Clive Baulch was sanctioned by his jobcentre for 'not looking for work dilligently enough'. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian
Clive Baulch was sanctioned by his jobcentre for ‘not looking for work dilligently enough’. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian


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  1. Boadacia! says:

    The conclusions that the Nuremberg Trials came to, wouldn’t be harsh enough for these lying criminally insane, filthy Tories! There’s already enough evidence for their disgusting conniving intent. I just hope once they are booted out, it’s 50 years before the plebs vote them in, if ever again.

  2. George Woodward says:

    What kind of country have we become,when a man loses his job through no fault of his own and then he is treated like this.Anyone who voted Tory surely would not agree with this being carried out.

  3. anna says:

    I hope he finds support and work he’s looking for soon… nobody should be in this situation… having had to beg on the streets is nothing to be ashamed of… Good on him for managing to survive in this appalling circumstance. it is society who should be ashamed that people are in this situation… we should be supporting vulnerable people, not forcing them into a worse position… this country has enough wealth that no one need go without… all children grew up with dreams and aspirations of what they wanted to do when they grow up… No one wants to be unemployed or disabled and living on the bread line. Some people have genuine problems and need support.

  4. alan says:

    we go unarmed jcp, have our food removed, next our shoes, then our cloths, and no where to live, we need something equal to the sanctioners, to have a fare chance , flock together and and close them down,have local meetings be strong


    Kate Middleton feels unwell, Queen has the trots, all headline news. Fast forward to the real world where people are dying……….
    Not the headline news that the privileged by way of birthright are afforded, but carefully pushed onto the back burner, hidden from sight.
    Human beings, flesh and blood. Having the same skin, vital organs and skeleton as the rich, but doomed to insignificance by a non caring government.

    They dont shop in Harrods, nor do they drive pearlescent limousines, they dress for warmth, not fashion. Mummy and Daddy loved them just the same, maybe more?

    The toffs were sent away to be educated. To be taught the fundamentals of life. Did Mummy and Daddy love them so much they sent them away?
    Of course they did!
    Tristran and Angeline did them proud. Mixing in the right circles and fond of their new found superiority………..
    Meanwhile in the real world, Tom and Jane struggled to make ends meet. They left school to chase jobs to help mum and dad get by………..
    Education meant nothing to them really. They had a firm understanding that we were all created equal and had a circle of ordinary friends. Working long hours they brought in a minimum wage that allowed their parents to shop at a hypermarket on the edge of town.

    Tristran became a banker in his fathers business and Angeline attended the sorbonne. Tristran shopped in Fortnum and Masons whilst his sister preferred the fashions of the Champs Elysees……………

    Four people, two different backgrounds……

    Just one problem, they will never be equal in our country!
    The haves and have nots are likened to pedigree and mongrels…..
    Sadly the cross breeding is usually on the side of the wealth, maybe the reason they imagine they are superior. A genetic abnormality?

    Tom and Jane are technically job seekers. The fish finger firm where they were employed closed down.
    Toms been sanctioned because the bus broke down on the way to an interview, he’s scared to tell his mum…..
    Tristrans turned twenty one and can use the cash from grandads trust fund to buy a flat in canary wharf.

    From the new flat,Tristran can see the chapel where the poor go to get food parcels…..
    Daddy and his friends were right, “they are a blight on the landscape”

    “Tomorrow i’ll ring Daddys chum Rupert to put more pressure on Ian Duncan Smith, his classmate”

    “If sanctions arent working , would it be possible to kill them?”, i asked….

    Ian Duncan Smith rang me today and said, “Cant you see i’m trying”
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  6. Steve says:

    It’s not an election we need, it’s a revolution.
    Get rid of the lot, tear up every bit of legislation and allow common law and common sense to rule instead of money hungry megalomaniacs.
    People keep forgetting, the government was put there to represent us, not rule us

    1. andy says:

      true, but try telling the people at large,I’ve even told the same to our MP and he just smiled.Now i’m up for the fight to rid this country of all the political classes,give this land back to the common man sonner rather than later

  7. Penny L says:

    Taking money to buy food from a man with diabetes can cause temporary serious problems and permanent damage. Disgraceful and it reduces capacity for finding a job.

  8. George Woodward says:

    I always remember a piece in a newspaper when Thatcher was leader of the Tory party,
    “The rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate”,oh how apt today.

    1. robertchewter says:

      NO!!! DONT GO NEAR TRUSSEL TRUST !!! IT WAS SET UP BY TORIES AND RUN BY TORIES…Google itrussel trust tories and you will see..

  9. Long Ben Avery says:

    I’ve not felt that violence was necessary since I was a teenage firebrand, but I’m beginning to feel that there are no other options.

  10. Peter Morris says:

    I suggest people go to their nearest Tory MP’s office and see if you can get warmth and shelter there. Perhaps they will even share their sandwiches with you.

  11. hugosmum70 says:

    George Woodward March 23, 2013 at 11:10 am

    I always remember a piece in a newspaper when Thatcher was leader of the Tory party,
    “The rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate”,oh how apt today.

    this is from the hymn “All things bright and beautiful”. and is in fact the subject of an article TODAY in the Telegraph. if you read that you will see the verse containing that line was banned years ago. long befor thatcher came on the scene.

    quote:the offending third verse was usually omitted – the Inner London Education Authority positively banned it in 1982. unquote.

    i certainly never remember singing that verse at school or church. in 70 years.and i am in Yorkshire. not London

    having said all that, i do agree as to how apt it is today.

    1. Annos says:

      “I always remember a piece in a newspaper when Thatcher was leader of the Tory party”

      So do I, I remember the one about…give all the wealth to the VERY rich and it will trickle down, if I remember correctly it was called “Trickle down economics”.

      Of course what Thatcher didn’t tell us all was that the “VERY rich” had inventing an anti-gravity machine!.

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  13. alan says:

    public workers, how much sick leave are they granted, with pay. jcplus extra holidays who pays, the peoples money

    1. S Catty says:

      most public sector workers are not well paid. If they are paid for sick leave and other things it’s because they worked together with their unions to fight for them. Please don’t fall into the trap of the tories and the media of believing that we should be fighting each other. The people who represent the sick and disabled as ‘scroungers’ are the same people who represent public sector workers as the enemy. We should be working with the public sector unions to get their members to denounce workfare and the other vile tory policies and we should be encouraging them to withdraw their labour until the tories are defeated in their attacks on unemployed and poor people

  14. Anon says:

    Absolutely Disgusting……people we need as many demos as possible, we need to disrupt the filthy rich, what will happen to the crime rate with all this going on……I for one would steal for my partner and kids
    I am sick to the teeth with this cretins in charge, if I ever found out my time on gods earth was limited I would take some of the fuckers with me, I am disabled and scared shitless of the future!!!
    We need urgent action keep posting on fb twitter and all the social networks about these filthy robbing barstards, keep the pressure on by demonstrating at least every occasion stand side by side with your brothers and sisters. People your future is in your hands.

  15. Anon says:

    Furthermore people clog up the system by appealing each and every decision, I like the idea of having a sit in at your mp,s local surgery, maybe some cucumber sandwiches and a nice brew, I am awaiting my work assessment, now my GP says I am too sick to travel and has written too atossers asking for a domiciliary assessment, the lovely man on the other end of the phone said and I quote ” We will decide if you are fit to travel not your doctor ” unuote
    Now I am not going mad am I ? can they tell how sick you are via the phone, wonderful bit of technology they have at atossers!!
    New claimants of dla from October will automatically go on PIP, if you notify the Dla people of all change of circumstances after that date you will be taken off Dla and put on PIP after a medical assessment , all present people on Dla will be reviewed for PIP in 2015, we have time to mobilise NOW,
    I for one am not going to take this shitless lying down, take food from my babies mouths and I will kick shout and scream at every level.

    1. Anon says:

      Read my blog Alan. The higher echolons of public workers might get more benefits but the rank and file are treated like s… often worse than workers in the private sector.

    2. Anon says:

      Read my blog Alan. The higher echelons of public workers might be ok but the rank and file are treated like …. often worse than workers in the private sector.

  16. Anon says:

    I used to work for the DWP. I was allowed 7 days a year off sick before an oral warning. I was off sick with depression and stress due to the pressures of targets and an uncaring employer. I was sacked. I now cannot get a job mainly because I was sacked and I also have health problems. Because of the pensions change I cannot get mine until 65 even though I have paid all my stamps.
    I have been sent to a work programme. The assumption there is very clear. People are only out of work because of lack of education and/or training so they offer courses. I have all the skills and education necessary to find work. They can’t help me overcome being sacked or having health problems. So it is useless to me. Because of my age I don’t even get an interview. Age discrimination is illegal but I can’t prove its age related.
    I have worked all my life and now find myself on the scrapheap.
    I wonder how long before my benefits are sanctioned.
    Thanks UK.

  17. BeTheChange YouNeed says:

    The Objective is clear:
    1/. Reduce World Population To 500 Million (Sustainable Developement UN Agenda21)
    (a) Get rid of weakest first (Disabled, Poor, etc…)
    (b) Suck money out of World Economy (To avoid reprisals, etc…)
    (c) Tamper with Food, Water, Air and Medical Supplies.
    (d) Create False Flag Wars.
    (e) Use Media to Misinform.
    (f) Reduce Police, Army, Navy, Airforce and Emergency Services.
    (g) Take Cover in Safe Underground Bunker’s.
    (h) Let them (The Majority) Fight it out amonst themselves.
    2/. That is it! Should You Allow Them (The Criminal Elite – Minority) Their Obective?

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