WATCH ‪#‎BBCQT‬ ‪#‎BBCbias‬: Man’s question to ‪Tories‬ ignored over current ‪UN‬ ‪CRPD‬ ‪‎investigation‬ into UK disability rights violations

Chomsky Pic BBCQT

BBC Question Time, Grimsby, Thursday 22nd October 2015

LINK TO FULL SEGMENT [Scroll to 35 minutes 35 seconds into the programme for the question]: HERE

It’s also worth pointing out that the only person who has been on Question Time more than Nigel Farage is Dimbleby himself and that Tory Nadhim Zahawi scrounged more than £6000 off public funds for electricity to heat his horse stables at his country estate – more than it costs to keep many poor families warm and fed for an entire year.

Link to short clip of man’s question here:

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