Paralympian stresses need for DLA, and praises activists

A member of Britain’s wheelchair tennis squad for this summer’s Paralympics in London has spoken passionately about the importance of disability living allowance (DLA) to her and other disabled people.

Louise Hunt was speaking to Disability News Service as she was named in the ParalympicsGB team to compete at London 2012.

The announcement of the squad came just hours before disabled people gathered outside parliament to protest at how cuts to DLA are likely to make disabled people’s mobility even more difficult.

Hunt, who is 21 and has been playing tennis since she was five, said: “I think it is great that there are people who are standing up for us.”

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2 thoughts on “Paralympian stresses need for DLA, and praises activists

  1. jeffery davies says:

    ah she has just put her head up so atos has seen her today .the next thing she will see after the games have died down a bit she will be called in for atos grilling and as she can compete in these games has made her self fit for work end of they been warned but they dont realise its them in the future bye bye dla jeff3

  2. muffie 02 says:

    ah but when ae we going to hear of any of these “superdisabled ” actually publically REFUSING to take part in the atos sposored showcase as a protest at whats going on eh ?? – i am willing to bet that not ONE will – meadals and personal glorification more important

    as i have opined elsewhere – these people do our cause no good whatsoever – the dickheads in government look at them and use them as examples of how ALL of us should be able to function

    there is no doupt that there are substancial differences between the “superdisabled ” and us run of the mill disabled – for whome sport of any sort is now little more than a spectator event – but will the government /dwp/atos see this ?? – nah

    its like when i read or hear of “disabled ” people jetting off on 2 or 3 holidays per year – ( supposedly for their health ) – well we would all like to be able to afford ONE holiday somewhere warm once a year – and have the physical ability to be able to undetake the trip – it knackers me just going round town on my mobility scooter – for maybe an hour once a week – so a trip to “costa-del- packet ” ?? – yea right ( even if i could afford it )

    and we all know of those who “claim ” to be disabled – yet seemingly can do far more than us – well to my mind they too are doing the cause no good as the more that atos weed out the “not soooo disabled ” – the more the politicos can say “see we told you they are all faking it ” to the mail et al

    the problem as always is that the real get tarred with the same brush as the faux

    IF our superdisabled athleats had ANY concern for the rest of us they would to a man or woman walk out of the paralymics opening ceromony as a very visual show of support for the disabled of britain – now that WOULD send a message to the government

    yea – like thats gonna happen

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