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    1. jack johnson (@jackjoh01219520) says:

      It is very far from sad, it is extremely revolting. It’s time the people revolted but they
      are so meek it makes me sick so they will probably just accept it or turn to crime instead
      of burning Conservative clubs and police stations.

  1. john beechell says:

    a new fascism is rising…where the poor and disabled are made the scape goats of government failure and corruption…now let me think..that’s happened before but cant remember where…Hitler..is that him from that boy band or what init..keep them in the dark and feed bull shit and what you get…sheep…unthinking sheep..god help us

  2. bobchewie says:

    yes i found out about this ages ago..and this system run bt CAPITA and the subsidiaries in coonection with bacs electronic banking system..the corps will love this ..’controlled consumerism’ ..no doubt it will be tried out on general public too ie those in work after all who needs advertising when a piece of plastic can do the job for you.
    the smart card food stamp was used in australia the result was that separate queues using the ‘scrounger card’ as it was named in supermarkets helped in discriminate the poor even more..

  3. Dee says:

    Atleast people can see atlast the true ugliness of the tory mind-set: ignorant, arrogant and stupid. Two more years of this and they’ll be out of office for a millenium.

    1. Trevor Allman says:

      And do you have faith Labour will be any different ? They haven’t shown any signs so far.

    1. bobchewie says:

      on a website of a company that will be handling the online social fund is a diagram showing to where payments will be made to..in the diagram is ‘TRUSSEL TRUST’ a foodbank organisation..thats odd as foodbanks are free arent they, so why?

      well it may well be because Trussel trust’ is run by tories and ask for a setup fee..

  4. Thomas says:

    How low can they get? If they did this to Jewish people or non whites everyone would call them Nazis, but it’s ok to penalize the dirt poor. All this will do is cause more discrimination, and more muggings as a few of the poor decide that is the only way to get cash-by robbing it.Which will lead to more penalizing of the poor, criminal and honest alike.

    1. robertchewter says:

      i had reported about this capita social fund thing a while ago..its all automated bullshit with stuff using ‘rules engine’ which is based on ill informed ‘logic’ and prejudice’..
      by the way ive posted that IDS had been to walthamstow JCP and should have known what was going on there..
      also at times i notice black triangle blog site is sometimes ‘blocked’ by THREE..for some reason..

  5. RomanyRose says:

    I am 65 and I have had social loans in the past when I was in receipt of benefits, but there is no way I will ask for charity help and go in person to the council for help. I would be too embarrassed.

  6. Dissabled dave says:

    What with the bedroom tax, workfare and now this. I give it 6 to 9 months before we see the return of the Workhouse with the poor, the sick, and the disabled moved into state-run accomodation where they will be given no money at all, and forced to do menial tasks such as envelope stuffing for big businesses, or breaking rocks for road repairs, in return for their food and lodging.


    Quite looking forward to the riots that will ensue. DWP offices and ATOS examination centres burned to the ground.

    Protestors baying like wolves as they turn on the society that failed to listen….

    Unregistered guns on the streets, battle plans drawn and people fleeing for their lives…

    Politicians leaving in a hurry as parliament comes under siege…..

    People power, an amazing cleansing tool……….

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    We Need Revolution to End this Evil and Destructive System and to Bring the
    Real Scroungers those Arrogant Politicians to Account

    Stuff Food Stamps Money For the Poor Instead

    Stop the Worse than Nazi Style Degrading of the Poor and Vulnerable Now

    Evict the Con Dem Regime from the Corridors of Power in Westminster
    through Mass Peaceful Protest

  9. Linda says:

    Just when you think they cannot punish the poor for being poor, anymore than they have, you find out they can.

  10. Sheila Lane says:

    Parish Workhouses

    “The idea of providing accommodation for paupers had been included in early poor law legislation. However the 1722-3 ‘Act for amending the laws relating to the settlement, employment and relief of the poor’ was the first Act to recommend that the idea of the workhouse should act as a deterrent and that relief should only be available to those who were desperate enough to accept its regime.

    The 1722-3 Act allowed workhouses to be set up by either an individual parish or groups of parishes. Running of workhouses could be contracted out to a third party who would feed and house the poor, charging the parish a weekly rate for each inmate. The contractor would also provide the inmates with work and could keep any income generated. This system was referred to as ‘farming’ the poor”.



    1. bobchewie says:

      @sheila lane i had posted a link about parallels with regard to the poor law and now..the deserving/undeserving poor..and recently i saw an epetition on bringing back the workhouse where ‘it would help free up the housing stock for hard working people’ and the workhouse poor should be given food vouchers..hmm why does all that sound familiar now?

  11. kasbah says:

    The so-called “entitlement culture” is in reality practised by millionaire cabinet ministers who will not even stop the subsidy on wine they quaff in the House of Commons Bar. They make me incandescent with rage. They are like a runaway train with a psychopathic crew. They have to be stopped and made to pay for the cruelty they are inflicting on their OWN citizens!!!

  12. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:


    To: Department for Work and Pensions
    Subject: Freedom of Information request – Food Vouchers for those not worthy of a true life

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    My questions relate to the proposed food vouchers that will be
    made available instead of cash.

    1/ Will the food voucher entitle the holder to a two course or
    three course meal?

    2/ Should a tuxedo or formal evening attire be used?

    3/ Will the soup or gruel be of a consistency to be placed in a
    begging bowl?

    4/ Will the voucher entitle the bearer to a varied diet, ie;
    is the menu changed regularly?

    5/ Could a poor family share one voucher and save the remaining
    vouchers as a treat for a weekend feast?

    6/ Are knives and forks necessary or could the contents be decanted
    into one bowl?

    7/ Have the food vouchers been trialled at Westminster in any of
    the taxpayer subsidised restaurants?

    8/ Will the food vouchers be redeemable at participating
    restaurants in either the commons or lords?

    9/ Have ATOS HCPs tested the food available from the vouchers to
    see if it is worthy of sustaining life?

    10/ Are the vouchers edible, in the unforseen event food is not

    11/ Would sanctions be used against any poor person who turns to
    cannibalism in the event the scheme fails?

    12/ Does the DWP intend to keep a league table of satisfied
    customers or will they just die, as they do at present?

    13/ Will the holder of any unredeemed food vouchers be able to
    convert them to cash after this policy of demonising the poor

    Yours faithfully, GEOFFREY REYNOLDS

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    1. bobchewie says:

      @geoff reynolds i dunno call me old fashioned and given that DWP have their own interpretation of ‘the public interest’ i dont think they will answer you..if they do it would be pretty interesting…btw i hope you dont get sanctioned just for asking this..as ive heard they are going sanctions mad now..its them targets they have (but deny)

      1. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

        It puts them in the spotlight and shows people the extent the DWP will lower themselves to.
        They lie, cheat and steal from the neediest…..
        There activities want posting on every blog, the rest of the world need to know what is being thrust upon us……

        It aint Democracy its FASCISM…..

        Twisted values by twisted human beings on the very people they purport to help….

        Each and everyone lacking compassion whilst filling their wallets….

        A cancerous tumour out of control…..

  13. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Last night i dream’t i was better than an ordinary human being. I dream’t i was a peer in the House of Lords.

    I dream’t i could inflict pain, desperation, poverty and death on the weakest in society.

    I dream’t of a life with no boundaries, where money was at my fingertips, each and every bill was paid and i owed no-one…..

    I dreamt i was enjoying the finest taxpayer subsidised food whilst wearing the most expensive fineries of my office……

    I dream’t of my £300 expenses, my chaffeur driven limousine and my Edwardian mansion, nestling near the woods and stream and acres of open landscape…..

    I dream’t of a life so opulent with friends in high places……

    Then i woke up to stark reality, shivering on the floor, clothes in tatters, clutching a food voucher…

  14. Rupert Colebank says:

    The first thing required by the food stamp office is an application. Most counties have an online application process. The electronic application allows the process to get started the moment the application is submitted. Paper applications will be accepted, but the process will take longer than an electronic application. Most food stamp offices have computers available for applicants filling out electronic applications. Workers will be available on hand to answer any questions about the application you may have. “;


    1. robertchewter says:

      the think tank demos put forward the idea of smartcards for social fund claimants, oddly enough they were funded by mastercard. and jp morgan chase makes profits from US food stamps.

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