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  1. Charles Sutherland-Boyce says:

    About time something was done in connection with this highly unfair and unpopular tax. I am waiting to see the outcome because my wife has had cancer twice, I have SCA8 and my grandson has autism. This means none of us can share a room and the collapse of this tax or the amendment will mean a lot to us financially!


    Whilst the house of lords pursue a claim for cheaper food prices in the state subsidised corridors of power, we are being told what housing arrangements we can have……

    What a complete farce!

    They eat venison while we eat humble pie….

    The twisted media pretend nothing is happening and saunter along pretending to be oblivious of the plight of the masses……

    We are being shafted big style,

    time to wake up and put the nightmare to sleep once and for all………

    Citizens awake and be counted!

    What we do today is the seeds of what we expect tomorrow………

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Let the Rich MPS Go without their Posh Houses Let them Pay Bedroom Tax if they
    like otherwise they can Stuff their Bedroom Tax Codswallop

  4. sharon hull says:

    just had my bedroom tax and council tax bill through my door, £45 a month, how can i pay that, better off dead, they can pay for my funeral!!! as im better off DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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