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Where to start first?

So much has happened: Our biggest conference to date, we launched our new book, some amazing statements from the financial regulator, and incredible media coverage…

1) Videos from Positive Money’s conference

The conference this year was about how we can build a popular movement demanding a reform of the money system. It was the biggest money reform gathering in our lifetimes, worldwide; almost 300 people attended the sold-out conference. Our new book Modernising Money was launched there.
You can read the detailed report here.
And here you can watch the first video from the conference.
* We’ll release the next videos shortly.

2) Breakthough Historic Speech by Adair Turner

The Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, Adair Turner, advocated in his recent speech entitled “Debt, Money and Mephistopheles: How do we get out of this mess?” a policy that isvery close to our proposals. You can read our comments here.

3) Financial Times – this is huge! 

Something that was impossible just 2 years ago is happening now. There were two extraordinarily good articles published in Financial Times:
The case for helicopter money

The Chief economics editor for Financial Times has written an article in which he debunks some of the myths about banking and monetary policy that we have been talking about since 2010.

Pre-school lessons for bankers

The book “Where does money come from?”was quoted in this article discussing how bankers need to educate themselves about how money is created before they are allowed to teach in schools, a recently proposed plan.
4) Monetary reform in the World

There’s lots of great mainstream media coverage on money creation abroad too:
New Zeland – A programme on national TV asked viewers on prime time: What if you were told the money a bank lent you never existed?
It’s an excellent report – watch here
Switzerland – the Swiss national television’s main economic programme reported for the first time on monetary reform. Read here

Ireland – Sensible Money had published their letter in the Irish Independent.

5) Kindle: Modernising Money 

The Kindle version of the book Modernising Money is available now.

You can order it here.

* Please note, that because of the way Amazon works, Positive Money gets much less from sales of the Kindle version than we do if you buy the paper book from our website, but this can be a cheaper option for anyone outside the UK, as there’s no postage.
6) Survey Reminder

If you haven’t participated in our survey “13 questions for you” yet, you still can. 
CLICK HERE to access the survey. It will take 3 minutes and we really would appreciate your feedback.
7) Upcoming events:

Swansea, Sat 16th Feb – Where Does Money Come From?
London, Mon 18th Feb – Supporting Positive Money & getting elected to parliament
Dorset, 19th Feb 2013 – The banking system: what’s to be done?

Edinburgh, 20th Feb 2013 – Meetup with Ben Dyson

* This will probably be the only time Ben will be in Scotland this year. He will be talking about the new book, recent developments and how the campaign is really speeding up this year.
London, Mon 25th Feb – Modernising Money – Reading Group

Sheffield, Sat 2nd March 2013 – People’s Forum on Debt 

8) More from the blog: 

Adair Turner tumbles to the merits of a Positive Money idea
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A guide to the Eurozone monetary system
Collapse of UK debt-ridden social system only matter of time

Best wishes, 

Ben, Mira, Drew, Henry, Fran & Miriam

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