Tory’s Ball in this together: Secrets of extravagant £400-a-head bash thrown by toff David Cameron






By Natalie Edwards 9 Feb 2013 22:00 

Rolls-Royces blocked the road, bubbly flowed all night and Sam Cam wore red – what was that about all being in it together?

Osborne at the ball

With champagne flowing, fine cuisine, supermodels and pop stars on the guest list and Rolls-Royces lining the drive, it was a taste of how the ­other half PARTY.

The rest of us are struggling to make ends meet, battered by the ­economic meltdown, but David Cameron rolled out the blue carpet – throwing what could well go down as 2013’s most lavish event.

Six hundred guests paid £400 a head to attend the Tories’ Black and White Ball.

It was held last week at ­London’s swanky Hurlingham Club to raise money for the party’s election campaigns.

And one name on the list was that of TV presenter, WAG and Tory supporter Lizzie Cundy.

Today Lizzie, 44, talks us ­through the exclusive event and reveals all the secrets the PM didn’t want you to know.

In her amusing exposé, she tells how she got ticked off for calling the PM “Dave”, how ­Samantha Cameron breached the dress code to wear red, and how Chancellor George Osborne smells, er, hot…

She says:

“I spend most of life partying, but as I slipped on my black dress on Monday night I wasn’t quite sure if David ­Cameron would live up to my party expectations.

“Within moments of arriving, those fears evaporated as ­quickly as the champagne flowed.

“I had landed an invite because my father, Derek Miller, was the art director at Saatchi & Saatchi and worked on the advertising campaigns for Margaret Thatcher. Let me tell you, the party was beyond ­spectacular.

“At the beginning of the evening you couldn’t get down the road to the main entrance because all the Rolls-Royces and ­Daimlers were blocking up the drive.

“The security was ­immense and you had to show your passport before you could get in. Then, once inside, there was an endless amount of wine and champagne throughout the night.

“No expense was spared and there didn’t seem to be much sign of a recession.

“As you’d expect with the Tories, there was only one colour code for the party decor… There were blue glass flutes which matched the blue azure of the carpet.

“All of the waiters had ­mandarin ­jackets with a blue collar. That’s why I was shocked when I bumped into Sam ­Cameron… wearing a bright RED dress. Elsewhere, the theme was winter glamour so everything was black and white.

“I’d picked a Pia Michi gown, black at the front and white at the back. The men were in black tie and the women were in full gowns. Everyone was so ­glamorous. Billionaire Nick Candy and his model and actress wife Holly Valance were among those holding court at the bar.

“At the centre of it all was Mr Cameron, walking the room like a groom at a wedding, making sure he spoke to everyone in attendance. David greeted everyone at the reception and then made sure he went round to every table to chat.

“Eventually I managed to grab Dave for a five-minute chat. I told him that I was with my gay best friend Nick Ede and we wanted to talk to him about the gay marriage issue. He said that he was really encouraged and hoped that it was going to work and that he wanted to modernise the party. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, ‘Thank you’.

“He was in top spirits and in a party mood, drinking, ­stopping for pictures and ­hugging everyone. He didn’t take to the dancefloor to boogie alongside George Osborne. Instead everyone had a jolly time standing by the bar.

“He wasn’t being escorted by anyone and he was letting his hair down and being one of us.

“I also told David how I had launched my own swimwear range with Mya Luxe and he was really keen to know how it was going. I joked I’d send him some samples.

“Everyone stood up as David went to the stage and made a speech. He thanked ­everyone there and was very gracious.

“He cracked a few gags about ­Labour and took a few digs at Ed Miliband. As I clapped, I turned round to find George ­Osborne grinning from ear to ear.

“I cuddled up to him and told him I was calling the PM Dave. He told me, ‘You can’t call him Dave’.

“George smelt fantastic… he was wearing a ­really hot-smelling aftershave. He was chatty and charming. Much better looking than you’d think.

“The entertainment was top-class too with songs from Scottish singer Tallia Storm.

“Then there was a fundraising auction. I watched in disbelief as one person paid £10,000 to meet Justin Bieber backstage after one of his gigs (what credit crunch?).

“Others dug deep to win items including Caribbean holidays and a self-portrait by David Cameron. There didn’t seem to be any money being held back when it came to the prizes.

“You would think that people wouldn’t have had the money to splash straight after Christmas, but it wasn’t that way at all.

“For dinner we had goat’s cheese and beetroot, slices of lamb with beautiful potatoes and vegetables, ­followed by strawberry mousse and biscuits. It was real ­traditional British food.

“I was gutted when the evening was over. I’ve been to some ­parties in my time, ­including the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

“But I don’t think anyone holds a party quite like the Tories.

“I am just glad I wasn’t picking up the tab.” 

The Daily Mirror

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11 thoughts on “Tory’s Ball in this together: Secrets of extravagant £400-a-head bash thrown by toff David Cameron

  1. John Lanigan says:

    Well, what did you really expect? Lizzie says “I was gutted when the evening was over. I’ve been to some ­parties in my time, ­including the Oscars and the Golden Globes but I don’t think anyone holds a party quite like the Tories”

    So the Tories it seems know how to party and the bankers it seems know how to take the piss. Life in modern Britain is ok for the millionaires and billionaires, but if your unfortunate enough to be one of the millions of “ordinary” citizens then life can be a tad different, and if your really unfortunate and are out of work or sick or disabled then life will be a constant struggle.

    Capitalist Britain is a divided Britain and the gap is getting wider by the day. It’s time for everyone in this country to ask themselves what kind of society they want to live in, then do something about it.

  2. Jennifer Burton says:

    does any one expect David Cameron and the rest of the party to give up an extravagant life style not on your life but he is condemning lots of people to poverty this reminds me of germany and hitler but it would be more humain if he killed all the sick and disabled quickley instead of giving them a life time of missery and hardship and don’t forget the money for this party came from the tax payer, is that the best he can do with this countrys money waist it on extravagant partys the cost of this party would have helped the sick and disabled for some time instead of persecuting them by taking away what little they have.

  3. Pink Parrot says:

    It’s Thatcher’s ‘loadsamoney’ excesses of the rich all over again. Sickening, especially after reading the story of the disabled woman who is losing her home and support from her neighbours because of the bedroom tax. It’s inequality at its most heartbreaking.

  4. Daniel Linger says:

    Precisely Pink Parrot.

    Let’s see – this is the behaviour of the Tories now, and it was the same behaviour when they were last in power. They will NEVER be any different, despite all the bluff that David Cameron was this new, young leader to modernise the party.

    Labour may well have been fucking awful under Gordon Brown, but at least we weren’t as bad off.

    And that’s the sad point. Nobody much to choose from, but there’s no way Conservative Party should even EXIST anymore. They have absolutely no place in modern society.

  5. wordsfailme says:

    I have no idea who “lizzie” is and I don’t care, but what a vapid idiot. And what an insightful critique she made. I’m sure she was well rewarded for her cutting report though. Maybe she can comment on the budget for us simple folk

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