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  1. Jan Tchamani says:

    About time! Hope this is a vigorous attack – too many people have already died. Why the opposition haven’t just walked out of the H of C in protest already is beyond me. ‘Strivers and skivers’ OMG!!! It’s just ‘divide and rule’, the cynical demonisation of a huge percentage of human beings living in this country. See ‘The Empire of Shame’ by Jan Ziegler: maintaining false distinctions between different groups of citizens (or in this case emphasizing and whipping them up) is a way to disunite the populace and keep control when ruling a country. Just pick your ‘difference’: age, gender, geographical location, income bracket, sexual orientation, religion, cultural background, car/bus/bike, dog owner/non dog owner, meat eater/vegetarian, size, hair colour, sign of the zodiac, working/not working, preferred supermarket/newspaper/clothing designer, blood group (a favourite in Japan), height, educational background, accent… the stupid list goes on and on. WE ARE ALL HUMANS – and that makes us 95% the same as each other.

  2. jay says:

    Well said Jan.
    About time Labour did something, how about them pinpointing the fact that the poor are having to pay a bedroom tax while the rich strive to avoid any tax on their palatial homes.

    Would someone please remove the disgusting picture that accompanies this article. Those laughing hyaenas make me feel severely nauseous

  3. Serenity says:

    Senior Labour figures stopped short of confirming that Labour would vote against the cuts in the Commons in January. Stopped short all right! Labour do anything , I’ll believe it when I see it!

  4. Andrew Healey says:

    Miliband is a man? of straw and Balls has none, they all eat and drink at the same trough, they are all plastic Tories. There is no real opposition in this country. Don’t be fooled by U.K.I.P ultra right wing scum. They all know they have this country to ransom, they’ve spent forty years dividing us and breeding apathy. We need to get rid of the left wing, right wing mentality. What is needed, is a party of common sense that speaks the truth and will stop the rape and pillage of our nation. If you own a business and you sit on your hands and do nothing, the business will fail, or if you squirrel away the profits into some offshore tax haven, it will fail, you need to invest and grow, you better your products through investment whether with technology or a happy, well educated, well paid workforce. Investment creates employment. The problem we have is, the government of the day sold our industries, we have very little industry now, unless you’re making armaments and making illegal wars. When I went to school we did domestic science, we learned how bake how to cook a three course meal and breakfast etc, today they are taught how to buy a frozen pizza, take it out of the box and put it in the oven for 15 minutes. The governments of the day have betrayed us, sold our jobs, dumb ed down our children through a ruined education system, (unless you can pay). They are ruining our health care system,they fail to invest in this country and they are destroying it, instead they give billions of hard earned to foreign powers, then beg a little back and say we have a good deal for Britain. If we don’t invest in ourselves the hole they have dug for us will be inescapable. Is it not funny that the only place in Britain that now shines bright is the centre of mass corruption. They don’t even tell you the true figure of the unemployed, I have three friends who are highly qualified but cannot find work, their spouses work, not in highly paid jobs, but because the system will not allow their spouses to sign on for unemployment they are not registered or counted. How many more households are like this? They take our tax, take as much as they can steal through corrupt expenses claims, or buying themselves properties (Blair was a prime example of this). They give billions to their superiors in the E.U, billions to a fraudulent financial and banking system, to buy their seats in the boardroom for when they are kicked out of politics.They have infiltrated every organization that was implemented to help the working class and low paid and are still destroying them from within. In the N.H.S. there are eight bureaucrats for every front line worker.Pay the front line staff a decent wage and put a mop in the hands of the useless bureaucrats and make them clean up the mess they have made. Put the engineers, builders,designers, nurses, doctors,police and unemployed back to work with decent pay packets, with the pen pushers and bean counters as low paid labourers. Leave the E.U, implement a different banking system, stop immigration for the next five years, not for racially motivated reasons, but to give us time to sort out our housing crisis, our overcrowded schools and our overworked health service, stop investing public money into private education and healthcare. It is morally wrong when you take public funding from a state school to invest in a private academy. There is just enough time for decent, honest MP’s and independents to come together before the next general election and form a party that stands for Britain and the British people. We can and should get rid of this, all in it for me, self aggrandizing, corrupt one political party cabal. Time is running out..Before someone says you have time to sit up all night typing, instead of me being asleep getting ready for work and paying my tax’s or whatever, can I just say in my defense, it has taken me almost six hours to type this and the reason is, the pain I am in at this time of the morning has kept me awake now for three days, I have gone way over the recommended Morphine dose and it has done little to ease it, I am now frightened that if I do fall asleep I may not wake up, Oh the joys of being disabled, if you able bodied critics only knew or could experience 24 hours of the bad pain, not the worst there are very few people I would wish that upon . I wouldn’t mind all the bureaucrats in parliament suffering for 12 months or even a lifetime I think they would whistle a different tune then

  5. Jo Yelland says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited – this is just a generalised sweeping statement reiterating what several charities have been saying for the past few years.

    Despite being disabled and really rather ill due to my seizures, I have chosen to stand for my local parish and county councils in Durham. We need representation within government and it has to be by people who are disabled and from poor backgrounds – otherwise, how will anything change?

    Anyone going through the misery of Atos assessment is more than welcome to speak to me, regardless of where they are. I can be found as Jo Yelland on Facebook and my Green Party email is jo.yelland_green@yahoo.co.uk. I can offer some advice as I am going through the same things and the Green Party are fighting against Atos contracts so your local party would love to hear from you and will help if they can. Disability Law Services are also looking to speak to disabled people who are struggling with Atos and benefit cuts/reductions and, along with Citizens Advice Bureau, are a fantastic source of advice and free help.

    1. Marion says:

      Jo, really agree with your comments and good for you for standing for your local councils, despite and or maybe because of your issues/experiences. I sometimes feel so helpless and beyond frustration, even though I’m pretty good at speaking up/fighting for things/my rights, I did it it for many years while bringing up my disabled son(now age 29). But maybe because I’m now disabled and have been pushed further and further into poor health, trying to hold down work(now stopped for 2 years)helping my disabled adult son and daughter-in-law, the 2 children, signing on looking for work I can’t get and likely can’t sustain, etc., etc. I used to work for DWP in one of their call centres, so didn’t go on to ESA because of what we were hearing people tell us, I moved areas and wouldn’t have known the Doctor, so I figured JSA was better option!! I’m now also on a dreaded private work programme and that has been a real eye opener, in a very bad way, I have been telling them things, useless doesn’t cover it and patronising of course? I have now located from Kent to Norwich and would you believe because of the DWP contract with these work providers, I can’t switch to one locally and have to have phone calls, paperwork in the post from them, therefore adding to my high stress levels.

      I’m now living in a damp flat(viewed in June)where the Landlord is the usual nasty/don’t care kind and has actually tried to blame me for it, saying I don’t open the windows enough, while admitting he had a previous tenant who never opened the windows! Not being funny but I’ve lived in lots of rented accommodation, some social housing, private for last 8 years and though I haven’t done anything dodgy, I have experienced a wide variety of properties and probably know more than Landlord does, unfortunately Norfolk is a very damp county, I’ve lived here on and off since 2005 so know about this, in fact the first place I rented, not only did it aggravate my asthma through the damp, I got bronchitis and when I got the council involved, the owner, who lived in Spain said he couldn’t put up with the hassle, gave me 2 months to leave as he was selling up!! That’s my general experience of private Landlords and I’m appalled that nothing has really be done in this country to stop this, in fact if anyhting it’s now getting worse?

      Wanted to also mention I really appreciate what Andrew(just above your comment)said and really agree with it, like him I have been having very bad nights recently and pretty regularly have so much pain, I can’t think straight. The only vaguely funny(if that’s the right word!)thing is I can’t always work out which disability/condition is causing the pain, is it the Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Scoliosis, or something else? The damp flat, including damp bedroom can’t be helping? I had my 8 year old Grandson to stay at the weekend, don’t get to have much Grandparent time with him as I do have to help with school run etc., and really wanted to do lots with him in the city centre saturday. But really overdid it and after having to travel by bus 20 miles to take him home yesterday, I was in agony, yet I’m expected to work!! And it’s rubbish that “you’ll be better off in work”, I get so sick of hearing that and to top it off hardly anyone will give me a job, Landlords don’t want to take you on and it took almost 4 months to get my Housing Benefit in Nowich.

      Sorry to go on, but I feel that you are someone Jo, who understands where we’re coming from and in fact most others on here. so glad I found this from going on the Hradest Hit march in London in Oct.

  6. jed goodright says:

    The only fight Miliband has had in his life was for his father’s inheritence.

    Miliband is as nasty as cameron because he can see what is happening and choses not to say or do anything about it. In fact, in large part he agrees with what is happening. Miliband is a man without a cause in a world that mistyfies him. He is a coward and a traitor to the cause of the oppressed. I don’t want Miliband on my side!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Marion says:

      I agree with you on this Jed and am just surprised more people haven’t sussed him out yet. From the moment he appeared on TV,I thought there was something so untrustworthy and smarmy about him and unfortunately I’m usually right on my first impression of people!

  7. Humanity2012 says:

    The Leader of the Opposition has a Duty to Provide Opposition where it is Needed
    to the Regime like in this Instance

    Things have Got Worse Under the Tyrant Tories

    I CANNOT Stand Them

  8. Carol Bowden says:

    How dare they call us scroungers when they are ripping off the British tax payers to fund their second homes/ duckponds/ banquets/ and all other meaningless, overpriced, unnecessary frivolities. Oh yeh, Im having the time of my life on benefits. I have 3 incurable illnesses, and other problems. im in pain EVERY DAY, with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, which restricts my everyday activities, and I mean general day-to-day things like walking, sitting, cleaning, shopping etc. I cant get proper sleep, I have to watch what I eat (if I do eat, coz money is juggled around to pay for essentials). I struggle with depression and memory issues. Thats just a taster of what ive had to cope with for 30 odd years. Id gladly swop it all with someone who isnt sick. Any offers?? No, I didnt think so. I happen to have a body thats dealt me a really crappy blow and there are so many others in far worse health than me, who are having their benefits denied, some dying as a result. We need financial help. DONT YOU DARE INSULT ME BY CALLING ME A SCROUNGER. Look a bit closer to home first. Posh rich people havent got a clue about the real world and ordinary people. Oh, and I wondered when the church was going to say something in our defense, with them being full of kindness and love and caring and all. Too little too late, but thanks anyway. BTW, Im not a Christian…..oh really??!!!!

  9. Lainey Nic says:

    Scrounger is an awful word and one that is banded about all the time. To me its a way of turning people against each other. I have to say at points I felt like that bit expereince of the shameful way we are treated to get benefits has changed me. I am no scrounger and many people on here are saying the same thing because it hurts us. I have worked for 30 years and paid my taxes so I feel I have the right for help from the benefits system whilst not being villified for asking got it.
    Trying to claim DLA has turned into a nightmare despite multiple illnesses I was at first denied. I have met numerous people on benefits and in the grand scale of things hate what there lives are and want to work.
    I am very sceptical about Ed Milliband I want to believe he will stand up for all of those struggling to live but I just don’t see it. I shall be contacting my local MP to ask him to stand up for me.

  10. jefflph says:

    so osbourn thinks its funny i hope has a very nasty illness then we can send him to atos for a fake medical that is total irrelevent to the condition he has … jeff …

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