Margaret Thatcher Photograph: Don Mcphee
Margaret Thatcher Photograph: Don Mcphee


Black Triangle Comment:

Where there was harmony, she brought discord. Where there was truth, she brought error. Where there was faith, she brought doubt. And where there was hope, she brought DESPAIR. 

Glenda Jackson on Thatcher’s legacy: “We were told it was care in the community: it was no care in the community” Posted on April 10, 2013

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    Each and every mining community will be celebrating. This evil woman did more destruction to this country, the likes of what are being felt today.

    Her twisted policies are being peddled daily. Single handedly she turned brother against brother and split families in half, closed pits and decimated villages and towns.
    The scars of her heinous thoughts are indelible.

    Privatisation ruined this country forever, every asset available for greed. Even as we speak the government are trying to sell the east coast rail line to the French. It was making money when it went back into state control!

    Cameron is hell bent on fulfilling her final wish, the privatisation of the jewel in the crown, the NHS. Hopefully we can stop it before more lives are lost.

    Epitaph; The people of Grantham, her birthplace, would like a statue erecting…….

    Stick a fencepost up her arse and rawlplug her on a concrete plinth in the town centre. Give her a coat of hammerite paint….

    I would kick my dog if it pissed on her…….

    The evil witch is dead…….

  2. carolyn lyons says:

    love the comments… especially… she’s only been dead for a few hours and already shut down three furnaces… PMPL

    1. terryindorset says:

      Oh carolyn….wonderful!!! Hell will soon be an economic disaster zone just like the UK!!

  3. jed goodright says:



  4. Thomas says:

    Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead! No wonder they are cremating her, if she was buried her grave would be peed on and danced on and vandalized.

  5. jed goodright says:

    as the elite imposed silence continues this article becomes massively more important – well done

  6. lidia tindle says:

    Shit I was expecting to go ‘Stamp the earth down’ good riddence to thatcher, yep we want Cameron and Clegg, but what about the one that is referred to as ‘son of thatcher’ Blair, you know the one who continued her policies – war, tuition fees, lies. Lets get shot of the lot and start again.

    1. lidia tindle says:

      He also sold weapons to Iraqi and Iranian making a huge profit out of the killings. The daughter I know less about but been told she has her finger in lots of dirty pies. Its like saying we should say good things about Hitler, Saharta etc. they had children.

  7. Karen Seymour says:

    I think the best way to commemorate the memory of Thatcher is to build a new party that looks after ordinary people, the 99%, you might say. The three main parties all look up to big business and capitalism, as Thatcher did.

    Lets get rid of this rotten, stinking Coalition government, led by ‘Son of Thatcher’. A 24-hour general strike could shake this government to its rafters, and even bring it down.

    The Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing candidates in areas right across Britain in the elections on 2 May.

  8. nigal says:

    ..union leaders are just a bigger bunch of crims as the politicians .they are al looking out for themselves and nothing else.and karen, a strike will not do shite, you should be ashamed to even say it.if you are so keen to help people then go to the courts.

  9. Arthur Scargill says:

    If George Osbourne needs 10 billion quid Thatchers death has given him the solution. Just charge a fiver a go to piss on her grave George and you’ll have your 10 billion in a day.

  10. Qashie James says:

    ST’Peter met her at gates she said may I enter his reply was due the welfare reforms & cuts we have no sparerooms due to the bedroom tax! so therefore try below as hell has plenty of rooms reserved for Cameron / Clegg / and a special hot room for IDS awaits ?

    Mrs T burn burn burn in hell!

  11. Annos says:

    Found this post on another blog, thought I would copy and paste it onto this post, sums Thatcher upto to a tee…

    “The dreaded and chill name of Pinochet surfaces, so unlike all those poor souls* he had dumped in the Pacific from helicopters.

    Pablo Neruda’s grave to be exhumed in murder investigation
    Chilean poet was long thought to have succumbed to cancer but driver claims he was murdered by Pinochet regime

    Good for Neruda’s friend and driver Manuel Araya for standing by him.

    *SANTIAGO, Chile — The bodies of 400 to 500 Chileans who “disappeared” under ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet’s bloody rule were dumped into the ocean strapped to pieces of railroad track to make them sink, according to new court testimonies published yesterday in La Nacion newspaper”


    Pinochet, Thatchers best friend and all time hero.

  12. Annos says:

    Correct. The unions are just one more layer of the total control that the right wing establishment uses to control the working class. The trade union movement was infiltrated many years ago, just like the Labour party was.

    1. lidia tindle says:

      Tom Watson’s comments to his labour party buddies, of there should be respect shown to Thatcher now she is dead just shows where they, the opposition stand. He needs to be asked did thatcher, or blair show any respect for the families of millions murdered in Africa, South America and East Timor by there support to the killing regimes put in by the west.

      How dare they expect us to pay for recall to parliament and for us to fund most of her military funeral. Funny they can find all this money but they could not find anything to keep libraries, swimming baths, and anything worthwhile for the working classes. Miliband, Cameron and Clegg indeed are all in this together, the rest of us can scrable for ‘cake’.


    1. lidia tindle says:

      Seems we do have further proof of their hypocrasy. A musem and library are going to be built in Westminster, guess near parliament (that’s our parliament) in hounur of the wicked witch. I guess it will be mostly with our money.

      So there we go us the working class get our libraries, museums close down because there is apparently no money. They the oppressors build a libary in honour of the woman who ruined communities, carried on privitasation, (let us not forget it was the champions of the working class, Labour who started privatisation, well they claim to be the champions) was responsible for many suicides amoungst the miners oh the list of her accomplishments goes on and on.

      Didn’t hear Currie the egg woman talking about any of these achomplishments on radio yesterday, she seemed to think she had solved some financial crisis – is that the one we are still in?


  13. lidia tindle says:

    Its similar to what happened after ‘Saint Diane’s’ death. Its a very dangerous way of changing history and making heoro’s out of people, it shows there is a great deal missing in the lives of many and she, ‘the wicked witch’ continues to divide families, communities and the left even in death.

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