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  • MarkCarlisle July 25, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Since atos declared me fit for work and my own doctor says iam not fit for work the DWP have threatened me with 3 sanctions and even had the cheek to ask me to reconsider my mandatory appeal and I said no I’ve since lost the mandatory appeal and now iam appealing against that they talk to like dirt at the job centre and harass me over the phone Telling me iam fit for work and ive to look for work each time my doctor signs me off they say they are not over ruling my doctor I just argue with them saying yes you are because you don’t believe me or my doctor so yes you are over ruling his sick note when they say you have got to look for work I just say no iam taking my doctors advice and that the person in the job centre is not qualified iam expecting to be sanctioned by post what will mean I will lose my money and the rent and council tax for a time the DWP set so the chance is I will become homeless with nowhere to live

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