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  1. Rogr says:

    Could this set of targets be the real reason for the disgusting bit of legislation to make the past sanctions legal? Hopefully it will prove to be the smoking gun that convicts the troika of repeatedly lying to parliament but I have my doubts whether they will resign even if caught.

  2. Ali says:

    ” He also praised the Walthamstow jobcentre – which is at the centre of the allegations – for its success in getting record numbers back to work.” Of course they were getting record numbers back to work………. they had targets you evil sleeze ball .


    Given that the government has hailed any action by disgruntled DWP staff as being futile, i would appreciate it, if any person working at DWP could send me evidence that would bring this evil regime to its knees.

    Any evidence, however small would be appreciated.

    It goes without question that your identity would be kept secret. Evidence from ATOS contracts would be warmly welcomed, in light of the evil being perpetrated against the disabled.


    The decline in living standards in the uk, the introduction to poverty and the statistics to more than prove, suicide rates are spiralling, are the brainchild of one twisted individual, BILL GUNNYEON.

    GUNNYEON is the faceless one who hides behind his position of Chief Medical Officer of the DWP.

    Bolstered by donations from the Insurance Industry, (of which Gunnyeon and his chums are honoured speakers), our government have set out on a path of Welfare Reforms that deny the very poorest in society, especially the disabled.

    Each piece of legislation bears the hallmarks of this modern day “Angel of Death”.
    Every item of denial of benefit carries his endorsement. To him you are just superfluous to a life in this day and age, hence the corrupted, twisted policies that he underwrites……

    History has told us that behind every fanatical leader, there is always a minion lapping at their heels to gain some kind of recognition. They are usually hated by most because they recognise the level of toadying as dangerous.

    Obviously, the aforementioned is more than dangerous. His elevation to the dizzy heights of his title has underpinned his craving to take away life…..

    His dark thoughts from childhood now manifest themselves in legislation, in effect removal by statute.

    What i cannot understand is why he pursued his career on the grounds of helping disabled, yet abuses his position by demonising them…………..

    Maybe he has a psychological problem that has not been detected. I wonder if ATOS software that he helped to build, could identify his problem? I seriously doubt it because its not fit for purpose!

    One things for certain, whatever cuts to whatever benefit, he is the key…….

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