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  1. Dick Clark says:

    The unemployed are not scroungers and skivers. The vast majority of them would be only too glad to work, if only there were any jobs. A report on ITV News last week stated that there were 16 applicants for every vacancy in IDS’s own constitiuency. But this government is doing nothing to create jobs, nothing to encourage the creation of jobs by anyone else, and condemning all those unemployed to a life of hopelessness and poverty.

  2. Linda says:

    I found it very disturbing when George Osborne mentioned people on their way to work, walking past houses of the unemployed with the curtains closed. Talk about stereotyping the unemployed. How could he possibly know this.
    My daughter is desperate to find a job. She’s a graduate with two children at school. she has applied for loads of jobs that will fit round her family. She gets interviews, but is always pipped at the post when it comes to getting the job.

  3. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Contemptible words from an even more contemptible man, and yes economics 101, i would not trust Osborne with a pile of chocolate money, let alone the nations finances.

  4. Serenity says:

    When there are less jobs available than at any other time, masterstroke indeed, let’s blame the victims instead of the perpetrators!

  5. John Hargrave says:

    What on earth is this ridiculous man thinking of? Until he kick starts the economy and gets the country working again, millions will be out of work, labelled as scroungers by some of the biggest scroungers of our time, just look at what our MP’s can make out of their ‘expenses’ – it is a darn sight more than many people earn. We are now in more debt than when the Tories came to power, and at this rate the debt mountain will continue to grow.
    Wise up Gideon and get the country working again!

  6. jed goodright says:

    The attack on disabled people, welfare and benefits is contrary to the United Nations Charter on disability. It is also an affront to the Equality Laws we have in the UK. But nothing’s going to persuade the rich that their ideologically driven abuse is anything other than ‘good for us’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t fight fascism with a box of paper tissues

  7. kasbah says:

    I agree Jed. Unless we put continu0us pressure on the greed-mongering “Government” they will pursue their attacks on us citizens like a runaway train with a psychopath driver.

    Did the suffragettes win the vote by writing letters and conducting meetings? No! Did South African Apartheid end because the corrupt regime saw the error of their ways? No!
    Unfortunately bullies with power need their hands forced by civil disobedience and direct action. This we need to plan and carry out as if our lives depended on it- because for many of us they do, and for too many of us it is already tragically too late.

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    We Need Mass Protests Not Sheep Intoxicated by Christmas Pahlava

    Theft From the Poor is a Crime against Humanity

    Shame upon ALL who are Still Prepared to Vote Tory

    The Scroungers are Politicians with More Money than Conscience or Common Sense

  9. jefflph says:

    camoren is a shell he has been mind controled thats why he behaves like he does.#
    the trouble the politics you can run a department with no quilification for the job thats why everthing fucks up over here you dont get a butcher to lay bricks.
    but an army captin aka IDS can run welfare,guess what its a fuck up next year will be total uter meltdown.
    1 pips
    2 removel of councill tax help
    3 bedroom tax
    4 tax credit cuts
    5 more deaths as a result of the WCA and PIPS.

    saw my doctor this week i used the word ATOS he was not happy he looked very pissed.


  10. alan groggins says:

    after giving it some thought being in bad health myself , who needs me , doctors, consultants, dentists,nurses,carers,porters, ambalances,pharmacuticals,lorry drivers,dwp,atos,hospital,bupa, carehomes,wheel chair makers ,receptions,charites for there good deeds probably, more organations than i could think of/

    maybe a strike for one month not taking tablets,seeing doctors,all above they will not have jobs/sales or cash, ponder over, pharmacuticals will lobby government or maybe atos will over rule them and tell them we dont need them i bet your alan

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