'David Cameron may think he can borrow Margaret Thatcher's glamour, authority and charisma with all this grandiosity, but he risks dwindling beneath her shadow.' Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters
‘David Cameron may think he can borrow Margaret Thatcher’s glamour, authority and charisma with all this grandiosity, but he risks dwindling beneath her shadow.’ Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters

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  1. jed goodright says:

    I’m imagining the thatcher extravaganza funeral parade ….. the coffin suddenly opens and the ‘stiff of the week’ sits up and growls …. all the tories shit themselves and die of heart attacks …… heaven ….. ???

  2. Dissabled dave says:

    Just looked at the result of the Sun’s poll:

    1 First female Prime Minister
    2 Winning the Falklands War
    3 Defeating the miners
    4 Winning three general elections in a row
    5 Introducing Right to Buy expanding home ownership

    1 Poll tax
    2 Overseeing the decline of mining and manufacturing
    3 Privatising utilities like British Telecom and British Gas
    4 Overseeing increase in unemployment
    5 Selling off council houses through right to buy

    So defeating the miners which led to the decline of mining and manufacturing and increased unemployment is both 3rd achievement and 2nd & 4th failings.

    Flogging off council houses is both 5th achievement and 5th failing.

    So somehow people think that failings are an achievement?!?!?!

    Only 24% thought she was honest and just 11% thought she was in touch with the concerns of ordinary people, yet 52% thought she was a “good” or “great” Prime Minister. So at least 28% of people think being dishonest makes a good Prime Minister, and at least 41% think being out of touch makes a good Prime Minister.

    If this poll is truly representative of the way the electorate think, it’s no wonder the country is in the state it’s in.

  3. hugosmum70 says:

    Character, wisdom, empathy, decency and competence are essential qualities the prime minister will find hard to regain if he loses them. UNQUOTE

    didn’t realise he had those qualities in the first place!….character? bad one. wisdom? not seen anything wise come from his lips, empathy? he has neither that nor sympathy.. cant have that when he has a swinging brick for a heart. decency…nothing decent in allowing thousands of people who are badly disabled, be made to look for work they clearly cannot do (see the case of the 30 year old woman with the mental age of a 3 year old in this article…


    or drive people into committing suicide/or die from heart attacks caused by stress after ATOS assessments, or worry that they are a burden on their families.OR CANT COPE WITH FINANCES, OUT ON THE STREETS,HOMELESS.etc etc.
    finally, competence……….. nothing he has done has been competent, that i can see so far, except make sure his cronies get better off while making sure also that the underlings (plebs) are so poor they cant afford to go against them. leaving them with no recourse shutting off all help and loopholes as they think of them.
    that is not the CV of a successful Prime Minister. I hated thatcher for what she did to my community, the pits, the steel works, the mills in my native Yorkshire and other counties. but she never ever did so much to so many as this one has done.

  4. Laz says:

    Democracy has been high jacked by those working their own or corporate sponsors selfish agendas . Our government should represent all levels of the population and be managed to increase the Equity of the Nation from bringing back manufacturing , better use of our own physical and skill recourses & comprehensive training for those who lack skills to give them the chance of earning a liveable wade . Housing and other benefits are necessary to help those with low paid work to do the jobs that otherwise would be financially not earn them enough to live on . Those who are sick and disabled mentally physically or incapacitated from work by illness must be cared for too, this is Internationally agreed to in the EU Bill of Human right & although our Government has reworded the EU bill the same applies .Our population is being tricked by a clever campaign when in fact these rules are applied throughout most of Europe where unemployment sickness and other benefits in many cases are paid at considerably higher amounts than here .We are continually misinformed for to manipulate and steer public opinion.

  5. Laz says:

    Iceland system is working , we need a massive campaign to break away from this cycle we are in in order to move foreword .That applies not just to us but the world over .We are being kept ignorant of many technologies that would free us from the oil and fuel industries that are dictating how we live .Research the internet ,the information is there , Tessler is a good place to start your search .Extremely cheap CLEAN energy is present both in the Earths magnetic field and running through the Universe but the methods have been constantly quickly hidden to the extent people have been assassinated to prevent them being revealed .Look for yourself and then ask who is benefiting from the secrecy and what are they doing to stop change and keep us locked in their controlling cycle .The effects of this knowledge can only break down existing barriers and enable far benefits for all from land reclamation for food production to water purification and clean transport systems to the reduction of environmental damage due to pollution .

  6. Humanity2012 says:

    Obscene Poverty and Obscene Wealth Both Wreck Society

    The ” Conservatives ” are Poxy Scum

    Let the Rich show Austerity and give Up their Obscene Wealth

  7. Humanity2012 says:

    The Answer to that is the Formation of Revolutionary Liberation Governments
    which will Use Wealth to Serve the Community Not just Private Greed

    If this is ” Communist ” Well a Million Times Better than the Slavery and Oppression
    of the Capitalist Roadsters

  8. Dissabled dave says:

    The problem with communism is that it only takes a few years before those in power get corrupted by the power, then they are even worse than what we have now because they become dictators.

    The only way forward is true democracy where everyone has access to the internet, and everybody votes on every issue.

    Failing that a simple way of stopping the excesses and the promises that don’t come true after the election, is to have 1/5 of MPs up for election every year over a five year cycle. That way they have to behave because there is always an election coming up, and they can’t get control for more than a year at a time, so they have to work together for the country rather than working for themselves.

    1. robertchewter says:


  9. K Peake says:

    50% of MPs cheat the outrageously generous welfare system afforded them to look after us, indeed we know criminality is endemic across the political “class”.


    0.7% of citizens cheat the barely subsistence benefits system afforded them to survive while ill or unemployed and being defamed by Britain’s privileged and oblivious criminal class who see conspiracies and project out scumbags wherever they look despite the facts and create ever greater messes for decent citizens to clean up in CMHTs, hospitals, suicide helplines, food banks, breakfast clubs, homeless units and so on and so forth.

    Anyone looking for the truth should consider those statistics.

    The Rev’d Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty describes this as a time of crass misjudgments. I call it and these people evil.

  10. Humanity2012 says:

    Better Revolutionary than Slavery and Oppression Collaborator

    Not Just Nazi Scum Off our Streets but Nazi Scum Out of Office as Well

    People are too Servile in this Country

  11. jed goodright says:

    talking of elections – had a brief visit from someone standing in my district elections – ukip of course – only two candidates standing – 1 ukip 1 tory – not a great choice

    by the way has this site been difficult to access again for others? I have had error messages, overload messages and website does not exist messages over the weeekend – anybody?????

  12. Gbarbm says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this comment. I don’t suffer with a disability but I am just outraged by the assault on disabled people by the ConDems/ATOS & DWP.
    Two thoughts have occured to me:-
    1) If someone is ruled fit for work as a result of the WCA, why do DWP not prosecute them for fraudulently claiming incapacity? I think its because if they did (the burden of proof is on the apellant which would be DWP/ATOS) the true level of their gross incompetence would be exposed. It would be interesting to know what the reaction would be if anyone declared fit for work asked DWP if they would be prosecuting and if not why not.
    2) This one is a bit far fetched but doable and enjoyable. I don’t know what the unit price of an ATOS share is at the moment; probably less than it used to be with all the bad press, but if every person who has had or is due a WCA bought one ATOS share and then gave it to a nominated person within that group, that person could end up as a majority shareholder (the current majority shareholder is a French private equity firm with a 28% holding) and would be entitled to attend ATOS AGMs…..imagine that!

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