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  • Sam Wodehouse November 26, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    It’s really quite simple ..do I trust the SNP/Alex Salmond? Well not entirely he’s a wily fox of a politician but I sense some belief in social justice running through his veins notwithstanding the requirements of pragmatism. Do I trust the Westminster politicians who no longer represent or aspire to anything other than arguing they are “of the centre” when they are patently and glaringly all of the “Right”- There’s a tower block (of Babel) that they all seem to have created by standing on one anthers shoulders to claim this spurious centre ground.
    I fear a Conservative led government for the foreseeable future destroying the notion of state provision and/or a Labour led government who have moved so far toward the realms of the PPE graduate led centre that the likes of the mail/express et al can characterise such rightwing thinkers as RED/MARXIST when they long since forgot what “socialism” ever looked like after their great Messiah Blair moved their anchor to the “oceans of the city” leaving the real believers in social justice to float in the flotsam and jetsam of anachronistic ostracised irrelevancy. Another coalition of the unholy- formed from whichever groupings within this current political trinity of power and influence – is something I can’t countenance voting for. My own MP is on the left of that party and has no place in its power structures; the left was long ago neutered! So what am I left with in the country that as an “expat” Englishman of mixed heritage (including Scot and Anglo-indian) I now reside? I can not vote for Scottish labour they represent nothing of my beliefs or hopes the SNP for good or ill have ACTED in their period of tenure in the way that I would have hoped and expected that Scottish labour at Holyrood should have acted when in power. My vote will go to Salmond and Sturgeon and the SNP position because, until they renege on their promises and betray my trust I will believe they at least intend to create the kind of society that I can subscribe to. I see NO hope in the politics of Westminster and nothing but false concern and contempt for the dispossessed.

  • stitchedupanbroken March 29, 2014 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for your ‘blog'(if that’s what you call your story these days)
    Your journey and travelogue sounds interesting…and reasoned.
    For myself I see your decision as rational. My own take on Scotland moving its own way comes about from the time Thatcher took over this country. Scotland was Labour…well,it had become Labour. When Thatcher came in with her policies the Scots couldn’t stomach the woman and her ways: totally selfish and English centric. I’d say,’evil’. Well,by the time she was coming to her end, Labour had morphed into little-conservative,a mini-me of Tebbit and the likes. You now couldn’t vote for Labour. Then up pops SNP.

    Another thing. English toffs had ruled Scotland as lords. They owned vast tracts of land and kept the masses off,treated ’em like ‘subjects’. Times had/were changin’,the people of Scotland didn’t like it. Down here(in England)we still deferred to the ruling elite(don’t know why).Scottish people didn’t like the London based toffs ruling from down south. Time for a change.

    I will be sorry to have the Scots leave the union. But you can’t stay with the present set-up. Take courage: make your own way in the world.

    My own hope would be you get rid of the Monarchy: I suppose it gave us fun when it graced the front pages of Hello with the sexual high-jinks and goin’-ons of Charles and Di. Howsoever,changing sides,would you want Head of State to be Alex Salmond and his wife? I ask this cos I’d like to see the end of the no-hopers who are and hang on around our ruling elite. What then? Queen Cherie Bliar and her husband? Or the toff Cameron and his awful wife? God help us!

    In the end,you always have to go with the underdog. Believe them more than the ruling elite. When the underdog becomes master,give ’em 10 years…then they begin to build their own quasi empire. Guess it’s Darwinian rules…and as better and earlier described in the Bhagavad Gita and Buddhist texts.

    When we’re all gone I’m hoping the cockroaches and ants make a better go of our planet! They’re probably more co-operative!

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