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  1. Humanity2012 says:

    To Revolution Now

    The System must be Swept Away Now Not Never

    For too Bloody Long this Country has been the Land of the None so Blind as
    Those who will Not See a Land of Arrogant Politicians Oblivious Ignoramuses
    and Slave Driving Bosses of Obscene Poverty and the Morally Destroying Obscene

    It is the Rich Politicians who are the Scrounging Scum

    It is the Poor and Vulnerable who are the Oppressed Victims of their Utter Evil

    As it Says in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 Verse 22 ” Reject Every Kind of Evil ”
    Including an Evil Political and Economic System and the Evil Scum who Keep it

    It is a Question of Honour

  2. jed goodright says:

    What can you do when there is no viable opposition to the vile tories – labour are just as bad?????? we need a new labour movement but where is it going to come from????

  3. nigel simmons says:

    The man in charge of our National Health Service has been found totally lacking in his ability to manage it with any semblance of credibility .Over a THOUSAND DEATHS caused by his lack of COMPASSION & PATIENT COMMITTMNENT in One Hospital – Stafford .Thatcher brought him in to close all the mental hospitals and implement Ken Clarkes ‘Care in the Community’ in 1990 which caused suicides galore and since then he has run the NHS on Profitability Grounds rather than any Patient Care and Respect .We the British Public owe it to the Victims of all Patients that have suffered under his Callous Regime .Ask yourself before you sign the Petition “Why hasn’t he been sacked” because he knows too much and he would take too many others with him .Please Make A Stand Against Our Ever Eroding Rights As Members of the British Public http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49715

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