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  • MarkCarlisle December 27, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    I stopped going into the job centre I was sick of getting threatened with sanctions
    and being treated like dirt after atos declared me fit for work even when my own doctor says iam unfit for work due to a spine injury when I could not walk for 5 months i still struggle to walk and carry a shopping bag the job centre were telling me to apply for shelf filling jobs what involves heavy lifting and bending down. Since then I packed in my house before I lost it incase I got a sanction I sent in a sick note from my doctor also telling them that ive packed my house in but never gave a forwarding address I was getting paid £300 a month until I was due to get paid on the 25th of December but I was not paid a single penny they don’t no where iam at because I moved out of the city

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