HomeAtosAtos nurse continues PIP assessment while claimant has ‘grand mal’ epilepsy seizures
  • incastone January 6, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Another disgusting thing abuse by the scum who are responsible for all this pressure. I suffer severe past, and have been awarded enhanced rate for 3 years instead of the year which is the norm. Doesn’t matter because as I missed an appointment, which I have a letter placing me in the support group, no one has listened and all benefits have been stopped since may. I have been lucky really so many are appealing it could have been 18 months before I was seen, and I have an appeal date for the 2nd of Feb, which is a 9month and wait anyway! I am more ill than before because of these criminals, but unless accountability for their actions is brought into play, it will continue, believe me!

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