CONDEMED: Britain’s Disabled People are facing a Holocaust of Cuts ~ We are set to lose £28.3bn of support under this cruel, heartless and unconscionable regime

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Disabled people set to lose £28.3bn of support

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– Thousands of disabled people will be hit simultaneously by up to six different welfare cuts

 – Disabled people will lose £28.3bn of support by 2018

 – Up to 3.7 million disabled people affected in total

 – Demos calls on the Government to publish the cumulative impact of multiple cuts to benefits

 – Scope asks where disabled people fit in to Chancellor’s ‘aspiration nation’? 

Hundreds of thousands of disabled people will be hit simultaneously by up to six different welfare cuts, according to new research published today by Demos.

The shock figures, the result of analysis commissioned by disability charity Scope, reveal for the first time the cumulative impact of the Government’s welfare reform plans with an astonishing £28.3bn being taken out of disabled people’s pockets by 2018.

Up to 3.7million disabled people will be affected.

The study shows how cuts to a host of benefits including Disability Living Allowance (DLA),Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), housing benefit and the ‘bedroom tax’ are hitting the same group of disabled people over and over again.

For example, 26,600 people will have a triple whammy of losing their ESA (through changes that time limit it), DLA (through PIP reform), and having their ESA uprating capped at 1% (before they lose it).

This loss is worth £17,000 to £23,000 over the five years depending on when they lose their DLA: either at the beginning or end of the transition to PIP.

At the same time an estimated 12,500 people who are in receipt of DLA, ESA (WRAG) and living in social housing will be hit by five cuts, losing £11,517 each, or £481m as a group. At the extreme, an estimated 3,000 people will be hit by six different cuts, each losing £23,000 as a household (or £4,600-a-year).

The losses come against a backdrop of flat-lining incomes and spiralling costs of living for disabled people, for whom daily life already costs more. At the same time it’s becoming harder for disabled people to be part of the community.

Councils – facing average budget cuts of more than 28% – have been forced to ration social care support leaving as many as 40% of disabled people without help to get up, get washed, get dressed and go out.

Scope and Demos argue that the Government has repeatedly failed to look at the bigger picture of what it’s like to be disabled in 2013, and how combinations of cuts impact on disabled people. 

Claudia Wood, lead researcher on the project and Deputy Director of the think tank Demos, said:

“We at Demos have been investigating the impact of the cuts on disabled people since the 2010 spending review. The cuts and changes to benefits have kept coming since then, with the introduction of the overall benefits cap, the 1% cap on uprating and the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ being the latest example.

“Our research reveals that disabled people are bearing the brunt of the austerity measures, losing an estimated £28.3bn by 2017/18. While striking, these calculations will invariably be an underestimate of the true impact of the cuts – as we opted for the most conservative estimates on the more unknown elements of reform.

“What’s shocking is that the Government doesn’t assess the likely combined impact of these changes – only the impact of each change individually. However, many disabled families are being affected by combinations of four, five and even six changes, so we’re asking the Government to change tack, and start to publish cumulative impact assessments.” 

Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of disability charity Scope said:

 “At the moment there’s no place for disabled people in the Chancellor’s aspiration nation. In 2013 disabled people are already struggling to pay the bills. Living costs are spiralling. Income is flat-lining. We know many are getting in debt, just to pay for essentials.

“What’s the Government’s response?  The same group of disabled people face not just one or two cuts to their support, but in some cases three, four, five or even six cuts. It paints a frightening picture of the financial struggles affecting disabled people in 2013. On top of this the Government is suggesting capping the welfare bill in the June spending review – having already slashed billions.

 “At the same time, disabled people who want to live independently, are seeing the support they need to get up, get dressed and get out squeezed due to chronic under-funding of social care.

“There is an opportunity coming up in the spending review and draft care and support bill for the Government to show that it is committed to supporting disabled people by addressing the £1.2 billion funding black hole in social care for disabled people.

“We have to start looking the bigger picture. It’s more than cuts to both social care and welfare. This is about the kind of country we want to live in. In 2013, at the very least disabled people should be able to pay the bills and live independently.” 

Breakdown of figures

Researchers at Demos analysed a total of 13 changes to benefits that the Government has introduced and are due to come into effect as of 1 April 2013. Figures were then calculated totalling the numbers of disabled people affected by each individual change and the total financial loss incurred up to the financial year 2017/2018 – the year government has suggested a further round of cuts will be necessary.

Benefit change

Number of disabled people affected

Total Financial Loss up to 2018

Incapacity benefit


£5,6 billion

1% cap on benefit rises

3.7 million

£9 billion

Time limitation of WRAG (employment and support allowance)


£4,4 billion

Bedroom tax


£1,1 billion

Freezing child benefit

1 million

£1,7 billion

Overall benefit Cap


£2 billion

Introduction of Personal Independent Payment


£2,62 billion

Universal Credit


£2,2 billion

Abolition of Independent living Fund


£1,2 billion

Change to Local Housing Allowance


£2,43 billion**

Uprating and cuts to Tax Credits


£370 million

Localisation and 10% cut for Council Tax Benefit

1.38 million

£594.8 million

1% cap on various benefits and tax credits


£457 million**


Total number of disabled people affected = 3.7million

Total loss of income for disabled people  = £28.3 billion


Further analysis looked at the most common combinations of support disabled people rely on and revealed in some cases a “quintuple whammy” with thousands of people affected by five different cuts to support.

For example, an estimated 12,500 people who are in receipt of DLA, ESA (WRAG) and living in social housing will be hit by five cuts, losing £11,517 each, or £481m as a group. At the extreme, an estimated 3,000 people will be hit by six different cuts, each losing £23,000 as a household.

The complete analysis can be accessed here

More details on this are available at: Destination Unknown


23 thoughts on “CONDEMED: Britain’s Disabled People are facing a Holocaust of Cuts ~ We are set to lose £28.3bn of support under this cruel, heartless and unconscionable regime

  1. David Moynagh says:

    Absolutely disgraceful but all the more ammunition to use as a reason to give the tory/libdem parasited the boot into orbit at the next election and to highlight the cause of the engineered suicides amongst the sick and disabled as a reason to instruct the UN court of human rights to investigate the westminster complicity in the deaths.

  2. Allen Vincent says:

    And already during the last 1 year or so over 10,000 yes ten thousand+ of our vulnerable disabled peers or many with protected characteristics under the brilliant Equality Act 2010 (if only we could enforce our rights via N1 County Court System but the N1 system is riddled with indirect discrimination and bad staff and management)
    I made it to the newspapers but not in a good way
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire Police as well as Canterbury, Kent Police would turn off the drinking water, the loo/toilet/ underfeed me, torment me and so much more!
    Only 2 days ago my brave autistic 76yo Mum Beryl had a stress attack at corrupt Doncaster Magistrate Court on 16.10.2013 Mum was rushed to hospital via ambulance and even that was covered up and then after 3 hours and Doncaster NHS, we were forced out by NHS security as we were leaving anyway??! WTF!
    Those “mainstream” people turning a blind eye to our suffering…. what makes me scream in the night is that they lack foresight as when they are older, or if they fall disabled, lose their jobs, have an accident etc etc will also hurt them so their ignorance in the long run is hurting themselves as well as us. It’s mindboggling.
    Many of us are suffering, perhaps in some ways more than the ww2 Nazi period.
    Only an armed revolution akin to Syria will eradicate current Government, Police, Judiciary, Charity and Public Authority corruption. I’m a logical genius and I cannot calculate an alternative, truly effective method because the Elite are banking on us being sheep going baa baa or having our head in the sand.
    Stay strong my fellow suffering peers and believe in yourselves.
    Take care. AllenVincent489 and my altruistic Mum Beryl.

  3. Steven Goodman says:

    Its a perfect illustration of my deep belief that the unelected iligitamate leading cabal who embody the sinister philosophy of of class hatred embedded into the conservative psyche and at the root of all right of center political organisations.

    The purpose of “Economic fascism” is to awaken all of the negative remits of Adolf Hitlers failed military take over of the European continent and to establish a 1,000 year riech. New World Order watchers are always labelled as “Nutters”, Yet David Cameron has a mad dash towards the understood end game of this continiously denied global elitism!

    It embodies people who believe they are above patriotic nationalism, elevated to a position where their loyalty is not the declared objectives of political leaders to act in the best interest of the nation and its people. Its a sense of crafting a betrayal of all who the people whose votes put them there. I am confident to declare this natural obligation of political power has been continiously abused from a point in the mid-sixties…When the “international Jet set” defined an external world was out there for the taking.

    all wealthy people involved with forming an organ of global governance aimed at reducing the rights, liberties and freedoms of the cash cow herds which define working class are going to end up as slave class workers with no access to democracy and freedom. Whether the model is to return us to middle-ages surfdom, where the only value put on your labour was a house owned by the Lord of the manor and section of his land to farm, in which you were luckily if he allowed you to recieve enough of his private produce to keep you alive through the winter so you can rework the same patch the following year.

    Perhaps its going to be a reworking of the Imperial Roman empire, where the slave class is a piece of private property with no protection under the law at all.

    The arrogant and psychotic embued superiorty complex these deluded individuals adhere to is they are the natural inheirators of the lip service afford to the Aryan stock that would be Hitlers “master Race”. Their version requires wealth, greed an an ability to ignore their remit for holding a position of power and serve the general public up to be financially raped by international corperations who take all the public funds, then declare off-shore credentials that allows their tax avoidance programs.

    This level of wealth will be the new qualification that replaces the “Blond Hair and Blue eyes” definition of 30/40’s fascism perfect stock.

    As a disabled person with a medical that hasn’t yet revealed the diplomas held and fields of expertise of the decision maker. Who from a piece of paper (ESA 50 form)…Has not only overuled the 10 year application of fully qualified mental health professionals, but was able to make a declaration that in two years time my sickness will disappear. The DWP probably from the advice of UNUM

    (Quoted as being both “Criminal” and “Immoral” in attempts to avoid paying out on legitmate insurance policies claims in the US – which is resulting in mass public litigation across the states, the government there have disbarred them from applying for and state or federal contracts. Yet here in the UK, they lobbied MPs in 2002 with a printed plan to privatise welfare, this document provided the language and disenfranchisement used to isolate the people who are entitled by law (Disability discrimination act) not to be unfairly subjected to treatment designed to enforce any form of inequality. The fact the “hate Speech” began with the uipper trio of tory traitors, Yet they have been charge with anti-discrimination legislation that forbids incite to spread “hate speech”…Corruption of public office and accepting brides forming what is an act of fraud – in relation to private medical firms engendered take over of public funds reserved for the costs of having an NHS service. Again no charge. Ducan smith spiteful schoolboy glee that forced him to declare he is proud of what his reforms are achieving…meaning he’s admitting “Assisting suicide for personal financial gain” IE a dead disabled person is no longer entitled to benefits for life…by virtue of not finding enough job application whilst being deceased which is grounds to remove all benefits for not trying hard enough. He cannot be ignorant that last years figure of 72 suicides per week in connection with his reforms and computerised eugenic selection that replaces the need for SS doctors…isn’t modernisation wonderful? the death rate has esculated to 104 per week this year. He has a responsibility under the Human rights act – “the right to life” article to make immediate changes to halt the breech of international law that this country is a signiture of. Also UN are going to investigate whether the bedroom tax a mechanism designed to dis-advantage sick people, is in breech of huamantarian articles devised once the full truth about nazi germany was revealed.

    The fascist threat is not the product of knee-jerk empty accusations there is enough documented evidence out there to join all the dots. UNUM will benefit from their devised destruction of a welfare safty net as they will be able to replace it with “Unemployment protection insurance policies”…of course a privatised welfare provision will cost a bit more…as all such privatisations carried out since Thatcher’s vicious influence do…and the quality of service will also be a little bit more detrimental (As other privatisations have caused) which will probably be once again non payment of ligitimate claims…but hey doesn’t that add to the fun of it all?

    I reckon this betrayal of the british workforce will net billions if not trillions for UNUM…What are Cameron, Osbourne and Ducan Smith getting for their collusion…well make you own minds up. Private medical firms provided a rapid series of donations to party coffers of £750,000 – view that in relation to failed bid to limit the number of annual vists to an NHS GP…Anyone with a long term chronic problem would have rapidly used their quota and having no alternative would have to go through (Can you guess?) Yes that’s right Paid For Private consultations…Oh yeah forgot to qualifiy Ducan’s smith and the nature of saved public funded welfare from intimidating weak-minded disabled into killing themselves. Its the formula that welfare cuts in their first audit realised £3.2 billion pounds net savings. Which the consecutive move to provide 5% tax relief for fellow millionaires cost £5.2 billion meaning all welfare gains were absorbed by a measure that not only turned it all into personal gains fed through the tax department, but relised a £1,8 billion pound short-fall…so more benefit cuts are need to pay for the outstanding Excess. The weight of the law dealing with assisting suicide is if the person who carried it out was in reciept of a financial gain, then the act is converted to murder and a 25 year automatic sentence…Do you think Ian will do the time or not?

    Whats going on is really all out class warfare, which mean the leaders have breached articles of war by not officially declaring hostilities…in pure semantics this makes them war criminals as well.

    The two biggest mistakes joe public have contributed to their own not fighting for reinstatement of Habius Corpus the oldest right on with common and criminal law is derieved from.It was a rerquirement that imprisonment would only be carried out in relation to a “criminal offence”. As it had been a popular process amoungst kings to imprison a large number of Lords safe in the knowledge the ancient right to buy your freedom from prison yeilded a healthy profit of course it was a corruptive anti-socail remit that the King was pretty much directed to remove his abusive practise and qualify it with applied common and criminal law. So its removal indicates as the stakes get higher, bloggers like me can look forward to long-term incarceration without anmy charges being levied to qualify the internment. Also the 5% tax break for millionaires I believe was a socail experiment in whether the british public are fighters or cash cow herds who’ll distract themselves from the contrbution to moving into a slave caste by actively singing the anti-disabled hate speech the minister encited…For people like me there is an unpallatable truth that we are just not the stuff a master race of enslaved drones are made of so we are more excess surplus that have to be exterminated in any fashion the law and public will allow….

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    Get the Tory Knuckleheads together with the Liberal Democrats
    Out of Office Now and Forever

    Insist that the Next Government carries out a Socialist Agenda
    of Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor Crack Down upon
    ” Newspapers ” that Victimise the Poor and Vulnerable and
    Gives Constitutional Protection For Welfare Benefits of the Poor
    and Vulnerable as Well as a Rise in Welfare Benefit Levels and
    Scrap Un Necessary Bureaucracy and Paperwork

    Equally Mass Protests are Needed Not People being TV Zombie

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    Depression is More than Just a Headache Depression is
    something within People that Bad Circumstances and Other
    People being Ignoramuses Brings Out into the Forefront and
    Makes Worse

    Drugging People may Shut them Up for a While but does Not
    Mean that Depression is Solved and Eventually Creates
    Drug Dependency Issues

    What is Needed is a Recognition is that Depression is an
    Illness which some Delusional ” Thinking Positive ” For the
    Sake of it Clown cannot just End by Pretending All is Right
    with the World and For Depressed People Not to be Put under
    too much Strain

    1. Steven Goodman says:

      I have some agreement with your summary, I have full on cycling, mixed episode bipolar 1 that is largely treatment resistant, when full blown mania or full blown depression are in the mix. I also experience Seasonal Affective Disorder through the latter winter months of one year and the early winter months of the next….

      Unfortunately DWP/ATOS complete steam-roller approach to expert medical testamony and provision of personal statements… have all been ruled irrelevant by some doctor I have never met, who made far reaching declarations based on the supplied answers to the ESA 50 form, that were done for me on the knowledge of my care workers involvement in my community monitoring remit. The demand I answer and set it back inside a month..ignores the fact SAD doesn’t jump…when you shout jump! Its been a ten year haul to have a fragile grip on the here and now…as Disasociation from awareness of the environment, socail requirements and personal needs, vanish with fatigue, making Enforced interaction with normal life expensive in terms of energy needed to hold the sense the whole shift from limbo to the real world is spring loaded and will take constant energy and highly focused concentration it is not a limitless pool these actions are being drawn from..Yet some how not being able to stay in the real deemed irrelevant for personal safety needs and any saftey requirement to others it may entail.

      full points on all awareness or safety failings…not at all a bright shiny doctor has never met me feels he’s better qualified than a full trained specialist with applied expertise…so what is this mystery persons suprior qualification catchment – havn’t got a clue, none of the small initials after his name that would indicate professional qualifications attained. Yet I am safe in the knowledge he has been declared to be “A registered medical Practitioner”. Good I ran that status through the NHS main national website and got exactly “0” links…so it doesn’t seem to have any medical relevance. So perhaps it won’t have any legal status ethier…we’ll have to see at the tribunal, but I have requested that the missing evidence of his level of qualification asnd any practical field of expertise he may excel in is also supplied. As is my right to request qualifying evidence for both mine and the adjudicators conformation that they are entitled to overall written statement that can be link to criteria that required a 15 points score was returned on various individual assessment criteria but has been rebuked completely by ATOS and DWP as having no recognised effect that would overall their wrag group placement.

      I have the sense this is the third organised bullying event I will have to endure is going to entail all the accompanying abuse and mental torture the previous 14 years of dysfunctional (Education system 5-11, 7 years of abuse on a daily basis to beat unknown dyslexia out of me as it was obvious a result of pure laziness and a pyschotic level of wilful resistance that could be physically, emotionally and mentally tortured out of me. The only educational access poiint was better hand writing (An impossible objective I now understand, because strong secondary symptoms of dyslexia is total unchangeable leverl of “hand to eye” co-ordination capability.

      Working memory is also indicative of a major disablement it functions since the age of 5 at 5% of expended normal scores on the portion of two “Wrat test” results appraised some 5 years apart. That’d like old lady senile dementia memory funcvtion from childhood. That 5% only exist when I am not being , bullied attacked or force to endure powerful fight or flight chemical reaction to stressors – like the DWP/Atos? Isn’t life funny eh? Anyway as medical professionals I have sure they have consider their requirement of a “duty of care” between patient and doctor this interaction between us will imply – it will protect me from completely fabricated conclusions of their declare position.

      seriously you can trust these guys, right?

      I mean they are proffessionals I am sure they adhere to their swearing in on the ancient but still current implications of non-breaching the remits of the duties and responsibilities required under the proffessional standards defined within “The Hippocratic oath” – perhaps its just ancient meaningless babble and cannot be used to challenge their attainment of a licence that was issued to be able to practise and continue to practise in this country?

      These are top people they have thought of every…as my quantified reply…firmly states they have forfilled all lawful requirements…which I think is extremely clever because the whole volume of citeable legislation since the beginning of the Habius Corpus Act was sworn in (Which has strangley been removed…by DC for some protective need he has for our personal safety from violent fundamentalism…is really kind. Any way applicable law, yes thew ESA ACT 2013 replaced the previous incapacity/social security legislation. That’s great they have adhered to lawful requirement…I mean the entire remaining and still actively citeable in this process, entire library of available legislations, common laws, and obviously discriminations remits was really clever of them…I wouldn’t even know where to begin invoked unchanged protective legislation from the entire history of exapasionism of acts..its far to complicated for a remedially educated person like me (I mean I was never introduce to any high level of learning…as I was just to stupid to make pretty words on paper…obviously everything would have been a non-event as well). second period of emotional and mental abuse was a corrupted system…the privatisation of railway transport whilst being a driver I had full knowledge of what was really happen, I’ve took a little time to educate my self…there is a simple statement I make to people who doubt the quality of my disabilities….I am ill because of six conditions impacting in tandem…I may be disabled…but I am not and never will be terminally stupid!…Have a nice day…tootl-pip all!

  6. jeffrey davies says:

    its yet us who pay the butchers bill by yet having our monies cut or stopped altogether statvation or loss the place you stay yet that 99percent who aint rich are still not doing nothing about our plight yet this show rolls on we know10000 more I bet have taking their lives already yet worse it get with more saying that’s it yet the ones who caused this suffering still stuff them selves pay for nowt and their mates who caused the crash are still doing whot they now best by swindling more monies yes the show goes on do not expect labour will do much eds still pondering whots whot and atos does a stiffing job there we have it foks lot more of the sams one suspects jeff3

  7. disabled-dave says:

    How do we get the main stream media to take up the case? A couple of days back the BBC News site was reporting about slavery and mentioned that there was “even some slavery in the UK” So I put up the comment that it was not just “some” there were thousands on “Workfare” forced into slave labour, and led the conversation to the sick, disabled, and dying being forced to work after their benefits were cut. I mentioned that over 10,600 people had died within 6 weeks of being declared “fit to work” to which I got a load of disbelief and demands that I substantiated the figure. My response was to point them at some of the cases listed on this site and told them to read for themselves. The reply was that this was just “anecdotal” so I gave them the web address for the Government report that gave the 10,600 figure. The response to this was shock, horror, and a questioning of how this could happen in 21st century Britain. But will any of them question their MPs on the matter? I know that most disabled people question their MPs frequently, but the disabled are a minority; what we need is to have the fit and able majority raising questions so MPs know that they will be hit by losing votes from the non-disabled if they keep on with the Atos/DWP attacks on us.

    1. jed goodright says:

      I’m afraid it’s the staff at ATOS who are claiming, according to a manager on SKY TV today, that they are in fear of their lives from disabled people attending interviews …. nobody challenged it of course, so watchout all you crips, not only are we fraudulently claiming benefits but we are abusing the staff who ‘care’ so much for us!!!!
      Nasty piece of work that bloke, can’t remember his name though, sorry. Didn’t anyone else see it????

      1. Steven Goodman says:

        I was a football hooligan and violence against likeminded people was both an energy and a regular occurance, necessary because of an environment of toxic stress (Definition, a threatening evironment happening all day and every day…invoking fighting chemicals and hormones that only meant to be invoke a fight to the death for a burst of 10 in its animal kingdom natural environment)

        7 years of this at the hands of the teachers, plus home environment and playground bullies copying the target the teachers phsychially, emotionally and mentalyl tried to beat out of me poor hand-writing…which was the pinnacle of eductional submissiveness they required of me before we’d get into deeper waters of the more complex target of the “two-times table”…the belief I was a lazy charector with a pychotically empower resistance and their attacks were for my own good…later in life when I scored sufficently low-scores in two seperate “wrat” testsa in adult life that happened 5 years apart, confirmed that the wilful resistance to producing a good standard of hand-writing. There this common misconception that Dyslexia is only about poor writing and reading skills…thats just the entry point…the other symptoms of the disorder is the self-realiisation of why everyone hated me and I hated my self, because I was so abnormal for the educational experience…was the symptom of “Reduced Hand to Eye co-ordination capacity”…So Hand-writing is now understood by me as a physical handicap…that changing was dictate an impossible onjective! I do not know what natural personality was my inheritance, as there attacks drove so deeply into my psyche, I retreated inwardly and began a defensive dissasociation, which divorced the reactions of “emotional pain” from my immediate attention I was in a cosy limbo that has no connection to the real world, socail pressures or personal needs requirement…it lessen the meaning of pain, rather than changed the amount of injury inflicted on my forming psyche.

        Both that became my restive state and the “fight or flight” mechanism” was like wise an altered construct of the forming architecture of the way a brain is wired. Both are now permant fixtures of my day to day continious symptomatic disabilities..which have been ruled irrelevant to the fitness requirements apparently…how they can garentee that I am safe and able to forfill the safety needs of others, when my dominant state is no awareness of the effects of being disconnected permantly by this malidy..Ha bloody ha…..To focus requires energy expenditure to force my atention back on reasl world thinks and a more extreme form of apply concentration to achieve this as well…As the dissassociation is “Sping-loaded” resitant of being forced away to keep its presence from unplugging me at will..requires constant energy and concentration…it drains the batteries which sleep will fix, unfortunately fight and flight on a hair-trigger leaks temporary disabling and switch-off commands to other instincts like hunger-response I rarely experience it possibly once in 4 weeks..likewise sleep response is disruptive by the survival remit you stay alert to predatory attack..meaning I have accumalated 17 hours sleep in total over the last 4 weeks.

        The power of constant combat chemical is extreme when full on all day and everyday. the reason I was violent, is there had been no resistance as a kid…a lot of damage was inflicted on me for the 7 years they beat the crap out of me – “For my own good!”. The only direction for emotional development and available movement was away from the full on attack, so a submissive retreat to the far end of my psyche meant introversion was the only development available….the back of mind loomed in to near sight at aged 10 (I began self-harming for about two releived frustration and self-hatred as well)..At 12 the final life or death battle started, the only remaining step of retreat was an area of you mind that passifies the survival instinct by saying welll done…but your job is done, you can relax while I organise the only remaining step that will allow us to escape this attack…this being an act of carrying out self-destruction (the unstoppable act of commiting Suicide – on the basis facing more pain is unecessary and not productive all options stop here). I’ve sensed it and felt it…the kid who was denighed any chance of happpy childhood ignorance or positive personality construction, self-worth and other was completely retarded…Where the entire change from frightened, cowed and submissive kid came from to a full-blown outwardly focused resistance fighter came from I don’t know, it wasn’t a thought out plan, the change seemed happen with my first step towards extroverted projection…forcing the self-hate and their hate to retreat. Most severly damaged people react by boxing off damaged areas of psyche and emotional injury and a sort of “No-go area” sticker is applied.Then the rest of their life is spent preventing getting anywhere the emotional “Triggers” that set the “dynamite off” my violence was a necessary reclaimation of the damaged area..which constituted a 98% invasion of my mind…it would not have been rational to try to ignore it, as it would leave me stuck on a ledge with the only route to move into – suicide.

        I had to ejected the invaders and win back my mind…not an easy transistion to extrovert project when 7 years as a submissive introvert was the construct between 5-12 years old. It was very much a case of one step forward and 2 back…but I finally have occupational rights of my mind back…but there is a legacy of “war” damage (A hell of a lot) to deal with…I do not thinkingly endulge in active violence, but an actived “fight or flight” reaction is short-cutted by an emotional trigger that demans fuill on fight to death level of resistance to bullies trying to cow me again…I have seen where being a submissive victim took me…and I would rather die fighting then ever be cowed by these psychotic intellects who as the common tongues observes “The common sense of a rocking-horse”…it indicates such things as a greatly retarded ability to have a balancing level of emotional inteligence
        to match the high IO’s… emotional connections are possible when the superior idiot is an emotional imbicile….ain’t that the truth, Mr Cameron?

  8. Annos says:

    “£28.3bn being taken out of disabled people’s pockets by 2018.”

    That’s just the down payment to buy Trident, by the time we have finished paying for it, it will have cost well over ONE HUNDRED BILLION…

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    The only thing the government have not to go bankurpt, is the disabled people`s money. The disabled people are stopping the country going bankurpt. Whilst it`s the disabled bankurpting the country was the slogan!!

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    Islington Gazzette – 18th Oct 2013

    Town hall first in UK to oppose controversial health firm Atos

    The town hall has become the first in the UK to officially oppose a controversial healthcare company it says brings unnecessary suffering to thousands of disabled people.

    Islington Council’s ruling executive last night passed a vote of no confidence in French firm Atos who are responsible for assessing whether people are eligible for disability benefits on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

    The DWP are trying to slash their bill by 20 per cent, and Atos have been criticised for assessing people as fit to work even if they are very ill – in Islington the council helped a whopping 90 per cent of people successfully appeal against the company’s decision.

    Cllr Richard Watts, leader of Islington Council, said: “Disabled residents deserve far better than this over-reliance on dangerously simplistic computer questionnaires.

    “Atos’s performance in Islington has been shocking and we are telling the Government we no longer have any confidence in them.”

    The vote follows a report by a council scrutiny committee claiming almost 8,000 ill and disabled people could have their benefits slashed when they have their claim reassessed for the new Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – set to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) this month.

    And with Remembrance Sunday looming, war veterans may also have to face an Atos panel to determine the sickness and disability part of their pension.

    Hatije Musa is a disabled mother-of-four from Essex Road, Islington, who used to work in an primary school until multiple health problems ended her career.

    Atos told her told she was fit for work despite serious health conditions including cancer and heart disease.

    She said: “I’d love to work but I can’t due to my cancer, asthma, liver and heart disease, and I am not going to get better.

    “I submitted and resubmitted doctors’ letters but Atos weren’t interested. They check if you have trouble walking or can lift your arms up but they don’t listen to you as a person. And they don’t care about how ill and tired your conditions make you feel each day – which can vary.

    “The assessment system makes you tired and depressed and I was so angry and upset after my back to work interview – I was pronounced fit and my income support was stopped.

    Rahel Geffen, chief executive of Disability Action in Islington (DAII), said: “Atos is a disability denial factory. Evidence from disability campaigners is that people are trapped in poverty caused by withdrawal of benefits they are entitled to and rely on.

    “The worry and stress of these assessments further impacts on disabled people’s mental health and national campaign organisations report an increase of suicides as a result.

    “The aim of the Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos is to force deaf and disabled people into a labour market with already high unemployment rates, whether they are ready for work or not. The Work Capability Assessment is deeply flawed and has to stop.”

    An Atos Healthcare spokesman said: “We understand fully that the assessment process can cause huge anxiety and we do everything we can to treat people with sensitivity and compassion.

    “Accusing a private provider of being responsible for the rise in successful appeals is a gross over simplification and ignores feedback from the Tribunal Service as well as a warning from the National Audit Office that there are dangers in that assumption.

    “The number of decisions that are successfully appealed has risen in line with the number of assessments that are undertaken.”

    Article form Islington Gazette:

  11. Christina Klein-Bissett says:

    As usual I am lying here day and night, tossing around in my sweat and a lot of tears, ripping skin of my body to feel less pain..and one part of the pain is, what can I do? What can I do?

  12. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Many reports have come forward quite recently regarding the apprehension of a leading Nazi by the world renowned Simon Weisenthal Centre……………..

    Despite these reports being totally untrue, it must be recognised that more than 10,600 persons have died following attacks against the disabled and most vulnerable, by virtue of drastic benefit changes laid down by the DWP , following denial that disability exists…………..

    BILL GUNNYEON had nothing to do with any of the deaths directly, but is the Chief Medical Advisor to the aforementioned government department that administers the cuts that have seen so many lives ended.


    ……….time will tell, and he was only following orders!

    Seems i have heard this statement before. Nuremberg if my memory serves me right…………..

  13. AL says:

    Ah yes, following orders. Just to think where I would be now if only I would follow orders. Who knows? It’s not easy ploughing your own furrow, not fitting in. I can understand people wanting to fit in. But how do they live with their conscience?

    Living under an abusive regime hurts us all, those who abuse and those are abused. When you can administer pain and not see it anymore you are damaged. When you enjoy peoples pain you are damaged. When you hurt people and feel pain you are being damaged. When you get hurt and want to hurt back you being damaged. We should care about human beings and thats it. Right now media has whipped up such a hate frenzy against non working people we are all in danger of being filled with hate. Wake up and realise that people are being misled in to thinking that we can be different. We are essentially all the same.
    “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – (Act III, scene I).”

    ― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

    So what do we do about it?

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