Bus protest brings fears over DLA cuts to heart of Westminster

A direct action protest in the heart of Westminster has demonstrated the mobility problems that hundreds of thousands of disabled people across the country could face because of government cuts to spending on disability living allowance (DLA).

Scores of disabled campaigners occupied a bus stop, following a meeting inside Parliament that had been addressed by four Labour MPs, and was organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and the accessible transport charity Transport for All (TfA).

The aim was to demonstrate how inaccessible bus travel can be, and show the huge problems that will be caused by planned cuts of 20 per cent to spending on DLA, which could force hundreds of thousands more disabled people onto the public transport system.

Because the kerb at the bus stop was too high, wheelchair-users were unable to board the bus, while the driver said there was no space inside because the wheelchair bay was occupied by a pushchair, despite Transport for London (TfL) guidelines which say wheelchair-users should take priority.

One disabled activist, Adam Lotun, managed to throw his wheelchair onto the bus and crawl on after it, while another somehow managed to jump in his wheelchair onto the bus….

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  1. jeffery davies says:

    but where atos snoppers outside also looking at them protest as this sneaky lot could be doing dossiers on such people get rid of benefits get rid of problem and thats the way they go torys killers of the sick and disabled jeff3

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