they can walk, etc.

    Of course the government wouldn’t do that would they, they wouldn’t allow others that they employ to do WCA do that, would they.

  10. How much can they take of this shit before they riot ??? says:

    Dont you understand this Government are going to fuck the hell out of all the people on benefits

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