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  1. RG says:

    I bet there are league tables everywhere, starting with ATOS the DWP decision makers and all the rest of the lying rotten system. I really do despair this sort of thing should be front page news. I have never known such a lying conniving bunch as the DWP and Job centres. It just shows when there are over 100 centres in the league but only 1 person has the guts to leak its existence


    Given that the government has hailed any action by disgruntled DWP staff as being futile, i would appreciate it, if any person working at DWP could send me evidence that would bring this evil regime to its knees.

    Any evidence, however small would be appreciated.

    It goes without question that your identity would be kept secret. Evidence from ATOS contracts would be warmly welcomed, in light of the evil being perpetrated against the disabled.

  3. kelpiemare says:

    Of course there are government demanded targets. How else can Esther McVey stand, in parliament, and say how many folk will no longer qualify for DLA when it becomes PIP? The entire non-welfare (americanisation) reforms are designed to send more folk into penury.

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