DESPICABLE #DWP #ATOS tell woman with mental age of 3yrs to get a job (not satire – please share)


Black Triangle Comment:

Therefore I said, “Turn away from me; let me weep bitterly. Do not try to console me over the destruction of my people.” (Is. 22:4)


We just don’t know anymore.

How the general public can witness this and look at themselves in the mirror every morning without shame for not speaking out!

What has become of our Britain?

How was this wickedness ever permitted to prosper in our country?

Are our fellow citizens completely heartless?

I’m moved to paraphrase the prophet Isaiah.

Atheist or believer, sometimes our literary inheritance can sometimes give expression to the deepest moans and cries of our hearts when faced with such overwhelming injustice, in a way that we ourselves find difficult, or even  impossible too articulate. 

Why do you say, my people:

My way is hidden from the LORD, And the justice due me escapes the notice of my God”?

The only appropriate response now is to weep bitterly over our demise.

Cry, our beloved country. Weep bitterly. 

Each and every one of us will be called to account for this barbarity.

Nobody will be held blameless.



Pride's Purge: A blog by tom pride ~ 'Sarcastic, cynical, petty, vindictive and paranoid. But apart from that …'
Pride’s Purge: A blog by tom pride ~ ‘Sarcastic, cynical, petty, vindictive and paranoid. But apart from that …’


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(not satire today – it’s the UK today)

Fahmeena is 30 years old. She can’t walk or talk and has an estimated mental age of about 3 years old.

She likes to be called Princess Meena.

Here she is:


ATOS – in their wisdom – have assessed her and have decided that Princess Meena doesn’t need any benefits and she should go and get a job instead.

So Meena’s sister – Farzana – has decided to turn to social media to ask for ideas about what job she could do.

Here’s some information to help you with ideas for work for Meena:

Meena has Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, can’t talk, can’t walk, has a mental age of 3, is incontinent and likes wearing pink and Minnie the Mouse headbands as well as making shitbombs.

If you have any ideas for jobs that Meena can do, you can post your ideas under the hashtag #JobsforMeena on Twitter.

Presumably Princess Meena is an example of one of the myriad  ’scroungers’ unfairly claiming disability benefits we hear so much about.

Not a word of this is satire I can assure you, but I’m sure many people will have the same question as I have.

What have we become in this once great country that we turn our backs on people like Meena?.

Answers on a postcard please to your MP..

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32 thoughts on “DESPICABLE #DWP #ATOS tell woman with mental age of 3yrs to get a job (not satire – please share)

  1. Hilary Koe says:

    I reposted this on Facebook and have been asked if there us any ‘independent’ confirmation. I’m not sure how to answer that. Any suggestions?

    1. Bluesky says:

      Meena’s family are asking for their privacy to be respected. A genuine misunderstanding has been made, no thanks to the aggressively worded letter the family received. They will be pursuing the matter with the appropriate bodies and ask you all to respect their wishes.

      Thank you.

      It seems that it had been a paper assement and not a face to face…

  2. Dee says:

    Somewhere between 11 and 11.30 am on monday, on listening to the news about DLA, I asked God why he never intervenes, why he doesn’t strike one of these barely human politicians down or cause them the same suffering we have to endure daily? I then dismissed the thought as unpleasant. When I heard later that day that Thatcher had died, and at around 11 am, I was seriouly spooked. It’s the oddest coincidence I’ve ever experienced. Dee, the Marches

  3. Stephen Bee says:

    <—–I hope some legal beagle will take this up and publicise it world wide b4 milk snatchers funeral to show just what an absolute eveil government is in power in the UK…the lot of them should be SHOT…am non violent myself..but I would shed no tears..!

  4. John Lezemore says:

    This is heart rendering is there no way her carer or Mum can get this in the national press e.g the guardian could help I am sure, they could not possibly let this slip the net.

    Shame on this shambles of a so called government, they are evil, this is without doubt democide, check it out on wikipedia.

  5. Dissabled dave says:

    Judging by this decision IDS is right, the severly mentally handicapped can work, and it is easy for them to get a job in the DWP and Atos. Even a slug by pure chance could get these decisions right half the time, so how can any human being get a decision so wrong?


    Paradoxically speaking, this twisted act is good news. It brings BILL GUNNYEONS heinous treachery to the disabled, into focus within the public eye.

    Anyone reading the blog or witnessing the onslaught already know the depths of depravity of the government funded hit squad, the DWP.

    More of this type of evil coming into the media will do us the biggest favour ever!

    Specifically the stories need to be broadcast to a wider audience across the world. What started as a winner for the DWP is now sowing the seeds of its downfall……….

    Imagine this story hitting the tabloids in any european country.
    Cameron is seeking talks with Merkel at the moment with the aim of relaxing europes stronghold on our laws.

    Put this story in tandem with how we treat our weakest………..

    European laws suit 48 of the states involved, how come we can’t go along with everyone else?

    The answer is obvious, it hits you between the eyes, suppression of the poorest to the advantage of the richest!

    Hope these sort of horror stories find there way out as far as possible, the world will respond with the revulsion it deserves.

    Heartfelt condolences to the family concerned. Congratulations to the DWP for doing us all a favour by shooting yourslves in the foot……….

  7. busboy says:

    And the queen sits relaxed,she doesnt give to
    Fks about your sons daughters fight in a greed war.
    So what makes u think that her and her gang of thieves
    Give to fks about urs or any one ELSES DISABILTIES

  8. JudeB says:

    Having been to my Tribunal today, after 5 months of worry, stress, and suicidal feelings, I WON!! I thought I would feel relieved, but I just feel SO ANGRY at the way that I’ve had to PROVE myself innocent in a country where we used to pride ourselves on fair play. I came home and read this article, and I could weep. Surely there must be SOMETHING we can do to bring this to the general public’s attention??

    1. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

      Well done my friend. You were always innocent. The new regime finds you guilty and you have to suffer many months of stress to portray your innocence.

      The DWP are being embarrassed by the amount of victories at tribunal, trying to fiddle the percentages as they go……….

      They may steal your benefits but they can’t steal your resolve for justice…..

  9. jay says:

    Congratulations Jude B you took it all the way and got justice. I understand your anger it should be DWP/Atos that has to prove that someone is fit to work.
    It is a corrupt and biased system and a complete disgrace.

    I saw this story above elsewhere and knowing Atos and what they put people through I thought surely this woman was not made to go through a WCA and how could anyone find her fit for work.
    But unknown to me I later found out that she was assessed without even being seen by Atos!
    I didn’t know they could find someone fit for work when they hadn’t been personally seen by Atos.
    This story with the family’s blessing should be front page news throughout the UK.
    It might finally shock people into action. But no our blind neutered press are more interested in paying tribute to Queen Maggie the destroyer

  10. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, clinics and medically trained staff face being a thing of the past……..

    With ATOS, all these become redundant as sickness and disability disappear forever!

    “The miracle of modern science applied by software, you’ll never reach for an elastoplast ever again”…………….

  11. Bluesky says:

    Meena’s family are asking for their privacy to be respected. A genuine misunderstanding has been made, no thanks to the aggressively worded letter the family received. They will be pursuing the matter with the appropriate bodies and ask you all to respect their wishes.

    Thank you.

    It seems that it had been a paper assement and not a face to face…

  12. Humanity2012 says:

    This Flipping Evil has Flipping Well Happened because the Not so Great British Public
    have Acted like Brainwashed Zombies Believing All the Tory Nazi Media Propaganda about ” Dole Scroungers ” having Hearts of Stone and Heads Thicker than a Lump of

    The Not so Great British Public are just as Guilty as the Abysmal Wrecking Bonehead
    Politicians Guilty by Collaboration through Non Resistance

    We Need a Revolution to Sort the Mess Out

  13. Dissabled dave says:

    I don’t think it matters that the assessment was a paper assessment. presumably the family put all of the details on the form and therefore this should not have happened. The problem is clearly that the assessors do not have the medical knowledge necessary to assess claimants like this. As I have said before the assessors are labled not doctor or consultant but “health professionals” and this term would cover the toilet cleaner at the local hospital if they are employed by the health authority.

    Until each claimant gets seen by a specialist in their particular problem these cases will continue. A consultant psychiatrist cannot judge a musculo/skeletal problem and a musculo/skeletal consultant cannot judge a psychiatric problem, so even if only consultants were used, the system still wouldn’t work properly.

    Of course, if people were only ever seen by someone who had any idea about the claimant’s illness the total cost would be far in excess of the amount of money saved because the vast majority would be declared unfit for work.

  14. Andy Pandy says:

    Perhaps IDS could employ Meena in his office just like he employed his wife in 2003, paying her £18.000 per annum for a job that didn’t exist. (He then went on to bully everyone who knew about the fraud to make up stories to cover his backside)
    He was found out but everyone seems to have forgotten about this.
    In fact I would suggest that when anyone fails their ATOS assessment and is told to get ajob then write to him and he’ll give you £18.000 for nought.

    1. Dissabled dave says:

      I haven’t managed to get hold of the actual assessment criteria for PIP yet, but in the May 2011 draft, under activity 10 Planning and following a journey category B is:

      “Cannot follow any journey alone due to such a journey causing overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant”

      But in the notes under this it states:

      “may apply to individuals with severe anxiety disorders who are only able to leave the home when accompanied by another person ON EVERY OCCASION. If the person is able to leave the home ON ANY OCCASION without another person then this descriptor is not satisfied.” My capitals.

      So someone who has panic attacks 99.999% of the times they try to go outside fails to get any points on this because of the 0.001% of times when they do go out on their own. This is ridiculous because a person with severe anxiety may be able to get to their local corner shop because it is in their road and they know the staff, but panic on every other type of journey. Yet this person would get zero points and be deemed fit to work.

  15. lidia tindle says:

    Okay know I’m going to get into bother for this email but I feel it has to be said. Its regarding Meena. I agree with what the dave is saying above, I am someone who both had to go for an assesment and support others when they had to go for their assesments. Both experiences were brutal but I won my case twice and won the other cases for the two people I supported. Firstly I filled the forms in myself not an organisation, this is extremely important as organisations fill the forms in as they are allowed to. If you fill the form yourself you are allowed to say more, but then as dave says most doctors are not appropriate so you have the difficulty of negotiatiating with them – it is extremely difficult, trying and deeming. But you have to do this.

    Now people are asking how have we got into this state – okay this is what people are not going to like. All the medical assesments I went to were under LABOUR, that is when the inhumanity started, that is when your doctors opinions on your health did not matter, that is when Attos was brought in. But people said it is Labour and did nothing. this has continued for years on all issues.

    Why do the general public not care, they do not really know what goes on, for tweeting, emailing etc amoungst ourselves is not getting it out into the public domin.

    Thirdly can I see it is actually in my opinion deeming to Meena to be tweeting what job she could do. Their should be a mass demonstration (I mean mass) outside one of these inhuman places, yes I know their have been small demos, I have taken part in them, but we must do more to stop Attos.

  16. it's me says:

    This is the lowest of the low. This poor girl has the mental age of a 3 year old, yet these closed minded things see it fit to declare her fit for work. What planet are they living on cos It most certainly isn’t this one! I mean would a 3 year old child be deemed fit for work.
    No wonder so many benefit claimants are committing or at least considering suicide. treating a vulnerable person who cannot stand up for herself like this. They aught to be ashamed over themselves.

  17. Notsurprised says:

    Hello, I have just came across this site. Firtly, I’m not surprised at the treatment of the young lady, Meena, by atos. This is now par for the course. It’s Vile ! I can see in the near future that anyone who has the cheek to make a claim, for any kind of benefit, will be automatically tagged like a criminal or probably, a much cheaper option for this Nazi Coalition government, would be to stamp each of our foreheads with a Big ‘B’ for benefit claimant.

    I would agree with Lidia (24/4/13), that atos was hired by Labour, and this government has continued in their footsteps, but when are people going to realise that politicians are all tarred with the same brush. Do the really think that a change in government would make any changes to the DWP/ATOS atrocities being carried out already. I think not ! I am ashamed of what a British government is doing to the British people. I definately feel that, maybe not in my lifetime, but in the foreseeable future, there will be a revolution in this country, the public will wake up and realise, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! the sooner the better!

  18. Jung says:

    Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell
    and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She
    put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her
    ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is
    totally off topic but I had to tell someone! Thank you!

  19. Lisa Burton says:

    That poor little sweet girl – could the ‘assessor’ be bestoyed with same (God forgive me), but ‘he who feels it knows it’….
    Anyway, trying to type with 2 fractured fingers on right hand & attempting to remain [calm], but I continue to ask: why was I walking down the road on the 22nd June 2010 & having 2 witness that lady dropping in front of a 16wheeler truck! why didn’t the ‘men’ yakking on mobiles act? why did I have 2 drag this lady out of the way falling onto the ground injuring my spine hence my spine injured & losing a good job (chef) put on DLA/Income support – then the ATOS assessment in May 2013 which has reduced me to a wreck. I suffered from PTSD since 2007 but sourced a job & tried to ‘carry on’ with my life. The UNPROFESSIONAL 1 (x-pert) LIED,LIED,LIED. Believe me folk, trust your instinct’s…I decided 2 take a pic of myself prior 2 the ‘assessment’/emailed details of my attire etc 2 my 2nd email address, printed off & took along. The quack didn’t see me until I mentioned envelope (email) – smashed desk with his fist, e’thing flew off with computer in mid air!! PTSD not helped by this mad reaction, not forgetting my nerves. Demanded I give over else not continuing – I DEMANDED ‘another’ member of staff 2 open & read contents. I shall decline mentioning culture of same in the event this comment deleted but, pls imagine who/where from? Cut 2 decison: null points. Apparently:”Ms A brought her son along (as I couldn’t speak english!)”. I DO NOT HAVE A SON. My 17yr old Daughter died 20yrs ago & I have not been with child since. So off I went down that doubious rd seeking out ATOS who could take lessons in manners from un-trained chimps. GMC relayed the quack’s name. I begged my GP 2 look back at my file/s in the event I gave birth without knowing as this appointed quack ought 2 have my history & known s’thing about me…Oh’, & I was given to u’stand [he] was professional. No viewing as to consultant’s letters/appointments re my spine/chronic pain which I dropped on desk. I was told 2 read eye test board. I relayed my Optician carried out recently – his face was thunderous. The boxe’s ticked & off I went.
    “Ms A had no problem buttoning her coat – what coat? picture proves o’wise (along with witness). She refused 2 bend then, she bent without difficulty”. JC where do Atos find these people? [HE] couldn’t speak english & reading the feedback reduced me to tears of sheer frustration. Especially my having a ‘Son’ as I ‘phoned the Benefits section & asked if I could claim backdated monies for my ‘Son’ – as I couldn’t recall dates (of the birth) I was told 2 attend CAB for assistance. Of course I was being sarcastic but toed the line as this game became interesting. However, I might have 2 desist seeking out my ‘Son’ in the event the men in white coats come knocking any time soon! But then I could probably plead insanity & the UNPROFESSIONAL 1 could act as a witness.
    I have sought out assistance from the Royal Courts of Justice in London as I cannot/wont allow this farce to continue – there has to be someone with legal knowledge in order to take these sods on & put a halt 2 such cruel decisons thus affecting ginuine afflicted patients/claimant’s & especially now with a harsh winter announced & people short of money in order for warmth. Or, am I missing the bigger picture….could it possibly be the higher body would prefer if we succumbed to death & spare the bulging purse
    bursting so the Camerons’ & cronies can enjoy, smoke cigars, eat & make merry while the less fortunate starve/freeze?? excuse errors as fractured fingers aching and, excuse errors but I hope the reader will understand my concerns. Meanwhile I shall continue to search for my ‘ghostly Son’……

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