DPAC Atos Armchair Games TODAY 30th August: The Truth is Revolutionary! Join In Our Protests From Home!

And in the lead DPAC closely followed by Black Triangle 🙂









1.   Social Media Flooding Gold Medals for Atos – Flood twitter and Facebook with the ‘red peter’ Gold Atos medals, change profile pics to Atos medals

Here’s the Atos Gold Medal (with thanks to Stephen LH)

2. Email Gold to Atos let them know we know about the deaths and suicides

Grab a new email address from gmail or hotmail and send gold to Atos ( we know they have multi-million profits but this is different), if you’re feeling particularly energetic why not post one to your local Atos office too all boxed and presented or hand deliver Atos Gold

Email: customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com or caroline.crouch@atos.net (Atos Press Office), Investor Relations: giles.arditti@atos.net or Atos Head Office ukwebenquiries@atos.net

AtoS Boss Breton takes a £1 million bonus

3.  Send Gold to Thierry Breton Atos CEO

Email: thierry.breton@atos.net

Atos  Gold

4.  Tweets

a) Tweet @atos and add a few facts or send them a medal add

 b) Use Twitter hashtag #GoParalympicsGB – that’ll confuse ‘em!

5. Add a DPAC twibbon to your Face book or twitter profile pic click HERE (with thanks to Nancy Farrell)

6.  Be a Crap Disabled Peoples’ Organisation/Disabled Peoples’ Charity for a day

Atos are looking for Disabled Deoples’ Organisations (DPO) and Disabled Peoples’ ‘Charities’ to help them deliver PIP assessments – yes really!

Grab a new email address from gmail or hotmail and be a crap DPO for a day, suggested names ‘Sell- Out UK’, ‘Disability Wrongs UK’, SCOOP, Len Chester Disability; you get the idea – maybe be a bit more subtle – tell them you want to exploit the opportunity (not to mention make loads of money exploiting disabled people) and ask how your crap org/charity can help do that-send dpac your replies

Email: customer- customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com

Subject line: ‘Engagement with Disability Rights Groups on PIP’ 

7. Phone Jam

Call Atos to complain.  

Why not ask them about their UK Eugenics Program that they’re being paid £100 million a year (and rising) for by the (unelected) government – video it! Record it! Post it! 

Use skype as a cheaper alternative if you don’t have one of those free calls thingies

Remember!  Be sensible, Be Polite but Let Them Know

Atos ‘Customer’ Relations: Tel: 0113 230 9175 

Atos: Global Public Relations: Tel: 020 7830 4233

Atos Press Office: Tel: 02078304233 

Investor relations: Tel: +33 (0) 1 73 26 00 66 (with skype it’s not a UK number)

Sales and Marketing Team: Tel:  0207830 444 

8. Hold your own vigil for Atos victims –a minutes silence then a letter to your local newspaper suggested CLICK HERE: text

9. ‘Out’ the real Fraudsters on local radio – the truth is revolutionary!

Call in to your local radio station ‘talk show’ tell them what’s happening to disabled people –if they say ‘ah but how can we stop fraud’ tell them the facts:

a) Disability Benefit has the lowest fraud rate of all benefits (and that includes admin error) 0.4% for incapacity benefit, 0.5% for Disability Living Allowance

b) Our own GPs or other medics that deal with us on a regular basis should be doing the job not a company paid 100 million per year and costing the taxpayer 500 million a year in appeals

c) If they want to talk about fraud, don’t let them forget the ‘expenses scandal’ where MPs stole millions from the taxpayer to aid their multimillionaire life styles, the bankers with their million pound bonus’, or the cooperate tax dodgers owing over 20 billion-ask them who they think the real frauds are?

10. Fill in the DPAC, Black Triangle, Social Welfare Union Survey on WCA, recording and other stuff HERE

11.  Support 31st Closing Atos Ceremony by flooding social media, changing profile pics to the UKUNCUT LOGO

12. Apply to join the Atos Graduate Internship Programme by contacting 0870 4149066 – waste their time and block their line or join them log enough to change the LiMA test to something that can resemble reality for thousands of disabled people.

13. Post questions Atos don’t want to answer on their blog site until they block you. 

Bill Nuttall says “For some weeks I have been asking ATOS questions on their site blog. Questions like will the new PIP which is replacing DLA stop people killing themselves? Did ATOS request talks with disabiltiy groups over WCA like they are now doing with PIP? Should ATOS assessors look at the medical notes the blog tells claiments to take in? Can they comment on reports that people have killed themselves because of ATOS medicals. My questions get no answers and dissapear from the moderation box after a while.Today I received a ” Forbidden you don,t have permission to access this server.” I cannot anymore but I would urge everyone to go on the ATOS blog and ask the awkward questions they do not want to answer. Let’s see how many people ATOS HEALTHSCARE have to “Forbid access” to.” http://blog.atos.net/contact-us/

Share the fightback: send pictures, links comments to DPAC facebook , DPAC twitter @dis_ppl_protest UKUNCUT twitter @UKuncut, DPAC mail mail@dpac.uk.net

Download pics from HERE to post on FB 197 21 7 270



1 thought on “DPAC Atos Armchair Games TODAY 30th August: The Truth is Revolutionary! Join In Our Protests From Home!

  1. Dissabled dave says:

    Why stop at today? Presumably they don’t work at the weekend, so we can spend all day Saturday and Sunday filling their in-boxes with hundreds of e-mails for them to find on Monday, and they would have to look through the lot in order to find the genuine e-mails.

    The quick way to send loads of e-mails is to put their e-mail address into the “To” box and the “Copy to” box as many times as it will fit. When you press send it leaves you as one e-mail, but arrives there as however many times you have managed to get the e-mail address into the two boxes. Then just do a resend with a different subject line so they can’t identify that they are the same e-mails.

    I did this to my MP when he wouldn’t answer my questions, I could get his e-mail into the boxes 24 times so ten “send”s later and he had 240 e-mails from me.

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