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  • jed goodright November 26, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Well, speaking from what increasingly looks like ‘pingback city’ I think this is a remarkably timely piece from Wheatcroft – he does have a habit for this! We have all known what was happening even if we could not all put it into the historic perspective advocated here. The Labour Party could do with this analysis in an effort for them to remember their history – something they continually fail to do.
    The only way out of this mess for the ‘dispossesed’ is – civil war – nothing less will bring about the fundemental changes necessary to even begin any process/ means of realignment – and it will be an uphill struggle – all the way

    • Ian November 26, 2013 at 12:22 pm

      Its sad but civil war is seemingly the only way to try to make this country an even playing field,the current system of voting is skewed towards the monied,our rights are removed daily and there seems no alternative.

  • Andy Pandy November 26, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Be afraid, be very afraid!

  • GEOFF REYNOLDS November 26, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Dear Mr Kay,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request of 19 November 2013. You asked:

    How many people in the UK are suffering from starvation since the crisis loan system was
    scrapped and have had to be hospitalized as a result?
    How many people have been referred to food banks since the crisis loan system was

    We do not collect the information you have requested on Crisis loans and Food Banks and
    therefore are unable to provide it.
    Jobcentre Plus offices do have the freedom to make local arrangements to signpost claimants
    to food banks or other locally available support based on the needs of their claimants. We do
    not keep any figures on how often they do this or how claimants use the information provided.

  • GEOFF REYNOLDS November 27, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Of course ATOS kills………

    The dual role of this organisation is inextricably linked to the DWP and form the most up to date, disability denial, killing machine that has ever been unleashed on the British public…………
    I am one of the persons who was robbed of my benefits by a cold calculating nurse called Emma Brodrick.

    She sought to fulfil her dream of making as much money as possible, whilst cooperating in a scheme that has brought misery to millions, whilst hiding behind the title of Health Care Professional.

    Professional, they aint! far from it……………

    They have been carefully instructed to utilise Biopsychosocial software called LIma, to misrepresent as many medical examinations as possible, hence the governments cover up of the contents of the actual contract.
    Contracts are only hidden from public scrutiny for one reason, to cover up the alarming death rate that was expected to follow.

    When my medical report came back i was stunned, to say the least.
    The first sentences say i was able to move, with the aid of my stick, from a waiting area and managed without any problems to use a door handle.

    The whole report is totally devoid of the condition of the patient and any discomfort they may be facing as a result of their actions.
    I was seen to sit in a chair and rise from it. This is a blatant lie as i refused to sit at all. My report stated my back was examined, how could it be?, i was wearing a girdle with metal rods in the back!
    Having bad hearing and severe tinnitus, i kept asking the nurse to repeat herself, she reported my hearing was ok.

    My hands and one arm was badly cut from falling off a bus, my report never mentioned the bad cuts but reported i was fit to use public transport.
    The duration of my medical was around thirty five minutes, the nurse was typing answers into a laptop for 28 minutes before a quick examination.

    My report stated that i succesfully sat and rose from a chair, was examined on a couch and declined to do seventy five movements that i was asked to perform.

    Strangely the report also states that i was observed to stand in one place for the whole duration of the examination.

    My hands were examined to see if i could grip properly using my thumb and forefinger, obviously i can’t with having rheumatoid arthritis and a cut tendon in one hand. It was reported as client declined.

    A good friend, who i met through an internet disability site, asked me for a copy of my report, which i duly sent her.

    She was astonished at why my report said i “HAD DECLINED” to do movements on seventy five occasions………………

    My friend advised me that the use of the wording, ” HAD DECLINED”, was not an option that was available on the software that the nurse had used, she should have ticked a box on the software that stated the “CLAIMANT WAS UNABLE TO PERFORM THE TASK”

    To follow this up, my friend sent a freedom of information request to the DWP, asking why the ATOS nurse had used the expression, ” CLIENT DECLINED”, instead of using the tick box that was available.

    This is a link to the request;

    The use of the term was plainly obvious, it was used to discredit the claimant in making out that he or she had refused to do something, when in fact the claimant was not able to perform the task that was required……………………………….

    Obviously, i was awarded zero points, having previously been awarded a disability for life and being in receipt of industrial Accident Benefit.

    My medical report stated i would be fit for work in three months and my benefit was stopped……………………..

    ATOS are pure evil and will cross any boundary to achieve the governments wishes………………………….

  • GEOFF REYNOLDS December 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm


    this is no coincidence………………………………………

    UNUM Provident developed a special list of “independent” medical examination physicians whom it believed would be willing to write reports denying the existence of disability. As part of this plan, Provident made agreements with outside vendors to provide referrals to IME physicians that they believed would be willing to write medical reports supporting the denial of benefits.

  • GEOFF REYNOLDS December 3, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Thought i would give you an update of my condition since the joint theft of my subsistence by EMMA BRODRICK, a lying HCP, working for ATOS, and CHARLOTTE TRUSLER of Blackpool DWP

    BRODRICK’S lies took away my Incapacity Benefit and TRUSLER’S, my Disability Living Allowance……………………

    Notwithstanding, the government keep telling claimants that £71.20 is the amount of money needed to live on, yet i do not even receive this and was declared disabled for life after an accident at work…………….

    My hands are riddled with rheumatoid arthritis and i have problems wiping my backside. I wear disposable pads that hide the fact i cannot hold my bladder sometimes when rising from a sitting position.
    I purchase the pads and any medication i need from my own pocket, finding it cheaper than expensive prescriptions.

    Since my DLA has been stopped i cannot afford these “luxuries”, and have been stuffing old newspapers down the front of my pants.
    As a result of this i have become sore and developed thrush around my genitals. The tops of my legs have become red raw and a sickly sweet smell is evident.
    Behind my foreskin is also red raw and i am discharging liquid. When i urinate i get a burning sensation in my penis.
    I am not sure if the infection on my genitals is connected to having an ability to wipe my bottom properly, it could be a cross contamination of some kind.

    i have developed bad gumboils in my mouth. I am not sure if it is to do with my genital infection or eating bad foods.
    There are many fantastic adverts on our tv sets showing the finest of christmas cuisine, but this is a luxury that me and my family will never be able to afford. Todays menu will be the same as yesterday, an onion ring sandwich, and out of date at that…………………….
    The physical abuse that is being directed at persons with a handicap is no joke. The biggest perpetrators are our own DWP. It seems to have developed into a national sport where the criteria seems to include, who can do the most evil to someone in dire circumstances.

    No doubt there will be people just waiting to ridicule what i write, these are the people who sit back and poke fun at those in the weakest position, those not able to fight back.

    Please feel free to ridicule, as it is you, and not i, who needs help badly. You have succumbed to the lowest base possible……………………….


    • Norma Roberts December 3, 2013 at 7:33 pm


      I am so sorry you are having to go through this, I hope you are appealing their decision, for both ESA and DLA?

      I “failed” my first Atos assessment (ESA) with 0 points. I asked for a copy of the report and, like yourself, was stunned at it’s content. It was full of assumptions, omissions and downright lies. I appealed, and complained directly to Atos. Atos later admitted the report was not fit for purpose (their speak for full of cra*!) and the DWP overturned their original decision.

      I had my second assessment recorded and the ensuing report was more accurate as to what was said, it was, however, not too accurate on what took place. For example it stated I was carrying two small bags, one in each hand, the only bag I had was a small shoulder bag! I still qualified for ESA, but got it because the report implied I was depressed, when in actual fact I suffer with panic attacks and agoraphobia! My arthritis in my spine hardly got a mention!

      These assessments are a cruel sham, they can no more detect whether someone is capable of doing “some” work than I could by gazing into a crystal ball! All Atos do is lie and make everything sound trivial.

      I do hope you will go to see your GP as it sounds as if you have a nasty infection. I also hope that you are appealing both decisions and wish you luck with those. In the meantime old, clean pieces of sheets or towels etc will be better than newspaper. Newspapers will be full of bacteria, and the ink could aggravate your sensitive areas! Would you be able to fill a container with warm water and rinse your bum instead of wiping? Would that help or be possible at all? What an awful situation for you, I hate Iain Duncan Smith!

      Hope you soon feel better and that you get your DLA etc reinstated.

      Best wishes

  • Stepping Razor December 3, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Disability means testing is worked out as scamming the disabled to be on Income Surport to finally scrapping any disability benefits & call it Income Surport. Another loop hole to be manipilated by the DWP fraudsters. Take a look within the DWP for DWP fraud it is very rife.


  • Annos February 2, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    “Outsourcing groups Compass and
    G4S were next on the Mirror’s greed
    list with their bosses taking more
    than 300 times the average for
    picking up government contracts.”


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