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Wednesday 29 August 2012 21.00 BST
Your coverage of the Paralympics and how they relate to wider disability issues is very welcome (Editorial, 29 August).
There is a danger, however, that celebrating the achievements of élite disabled athletes might reinforce the view that all disabled people can, with willpower, get out, work and achieve.
For a rounded picture it is important to keep three things in mind.
First, an excellent legacy of the Paralympics would be a genuinely accessible transport system and improvements in the social fabric to foster inclusion.
Second, many people with chronic illnesses and disabilities are severely limited by physical and mental symptoms in what they can achieve.
Third, governments that stigmatise people with disabilities as part of a welfare-cutting process have a huge impact on public opinion.
New Labour and the coalition have both done this, damaging the lives of individuals and possibilities for genuine inclusion and tolerance.
Dr Veronica Beechey

8 thoughts on “‘Paralympic Paradox’ ~ Letters to The Guardian ~ A Doctor Writes …

  1. hedleylamarr says:

    The Guardian has shown its true colours during the debates about the paralympics. It is not interested in providing the true factual account of those disabled people who are routinely being abused by the state. Its hypocrisy is there for all to see. It allows ‘hate speech’ on its boards to the detriment of itself but mainly toward disabled people themselves. Long tirades by right wing extremists are allowed and still stand that appear to be given credibility by the Guardian by so doing.

    The Guardian is a false prophet having interest in only selling is deceitful brand – on the back of the poor the unemployed and the disabled. The Guardian is a SHAM

  2. kasbah says:

    What an excellent letter. Copy it and send to every MP. Ram it up Ian Drunken Spiv’s nasty arse, because that’s the only way he will take notice.

  3. jeffery davies says:

    well said this goverment has caused more deaths through their attitude to the disabled that words fail me and untill this dwp atos stop their persecuetion of the sick and disabled we will lose more jeff3

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