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    Lo and behold, shock horror, strewth, crikey…….

    Our government, the angels of death, are contemplating pulling out of the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.

    Not that they have really accepted any part of it anyway, they fruitlessly pursue a state reform that extends their rights to;

    Starve you
    Evict you
    Imprison you
    Murder you
    Chastise you
    Demonise you
    The list is endless……………

    Hellbent on inflicting their ire on the most weakest and vulnerable is the new toff bloodsport.

    But ponder why, you may ask?

    Its inevitable that they are so frightened of what they have done, they are running from the courts of the hague and trying to shut doors that will unravel the most heinous crimes of modern society.

    The eyes of the world are upon them, but especially europe.
    No other country in the eu would dare to violate its citizens charters the way this elitist shitheap have done…….

    Its a last ditch attempt to disinfect the ills that have been perpetrated.
    Most of europes reactions have been purposely kept from the media.

    Watch this space……..

    1. Bluesky says:

      Geoff, the name of the MP who is doing this is “CHARLIE ELPHICKE” (COSERVATIVE MP for DOVER) 23minutes and 24 seconds into his speach, guess what he mentioned ‘BENEFITS’, I think that this is really to do with that “EVIL LITTLE S##T” IDS. cos he knows he won’t get his case to the high court re the ‘poundland’ scandle….it smells of him to high heaven.. he is the most evil thing on this planet. He makes idi armen and adolf hitler look like boy scouts……..

  2. Serenity says:

    Where does it all end you may well ask , unfortunately once you light the touch paper it will burn out of control and we will all be burnt, just look too Greece and the golden dawn. Or two thousand years of antisemitism by the catholic church which eventually led to the holocaust by hitler a catholic.

  3. AB50 says:

    It would be great if every household could receive the report “The Lies We Tell Ourselves”, referred to above. The lies are being repeated and so reinforced that the majority believe them.
    It clearly sets out the myths fed to us by politicians and the media, then highlights the true figures, citing references, something you won’t find either of aforementioned doing. Though the doubters would have a problem with it being produced by churches and referencing church and bible.

  4. Bluesky says:

    Undre the constution of this country “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO take up ARMS” i say we march into parliament and take back what is ours, Oliver Cromwell did it so can we. They are there to searve us, not the other way round……

  5. Annos says:

    Thatcher (Tories) built three council houses in Scotland in twenty five years (1982-2007) in order to escalate house prices to unsustainable and unaffordable levels.

  6. unitybiker says:

    A disgusting attack on 40% of the population,the poor ones. years of state subdidised capitalism,paying off the welfare bill with the north sea oil,worked for a while,now most poorer people have NO CHANCE of owning a home in their lifetimes and little chance of any long term stable employment,unless its subsidised by ‘family credit’
    The DWP have been for years,in effect,TAXING CHILD BNENEFIT…your dwp income calculation is based on the minium amount ‘you need to live on’ your child benefit is then deducted,treated as ‘income’

    …lets hope the rioters are mercifull and dont trash harvey and Nichols and M and S.

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