Tory Conference: Despicable Cameron will today enlist his Dead Father in the War on Britain’s Sick and Disabled People: Treat it with the Contempt it so richly deserves

The Tory Fuhrer’s Disabled Dead Father will today join his Disabled Dead Son and Paralympians in Fighting for £10bn further of Benefit Cuts in Addition to the £18bn Already Announced Picture: Parliament Shame on You


TODAY at the Conservative Party Conference, David Cameron’s dead disabled father will join his dead son Ivan as the latest family addition to the Tory Army’s war on working-class sick and disabled people.

‘Working Class’ because the ability of us ordinary mortals with our various impairments to surmount the socio-economic and physical barriers our society presents us with is quite different to that of someone from the 1%, who, having financial means to start with is able to create other avenues for advancing their interests in our neoliberal society.     

He will wax lyrical about how he did not see his father’s disability as a “tragedy” but rather as a source of “inspiration” as to how the human spirit can overcome any and all obstacles in a “triumph of the will”.

Make no mistake. Cameron will cynically and despicably attempt to exploit this narrative to the full in order to justify unconscionable policies which will drive sick and/or disabled people further into the arms of poverty, despair and an early demise.

This vile man has no conscience whatsoever.

The use of one’s dead family members to push policies which amount to passive euthanasia must be unprecedented in British political history.

We have blogged before about how he has exploited poor Ivan HERE  HERE and HERE.

We posted about the use of the Paralympics as a propaganda exercise HERE HERE HERE and HERE.

One might say that at least Cameron Senior might have agreed with his son if he were still with us. 

We shall never know, as he is to be denied his right of reply.

Whatever Cameron Snr might have had to say about it ~ we are absolutely appalled that yet again Cameron is to use his deceased family members as a propaganda toll to win support for ideological cuts to the poorest in our society.

It really is ‘below the belt’

Let’s be clear.

Cameron and his cronies will stoop to any level – will stop at nothing – to ensure they maintain their own class’s grip on power, wealth and status.

Dr Margaret McCartney, a GP in Glasgow and a supporter of our campaign has dealt conclusively with this issue before on her blog when writing about AtoS’s sponsorship of the Paralympics.

She quotes from AtoS’s website:

“The Paralympic Games are elite sport events for athletes from different disability groups. However, they clearly emphasize the participants’ athletic achievements, not their disability.”

Margaret continues:

‘I’m worried about Atos view of ‘disability’. I’m worried that they somehow think that all people with disabilities somehow have an  elite athlete inside them.

‘The truth is that some people are physically different and it is society that disables them; there are some disabled people who are phenomenal athletes, and there are some people who are so sick or disabled that they can’t work.

‘Atos has made many disabled peoples’ lives miserable, and it would have been far better had they put their sponsorship money into making their system fairer.

‘If there is a legacy from the Paralympics, I hope a small part of that will be considering how fairly we treat sick people when they are most vulnerable – currently, Atos is failing us all.’ 

We hope that people will do the exact same thing when listening to Cameron’s speech this morning, and treat his despicable behaviour with all the contempt and derision it so richly deserves in a civilised society.

As it was: HERE !!!

~ Black Triangle Campaign






9 thoughts on “Tory Conference: Despicable Cameron will today enlist his Dead Father in the War on Britain’s Sick and Disabled People: Treat it with the Contempt it so richly deserves

  1. jed goodright says:

    David Cameron the multi-millionaire got DLA for his now dead son and no doubt used the wisteria flowers we all paid for to go on the coffin.

    David Cameron is a CUNT

  2. MP Hoskins says:

    This was the father who made the family’s fortune by setting up tax havens for the well-to-do, right? It seems only fair that his son should use him as some kind of sock puppet.

  3. ODIN says:

    Why are the majority of the British public so thick? the people in the middle east would not put up with it and actually do something about it. Jed is right about Cameron he needs his face punched in.

  4. Gill Thorburn says:

    Odin: I read that as ‘Jedi is right’ (in Yoda’s voice) 😀
    He and Obi-Wan would make short work of these Dark-Siders. For us it might take a little longer…
    May The Force Be With Us!

  5. Gill Thorburn says:

    Loved this little interchange in the comments on that Telegraph article:

    “When he’s talking about “north or south” he’s talking about London, right?”

    “Kensington I think”

  6. kelpimare says:

    Irony, I think, both in name choice and comments re Gill Thorburn’s post. “BlessedDamozel and Kensington are probably in the farthest flung northern corners of decimated ex-industrial England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales…… least I’d hope so, cos anyone as ignorant as that should be whacked with the Tomes of Maggie’s Legacy. Wasteland UK.
    As to Cameron’s use of dead relatives……sigh….what the dear hero forgets is the simple,.but oh-so-important fact: THEY HAD MILLIONS TO HELP THEM BEAR THEIR DISABILITIES. Whereas, mere benefit claiming disabled have…..approx £800.00 per month. And I forget, the dear berk did claim DLA for his son and, I’ve heard free nappies. So, WHO, PRECISELY IS THE “SCROUNGER”, a millionaire, far from being in need claiming DLA and free nappies (expenses too most probably)….or a disabled person who hasn’t two one pences to rub together??
    Take a hike, Dave. And take the whole moronic bunch of wannabe politicians with you.

  7. jeffery davies says:

    and that is a very sad man who hasnt no heart ot pity why do they allow him to govern just do the right thing all of them fall on their swords

  8. Serenity says:

    What kind of lunatic drags dead family members out of their graves to showcase and grandstand them for political gain? The man has not the morals of a cockroach, he claims benefits for them while living and even gets mileage out of them when dead, the man is greed personified.

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