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  1. Annos says:

    I wonder if we will find out in due time that the HCP’s working under the NHS name are in fact Atos HCP’s ?, it would be a VERY clever way to take the heat off Atos, further demonise the NHS by putting the blame for wrongful removal of benefits onto the NHS, this would also make more people much more positive about privatisation of the NHS. Well thought out by government if it is all a ploy!!!.

  2. Qashie James says:

    Why don’t Govt’ment go the whole hog and just round us up and take us to the gas chambers and put all disabled & terminally ill down?
    We need to stop these Bl**dy Idiots b4 its too late?
    ATOS just like judge & kill?

  3. laz says:

    Then the SAME medical used to assess fitness for employment for NHS staff posts MUST be applied as an indicator of the claimants fitness for work or qualification for benefit on terms of physical inabilityto do so.If not this means the Government contractor IS actualy breaking the word of the law by using different criterea to make a judgement on fitness to work thus breaking not only the equal oppertunities act for the NHS employees but the anti-discrimination laws aginst disabeled .Useless bunch of idiots cant even get their Natzi polcies to work.Any claimants should claim the tests unlawful as they discriminate.

  4. laz says:

    @ Quashie James,let em try mate .I will defend myself with anything and everything within my ability and reach if they try to rob me of my existanc the murdering bastards.
    (That is a proven fact by their actions and the resulting deaths by Dimicide).

  5. JEFFREY says:

    so atoss are get other in to this madness,what about the doctors oath,will it be abolished for the disable .. jeff ..


    Life has changed since the DWP in coalition with ATOS removed all my Incapacity Benefit. Being £8350 less off each year poses many problems.
    The gas fire has not been lit for the last 3 years. My family sit watching tv during the winter months, the only heat comes from the light bulb and the telly and the heat from our bodies.
    We wear multiple garments, including top coats to stave away the cold, and thats indoors!
    Saturday we went to Asda. First call was the reduced counter where the nearly out of date goods are discounted. We managed to get a few bargains.
    A few years ago i used to look down on people who frequented the reduced counters, now its a matter of necessity. Sometimes it feels as though people who are more affluent are now looking down on us. I have no shame, we have to live……
    Our trolley was awash with the smart price cheapest bargains, including 8p cans of mushy peas and dodgy tasting cereals.
    You can see the poorest in our society at the tills, white packeted cheap goods in abundance and yellow discount stickers that shout “miser”.
    A Tory minister recently said in an interview that anyone who buys cheaply expects to be conned, hence the horsemeat. Being hard up gives you no other option but to buy cheaply, truffles and champagne have been consigned to the elite…..
    Dad, who passed away a few years ago, had a saying that i have always remembered….

    “…I cried because i had no shoes, then i saw a man who had no legs”………

    I have witnessed poverty but i never expected it on the doorsteps of the seventh richest country in the world……


    Congratulations must go out to Iain Duncan Smith for single handedly reducing the disabled and poor population of the uk.
    We share some similarities,
    “His mates went to Eton and my mates havent eaten”


    If the examinations were to be carried out by the real NHS they would not be using BIOPYCHOSOCIAL LIMA SOFTWARE as used by ATOS to deny benefits…..
    If they are then its just another honeytrap……



    Under the Freedom of Information Act, I have requested how the NHS intends to examine claimants of PIP.
    I have asked if the exam will be by a fully qualified doctor, knowledgeable in the conditions of the patient, will LIMA software be used and will ATOS staff be utilised.


  10. Annos says:

    After reading the first post in the link below I had a nasty thought!!!.


    As some know, a matter of weeks ago a commitment was given by goverment that anyone on lifetime or indefinite awards of DLA would not be reassessed until October 2015, this will only be the case when PIP comes into force. As we know PIP is NOT in force yet, given the first post in the link above it crossed my mind that are Atos going to make an all out effort to remove as many people on lifetime or indefinite awards of DLA off the benefit before PIP comes into force ?. As I said just a nasty thought I had, well, we are dealing with some very nasty people…

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