Ukip candidate Geoffrey Clark called for an NHS review to look at compulsory abortion of foetuses with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida


See also: UKIP’s Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are “a parasitic underclass of scroungers” Posted on March 5, 2013 by johnny void



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  1. Maddy says:

    Gotta love these people, when will they get it into their heads i’m sick not feckless and believe me if i could choose not to be sick even if i had to work an 80 hour week in a manual job for minimum wage as a trade off I would do it. however, there is currently no cure for my illness instead it will get worse and eventually kill me however i have years of agony to look forward to before that so until I have that choice stop demonising me and others like me!

  2. George Woodward says:

    Cameron says one thing and does another,”fair fuel equalizer” “British bill of rights” just to name two which he reneged on.
    I wouldn’t believe him to save my life.

    1. Mustardseed says:

      If everybody voted for The Green Party, then we would… There is a Tide in The Affairs of Men which Taken At The Flood Leads on To Fortune.. Will Shakespeare. I believe This is That Tide..

      1. Angel says:

        I’m an ex conservative voter who is voting green,having been plunged into poverty by this governments hatred of people with disabilities after my husband had to give up work after 23 years due to cancer and ill health.

  3. jed goodright says:

    UKIP are the dregs of the tory party – those so far right and incredulous they are unwanted even by cameron and the old brigade – UKIP even claim to talk for the re-invented silent majority of this godforsaken nation – they will win nothing

  4. Serenity says:

    Labour introduced ATOS ready and waiting too wreak havoc, the tories let the dog of the leash to crush the poor with propaganda against them the Untermenschen worthy of the nazi party.
    UKIP are the party who will carry out the final solution.

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    What about MPS Then ? Will they be Stopped from getting TV Licences on

    Do Not Support any Rich Peoples Supremacist Party whatever they call themselves

    They take the Piss

  6. john beechell says:

    if murdoch supports UKIP UKIP will have to jump high and touch their toes…they will morph into a new left tory party…power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…all parties follow the lead from a higher authority and it ain’t’s the corps and multi billionaires who run the show…if they had the country and it’s peoples health and interests at heart none of this austerity and destruction of industry would happen..but they really do not give a flying F about you..your more delusional than these megalomaniacs if you think they do…

    1. hugosmum70 says:

      was just thinking on similar lines.though more like, stock up on food,cleaning materials.. seeds/. grow yur own lettuce.tomatoes etc indoors. in whatever bit of space yu have. lock you and yours in and only open up for family or friends etc.keep curtains closed and use daylight bulbs. ok maybe extreme but ya never know. might come to that.

  7. Humanity2012 says:

    Oppose any such Policies from UKIP and Do Not Support them whilst they have
    such Ignorant Policies

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    The National Socialists Victimised the Poor and Vulnerable and any other Political
    Party that does the Same is Following Nazi Policies

    I Oppose 500% Percent the UK being a Bloody Evil Nazi State under any Political Party

  9. hugosmum70 says:

    Maddy…well said. this country is now a dreadful frightening place to live. i am sick of being got at, not because of my disabilities but because i try to help my son who is having probs of ppl having a go and saying hes not that bad etc.while he goes thru a tribunal which was set in go just before xmas 2012. he doesn’t help himself as well as he should but with depression and fibromyalgia which causes fibrofog (which someone whose never met him says he hasnt got) theres no wonder.

    but after reading that……….for Gods sake dont vote UKIP. yes its difficult now to know who to vote for and abstaining gets us nowhere.cons and lib dems are def out the picture as far as im concerned tho, as are UKIP. only other big party is labour but can we be sure they wont do exactly same as the coalition if they get in???? .

    and Humanity2012 ……….. im with you there too. my dad and millions of others didnt fight ww2 to down hitler and stop his atrocities for nothing. my kids never knew their paternal grandfather. he was killed in Italy in 1943 when their dad was only 4 years old leaving him, 2 older siblings and 2 younger ones with their mum who died 10 years later. they werent on their own.millions of others like that.

    But to come to this after all that bloodshed caused by 1 man and his mates and to find we now have the same on our own shores fills me with fear and dread

    1. Lady Eleanor says:

      As UKIP are worse than the tories, traditional labour no longer exists, and the tory/libdems have been so disappointing, I think the Green Party are the only party who still seem to be genuine. They are even talking about renationalising the railways etc. Think I’ll give them a chance.

  10. Peachy says:


    I’m a long term claimant (Carer”s Alllowance), my sons naturally claim DLA (or I wouldn’t get the Carers). Does that mean if my husband goes to a work do he can’t share a bottle of wine? the tax credits are paid to him. And what if he shares said bottle with me? Or when the boys reach 18 with them? their condition will never be cured, one at least will be on life long benefits. Oh my goodness…. only solution is to lock us up and monitor us with 24/7 CCTV you know!

  11. Mary says:

    Hi all, I don’t believe it is just UKIP that would like to bring in this so called electronic card. Two days ago (for the first time) i received a text message from the NHS on behalf of my GP’s surgery, saying they would like to update my medical records and asked me if i smoked was i an ex-smoker or if i had never smoked at all. I found this rather strange, as it was the only question they asked. Keeping in mind what the government is up to, i decided to delete the message without replying to it. Be wary people!

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  13. Jim Edge says:

    Am I the only one to find it strange that now UKIP have the three main parties worried all these negative articles appear while anything which makes the party look remotely electable disappear. Is this attack a coincidence or is it orchestrated by the cowardly bunch currently ru(i)nning the country.

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