Newsnight on the Paralympics, AtoS and Disability Cuts: Not one word of truth from the Government and Not one word of a lie from Francesca Martinez

Francesca Martinez

Congratulations and well done, Francesca! You have done us all extremely proud and you’ve done justice for the disabled people’s protest movement! 

The Government side repeated a constant stream of LIES and PROPAGANDA in this programme. We do not believe they spoke even ONE word of truth. And we do not believe that Francesca spoke ONE word of a lie!



The Truth About Maria Miller the Killer’s and the Government’s Claims:

Will the DWP/Atos Personal Independence Payment Assessments to be different from ESA? 



A Handbook for Decision Makers

Forward (Sic)

This handbook has been prepared by the Department’s Health, Work and Wellbeing Directorate. It considers how Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Decision Makers (DMs) can use the information obtained in assessing Employment and Support Allowance in determining DLA benefit entitlement.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) has been introduced in October 2008, for new claimants, and will replace Incapacity Benefit and Income Support paid on grounds of incapacity.

Analysis has shown that a large percentage of DLA claimants have a current or recent claim to incapacity benefit. Valuable information relating to the customer’s medical condition and functional limitations will be available in the documentation used to evaluate the ESA claim.

Using this information may save the customer from having to undergo an examination in connection with their DLA claim, and reduce the need to obtain further clinical information from the customer’s doctor or another health care professional (HCP).

Why even bother with the new PIP assessment?

They’re already depriving disabled people of their DLA in their tens of thousands ~ based on the irredeemably ‘flawed’ AtoS Work Capability Assessment reports!


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8 thoughts on “Newsnight on the Paralympics, AtoS and Disability Cuts: Not one word of truth from the Government and Not one word of a lie from Francesca Martinez

  1. kathryn thomson says:

    i watched the programme and was so proud of Francesca. thank you flower for the support. i have to say she stuck to her guns even with the presenterseemingly often trying to detract away from francesca. brilliant Go girl.

    1. jeffrey lph says:

      that guy on the panel was full of his own self imoportance why has dla gone up in 20 years
      why cus there are more people living here another 10 million of us .. jeff ..

  2. hedleylamarr says:

    Francesca was brilliant

    where does the figure of 600 million come from

    I have again written this comment and posted it and again been told to prove i am not a spammer and when i click okay i watch my post disappear and have to write it again if i can be bothered
    ihave commented on this before and hod no reply and find the process VERY DISABLING cant you change it or ddont you want to?????????????????

  3. stellio says:

    I had to take a break from watching this as my doctor has advised me to avoid stress at all costs and the sight of that liar Maria Miller sounding ever so soft spoken and nicey nicey got my blood boiling. She’s simply a hatchet woman for the nasty party and she gets a decent salary plus expenses for crapping on thousands of us! I really hope the bags under her eyes get so big she’s got to tuck them into the tops of her socks.

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    More Important than Silly Sports Games is Adequate Provision and Help

    Stuff the Tory Party and Stuff Capitalist Slave Labour Exploitation

  5. Sarah Campbell says:

    Francesca is fantastic – such a shining light – she is amaaaaaazing – Love her!
    Maria the Killer should be sacked immediately – she is NOT FOR disabled people – whe is for killing disabled people – She is evil!
    Taking DLA – That is a lifeline to allow so many people to integrate in LIFE and LIVING – is inhumane – and i for one am petrified as to what i will do and how i will live when PIP comes alone and when ESA gets to me – I am petrified and it has made me so much more ill worrying abut this evil inhumane process


  6. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Tory liars, we know the truth, and miller and co can go on telling their nonsense , but the truth is no one believes a word they say on anything anymore. Time to start packing Cameron , the car is waiting for you and your vile government,just like it was for Thatcher all those years ago. Amazingly you have managed to outdo her in two years, that is some achievement , to go down in history as the worst UK government ever.

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