Boos brothers: Cameron and Osborne jeered by capacity crowds at Paralympic events

“Oh dear. Seems their disabled Superhumans propaganda isn’t having the desired effect.”

~ Sharan Robertson, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire

When the Prime Minister was spotted on the big screen at the Aquatics Centre the capacity crowd began loudly booing

Booed: David Cameron at the swimming tonight


The Government won double Paralympic Gold for unpopularity tonight with David Cameron and George Osborne both being booed.

The hapless pair hoped being seen at the London Paralympics would boost their popularity.

But when the Prime Minister was spotted on the big screen at the Aquatics Centre the capacity crowd began loudly booing.

He looked taken a back and, moments later, he presented British teenager Ellie Simmonds with her second gold medal.

Just a few hours later Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne received the same treatment.

Winner: Mohamed Farhat Chida

It happened when he appeared on the big screen before a medal presentation in front of a 80,000-strong crowd in the Olympic Stadium.

Osborne gave a nervous laugh as the boos rang out around the packed arena and looked sheepish as he gave gold to Tunisia’s T38 400m champion Mohamed Farhat Chida.

The Government has come under fire from disabled rights groups for awarding a contract to assess “fit for work” assessments to Paralympic sponsor Atos.

A series of rallies have been staged by activists in the past week in protest at the tests which they say are ‘damaging and distressing.’

The Daily Mirror 

Published on Sep 3, 2012 by Westlake72

George Osborne Gets Booed Awarding Medals at the Paralympics.

George Osbourne had the cheek to turn up at the Paralympics at the same time his government has launched a sustained attack on the rights of disabled people in the UK. 

6 thoughts on “Boos brothers: Cameron and Osborne jeered by capacity crowds at Paralympic events

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Well , as if they thought people liked them, they are among the most hated and despised in the country. And to be presenting medals when the disabled community in the UK who already know exactly what this pair represent and the general public who are now just beginning to understand the vile and disgraceful attack upon the vulnerable by these despicable individuals ,if you make yourself the enemies of the nation, what do you expect ?

  2. Barbara Bates says:

    Just what did he expect I wonder, you’d think the lot of them would have had the sense to stay away after all that they are doing to the lives of disabled people. How crass he is, and always that smirk.

  3. owen meharry says:

    really enjoyed that booing but sadly it was only mentioned in the passing by the BBC, should we now let the beeb know what we think of them with demo’s outside their studios better yet mass non payment of licence fee

  4. muffie02 says:

    ” do not attempt to bask in the glory of others – as it is a pale and weak light compared with glory earned by ones own merit ”

    oh dear camoron wont like getting booed – any money you like he takes it out even MORE on the sick and disabled now – there is a nasty rumor that paria miller is going to get a place in cabinet – as reward for her work on the “scrounging parasites ” issue ( vis the cuts to welfare )

    well i hope the athleats enjoyed their moment and the kisses handed out by the PM – as many will find that it was the kiss of death – lets hope the likes of our female swimmers remember that when it comes to their turn in front of the atos inquistion – won a gold ?? – nout wrong with you – nil points

  5. Andrew Healey says:

    The look on this spoiled poor little rich boys face says it all. Mummy Mummy all the other boys and girls don’t like me just because I’m making their lives an utter misery and helping them to die in pain and poverty, while I steal the nations wealth where is my dummy. He’s there Camoron handing out medals say hello to George. Don’t forget this man ( I call him that with some reservations ) paraded his poor disabled son before the nations press some would say for a sympathy vote. He has no morals he will use disability for his own ends.

  6. jeffery davies says:

    killers the lot of them how glorious they give out medals to those they salute one day and another atos takes their dla esa away fit for work and do they support us nah but they will learn that this lot want us gone quietly so please close the door the last person jeff3

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