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  • Steven Goodman October 18, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Its nice to hear a voice of sanity from someone who has money…usaully a cash-injection causes some bizarre psychotic side effects, that redefines and over-inflates the self-image to bolemic proportions. Usaully some unwarrented sense of being a suprior-being in relation to the poor’s unofficial designation of brain-dead cash cows……

    I cannot understand how someone so lucky in life, being born into money, growing up protected by wealth…having the best nepetistic education money can buy can end up so embittered by his life that he feels anyone not as lucky as he has been is a legitimate target for his negative persona and hostile views.

    For Mental health a positive frame of mind that celebrates the easy ride you have had from birth to political leadership of the nation entire. When you were never voted there the Lib-dems had a better remit, but as a sleeping partner in the co-illtion (So deeply asleep he might as well be dead!) – A party fit for future leadership, Nick my boy are you trying to convince yourself that your Neville Chamberlian approach to Cameron’s enacted “Economic Fascism” is some kind of result and party endorsement? Sorry Nick all I see is history repeating itself ther same party mistakes make during victorian and then Edwardian eras indicate if it is a total mirror of prior events, then you’ll not be back to a centre-stage presence until around 2083 at the earliest….Food for thought Nick! You have a little time to convert yourself from a Paper-tiger to a real leader of worth…LOL

  • David Moynagh October 18, 2013 at 11:33 am

    The saddest thought of all is that the labour party who at one time depended upon support from and for the poorer sections of society are digging themselves a grave by their actions in supporting thr heavy handed tactics of the parasitic tory/libdem coalition. It is imperative that Scotland becomes independent if we are to avoid the catastrophy of the divide and conquer strategy.

  • Humanity2012 October 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    The Poor have been Oppressed for Too Long under the Evil
    Capitalist Regime of Profit before People

    We Need a Socialist State where the Quality of Life for Ordinary
    People Matter’s More than the Profits of Big Business and the
    Greed of the Filthy Rich

  • Humanity2012 October 19, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    I cannot Stand Pratts who get Taken In by Media Pahlava about
    the Poor being ” Scroungers ” .

    It is the Knucklehead Politicians who are the Scroungers

  • AL October 19, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Thank goodness someone has figured how governments work. Divide and rule. It was single mothers a little while back. And who cared if they were single, divorced, abandoned or widowed? Nothing wrong in being single but the label was negative. Now it’s lazy scroungers pretending to be sick. Who like’s trying to prove you’re really sick? When we were kids if you were sick enough to have a day off school, something had to be coming out of you. Some snot, some vomit, a good cough, you get the picture? There had to be something to see. Not just a headache, or a tummyache. Now it’s the same. The assessors want to see sick. And how sick do you have to be not to be a scrounger? If you are sick in the head, does that count? Probably not, unless you’re a menace to society, scaring the good folks. We do need to unite. We pay NI to provide a safety net.. Those Sick and disabled people did pay, and it was supposed to cover being incapacitated until you recovered. It is now being taken away. If you are not affected you turn your head and repeat the manta Lazy Scroungers. When you get sick you will get a surprise. If Govts don’t invest in curing the sick that is not the fault of the sick.

    In my town an employer posted 120 new jobs and 1300 people applied. Were 1180 people not good enough? Didn’t try hard enough? Those who are without work need support until they can get work. Both financial, practical and emotional help. They don’t need grinding down, else they will never have the confidence to keep trying for work. Sick and disabled people need even more help. Sadly there is no help just ATOS, the DWP and the Job centre staff telling you to get a job. Oh and the rest of society sneering, at lazy scroungers wanting something for nothing. Working people are starting to lose their benefits now too, now benefits are so low. Watch out, the minimum wage will be next. And while some will say Oh dear not that too. The rest will say, Ha that doesn’t affect me.

  • Helen Waine November 23, 2013 at 12:36 am

    Now you know how Hitler managed it.

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