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  • nick December 1, 2017 at 11:30 am

    I would have also but as I look and sound like billy bob (Lorne Malvo in Fargo) the DWP etc give me a wide birth

  • MarkCarlisle December 6, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    The so called free number for universal credit is only for new claims only if anybody needs anything else you have still got to ring up the premium number 0345 what is 55p per min my stepson rang up wanting his award letter he was told to ring up the 0345 number. After waiting 30 mins till a person answered he was then told the DWP don’t send the award letters out anymore he had to go to the local job centre for them to print it off. So he went down only to be told he had to make a appointment to get a print off for his award letter but they printed off the amount he had just been payed for last month but its the award letter the council is asking for proof for rent and council tax.

  • S...ah December 11, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I have just been informed that my GP will not write a,support letter for me fie my tribunal tomorrow. He wants me to pay nearly £100 for the privilege. He also knows I have mobility problems aggravated by my miserable health condition. He is also aware of it being risky for me using public transports’ & the accidents I have had as the results if falls. But will not write a letter to the tribunal service for me to get taxi. My hand grip is,bad and hsnd swollen & painful dye to my condition abd this,makes walking dangerous for me without it. Dr says that this is ‘NON NHS WORK!!’ And not concerned that it becomes NHS work after I have fallen over & been injured. What am I to do?? I also have to buy half a dozen gadgets to make it safe for me to cook in the kitchen when I do manage to cook. These gadgets are nit available on the NHS. They include dishwasher when my benefits have been reduced. Prior to my appeal.. Where I live is has been snowing & may also be dangerous for me to travel on public transport..My GP don’t care he says ‘ if the tribunal service want more medical evidence then they can write to him’ as hes not writing a letter for me unless I pay. He is unconcerned that I was recently taken to court for missing a few payments of council tax due to my benefits,being stopped 3 times & benefits sanction due to ill health whilst signing in after my benefits stopped. All this us,stressing me out & making my conditions worse. What do I do now. When my tribunals hearings tomorrow & my GP is being so unsupportive to me at this critical time. Any suggestions?? Is legal action any good under the GP’s Duty of Care’ as my GP can reasonably foresee that this is very likely to cause me injury. Any comments,it useful.suggestions please asp thanks( S…ah)

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