Report: Disabled People Against Cuts Cardiff-Caerdydd Die-in on Wednesday 29th August 2012

Well done and SOLIDARITY to our sisters and brothers in DPAC Cardiff on a fantastic demonstration!

(Commentary by Liza Van Zyl’s – one of the organisers)

Liza Van Zyl: 'I'm telling a reporter we're going to keep causing chaos in rush-hour traffic while Atos keeps killing us for the crime of being disabled, ill and poor in ConDem Britain'














































"No amount of cajolery and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep, burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin." ~ Nye Bevan


The wonderful Jonathan Williams, disabled through military service and chucked on the scapheap by Atos.

Jonathan is the Cardiff spokesperson for Disabled People Against Cuts, and is a true hero.

~ Liza Van Zyl













PCS Members were out in force supporting the protest


PCS HMRC attended the protest











































































Norris Nuvo


Youtube footage of the end of the protest when the corpses are dispersing. The most striking image here is the complete absence of traffic in Cardiff city centre’s busiest through-road. The police had cleared out all the stuck traffic by then, but the knock-on must have brought chaos to the entire city centre. Not bad for a bunch of crips, nutters, and assorted Atos-Destroyed and ConDem-Discarded. We have lost everything, all we have left is our ill, broken, malfunctioning bodies. Which turn out to be pretty useful for blocking roads. We will keep doing this so long as Atos keeps killing disabled people:

AWESOME pics by Dave Swinnerton from the Disabled People Against Cuts mass die-in and shutting down of rush-hour traffic in Cardiff city centre HERE:


6 thoughts on “Report: Disabled People Against Cuts Cardiff-Caerdydd Die-in on Wednesday 29th August 2012

  1. Humanity2012 says:

    Splendid to See a Protest going On compared to the Sheep Walking Zombies

    Even more Splendid for Policy to be Improved in this Field and Change for the
    Better take Place as Opposed to Everything down the Pan

  2. DAVID A SHAW says:

    A point well made, for while they profit , people are dying and the government dont care and the company doing the testing dont give ATOS !

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Well Done to the Cardiff Protestors against the Condemazis

    One Hears to One’s Rage that Squatting has Apparently been made an Offence

    What about the Wasting of Billions of Pounds upon the Warmongering in Afghanistan
    and upon the Nuclear Weapons

    What about the Arrogant MPS on the Expenses Gravy Train whilst Ordinary but
    BETTER People Suffer in Poverty

    Are these Not Offences against Decency and Humanity

    Truly Condemable is the Con Dem Regime

  4. kasbah says:

    Dear Liza (above)

    We certainly did! What an uplifting experience it was- We must do this again sometime!
    On a personal note, this demonstration made me feel alive again- like my views are valid, and that a whole load of other people out there feel the same- that we CAN NOT put up with WCA and the Condems anymore and that we WILL fight them until they desist.
    I felt depressed and isolated until this demo- thank you DPAC.

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