Pat’s Debate – your support needed more than ever

By Carerwatch

After a year of very hard work and wonderful encouragement from all of our friends and supporters Pat’s Petition  closed with over 62,600 signatures.

We then sent an open letter to Liam Byrne.

We are delighted to announce that all the effort succeeded and we have a result.

Liam Byrne has been in touch and the Labour Party are giving us an Opposition Day Debate in the Commons based around Pat’s Petition. This means the debate will take place in the Chamber at the House of Commons with Ministers and front-benchers as well as back-benchers.

So fantastic news – Pat’s Petition is moving to Pat’s Debate. Tell everyone – shout, sing, tweet using hashtag #PatsDebate. Let’s shake this government into listening to us at last.

The debate will probably take place some time in January and we will only have a weeks notice so the important thing now is to get ready for the debate and make sure all the issues we have been campaigning on get attention.

The theme of the motion for the debate will be the Pat’s Petition demand that the government –Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families and a demand for a Cumulative Impact Assessment. It’s a very wide brief so if you want to focus on a particular issue that’s fine.

We will need lots of help from you all to make sure that after all your effort this debate gets real results.

We are hoping that many of you will put up blog posts in support of Pat’s Debate and that we can collect the links together here.

We will also need your help to ask MPs from all Parties to speak in this debate and if we can direct them to your blog posts it will show them the kind of messages we want to put across.

Contact your MP details via this link

Watch this space to see how the plans for the debate are progressing.

Time is running out.

Please get behind this debate and make it a game changer.

Pat x

For further details contact  –

If you have any suggestions/comments, please add them at the link:

6 thoughts on “Pat’s Debate – your support needed more than ever

  1. Jim says:

    This is a good start to the new year and if everyone pitches in and does their bit we should be able to overturn this unnecessary evil.

  2. Kenneth J Budworth says:

    What really needs to be added? These appalling cuts truly ARE nothing less than an affront to British Decency. How dare you fix on the most vulnerable members of society as targets for these vicious attacks?

  3. kelpiemare says:

    I beg of Liam Byrne and Ed Milliband, please don’t let ANY Tory/libdem abuser of the disadvantaged off the hook. Make them fall on their lies. Skewer them on the graves of their dead “fit for work” victims. Highlight the ignorance of dispatching Remploy……even turning down an offer from a wheelchair manufacturer, who was willing to, not only buy the factory, but keep on the staff. I wonder if that particular company hadn’t contributed to Tory party funds…..just a thought…… Then let’s work together to get these scum out of parliament and thence to heal this country and people….without the gobbledegook of Atos…..

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    We NEED Something Done to Stop and Reverse All the Theft from the Poor and
    Misery Inflicting of the Con Dem Regime Political Action

    Complacency Turning a Blind Eye to a Worthless Regime is Not the Answer

    A Society that Fails to Care For the Poor and Vulnerable is A State of Evil

  5. jefflph says:

    well i am going to write to mr bryn,oh a another banker running affares of state but i will do as this is what is needed,labour made this mess they will have to clean this esa and pips mess up and in 2 years over 9,000 not inclouding pips so even more will be dead .. jeff ..

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