New Statesman cover 7th September 2012
New Statesman cover 7th September 2012


‘There was much to admire in David Cameron’s early rhetoric about “compassionate Conservatism”. Its criticism of the centralising instincts of the Labour government had merit, and its focus on the value of civic and associational life was powerful.’

‘Fiscal constraint creates a fundamentally new context and we need to go much deeper than a series of “offers” to tempt voters to the ballot box.’

‘Our approach will be driven by creating the conditions for people to come together to improve their lives together, rather than suggesting that there is a government solution to every social problem. And it will focus central state capacity on strategic goals rather than the fine detail of policy implementation. This will often involve using the state to affect the circumstances of people’s lives, but will also require everyone to contribute, step up and take responsibility.’

More of the same, then!

He’s changed his tune since this article:

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We in Scotland can only say “Aye, Right then!” Jon

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  1. Laz says:

    Ok Edd , start by seizing all assets of High earning Tax dodgers and corporations . You ain`t got the nuts Boy !

  2. jed goodright says:

    the labour party doesn’t exist – it’s deceased, gone to meet its maker, if it wasn’t for the fact it has been nailed by the population it would be pushing up the daisies by now!!!!!

  3. charles britton says:

    I don’t see either point,or reason, to admire any empty Tory posturing, such as the big society,or pash. Conservativism. Aside from that, the talk of fiscal constraint suggests the dead hand of self-defeating austerity. We don’t want any more of that. I’m a socialist but I’d Keynesian capitalism.

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