Bedroom Tax: Thousands of Brits plan rebellion against David Cameron


By Keir Mudie 


Armed forces groups, foster families and disability charities are campaigning against the tax

Protest: Sam Shade says the tax will leave him with £9 a week to live on
Protest: Sam Shade says the tax will leave him with £9 a week to live on


Thousands of angry Brits are threatening a bedroom tax rebellion against David Cameron, the Sunday People has reported.

Forces groups, foster families and disability charities are gathering to fight the Government’s planned changes.

Around 660,000 people will fall victim to crippling cuts to their benefits from April.

The Sunday People has been flooded with letters and calls since launching our campaign to Stop The Bedroom Tax.

Graeme Gair, who faces losing his home, has set up a Facebook page with 11,000 followers.

Mr Gair, 42, said:

“It’s going to price people out of their homes. The Government are going to have to realise this or it’s going to be their downfall.”


Paul Spooner
Paule Spooner: “There is no option but to fight”
Hull News & Pictures 

At a packed meeting held in Hull – where 5,500 households are being hit – protestors vowed to defeat the tax.

Co-organiser Paul Spooner said:

“This is just the beginning. There is no option but to fight. Because people can’t find the money, they are already facing a choice between food and bills.”

Sam Shade 22, said the tax would leave him with less than £9 a week to live on. He said:

“If people are made aware of the impact it will have on everyone in this country, not just people on benefits, it can be defeated.”

In Leeds, John Davies, 61, has formed the Hands off our Homes pressure group, which calculated 30,000 people in the city will be affected.

Mr Davies said:

“We want to get them together. If they don’t like the bedroom tax they have to do something.”

Protester meetings are planned in Liverpool and Scotland and a march will take place in London on March 30.

Sunday People


Revealed: Eight out of ten affected by bedroom tax are disabled ~ Scottish Government Posted on February 24, 2013

MORE PROTEST PLANNED – will keep updating as more planned!

1. Newcastle
2. Warrington
3. Carlisle
4. Liverpool
5. Durham
6. Belfast
7. London,
8. Glasgow
9. Manchester
10. Nottingham
11. Norwich
12. Peterborough
13. Cardiff
14. Birmingham
15. Edinburgh
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17 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax: Thousands of Brits plan rebellion against David Cameron

  1. alan says:

    wheres hulls protestors in hull jsa wrag dla btax dwp atos fuel prices /petrol/food/bus fares buses use 2 thirds less fuel up go the price/child care /adult care/no pay rises/are we fools

  2. dave smith says:

    cameron said in 2010,,the poor are getting poorer,,i beleive this is the oiny time he has spoken the truth,i need my spare room or as my 12 year old son says his room when he stops every wkend and most holidays,he may aswell move in,so from april i will have to put him in my younger sons bedroom along with my daughter who has been stated and on paper she stays every wkend and split holidays,i cant afford the extra £11 per wk plus the council tax deduction,i have a young son to feed cloth keep warm and all it takes to make him happy,i have his school dinners to pay as the goverment wont pay them,im unemployed and my son is 4 ,i wont pay a penny and il demand a high court judge see,s how the poor are being forced to pay or move,to me that is against the law ,its makeing moneys by menace ,ie u dont pay u get kiked out

  3. Truth says:

    Proverbs 22:7 The rich ruleth over the poor; And the borrower is servant to the lender.

    Proverbs 22:16 He that oppresseth the poor to increase his gain, And he that giveth to the rich, shall come only to want.

    Proverbs 22:22 Rob not the poor, because he is poor; Neither oppress the afflicted in the gate.

  4. Pink Parrot says:

    This will be Cameron’s version of Thatcher’s Poll Tax, the tax too far, the last straw. BTW Nick Clegg, and Lib Dems, if you think that apologising for supporting the evil blitzkrieg against the sick and disabled at some stage in the future, like near the next election, will let you off the hook you’re wrong . Too many people have died. We will never forget.

  5. Robbin and his merry men says:

    banks already bailed out to the tune of 1.24 trillion tax payers money, a further 3.21 trillion yet to be given to banks

    let the unhealthy banks fail then just move customer accounts to financially healthy banks.

    More attacks on benefits and public spending to come says Osborne

    we need to stop the cuts and reverse them, there is enough money in the pot we just need to bring in tax from the rich and big business, also Robbin hood tax will bring in 20 billion.

  6. No Need For Benefit Cuts Its All Just a Lie says:

    Adam Ramsay of Bright Green Scotland and No Shock Doctrine

    “If the mega-rich who caused this crisis paid the same level of tax as you and me, we wouldn’t have a deficit. “


    Who are these architects of evil that walk our corridors f power?
    Who are these spineless, gutless bastards that wish to pour scorn, poverty and death on the most fragile in our society?
    There must be only one answer, the repugnant seething mass of excrement, the rich.
    Wealth begets wealth. It unlocks doors to power by virtue of who you know and what you can purchase. Links are formed, circles within circles, that manifest themselves in the highest echelons of power. Power corrupts.
    Its like gambling, the addiction to prevail over the lower classes and inflict maximum injury whilst getting away scot free, gives them an almighty high.
    The bigger the buzz, the bigger their ego trip. Hitler loved the attention, hence the rallies and speeches.

    Did they really love the fuehrer or were they so frightened of the rantings of a madman? I think it was a mix of both.
    Todays politicians seek the same thrills. The bullingdon boys and their female molls seek to hurt the factions of least resistance, poor and disabled. Unable to pick on someone their own size, the equally affluent and high ranking, they take the easier option….
    Its been said in the media recently, that for a fresher to join the so called Buller Boys, one must go through an initiation pursuit. Burning a fifty pound note in front of a tramp will gain you entry into this sicko clan.

    Modern day coalition politics seems to exist around the ideology of this disgusting initiation. Firstly they make sure that you are aware of the privilege of their wealth before torturing you and taking away the very thing that oils your very existence, money…………
    The more they squeeze you, the more they torture, hurt, maim and destroy, the bigger the buzz. They are riding high, hovering on a cloud of twisted fame.
    Deep down they are really scared. Suicides and numbers of deaths caused by their warped policies are being hidden away.
    Spotlights are focused upon them. They realize that the underdogs are biting at their heels. Public opinion is turning the corner, the nasty party is being slowly exposed for what it is……
    My politics are simple, its no good having a roller with a scratch down it or a mansion thats been gutted.
    Respect comes with its own simple rule, ” you must give it to receive it ”
    These bastards dont deserve it, they need a gigantic boot in the bollocks. Hopefully, we can, united in our efforts, deliver the goods……………….

  8. john mc says:

    the way i feel about this ,i am very angry ,my wife is beyond here self, thinking what will happen to the kids and grand children ,,,,tears fall,,where love should be, lets hope that
    we ,,all the folk off this land wake up and realize the the truth ,all the best to every One


    I clicked another magazine into my AK47 and ran towards the doors of the commons chamber. Glancing left to right, i gave the double doors an almighty kick. Wood splintered and the hinges groaned as they flew open. All eyes were upon me as i sprayed the room.
    …….and then i woke up

  10. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Im quite surprised that the government hasnt awareded the job of equating spare room sizes to ATOS Bedrooms or CAPITA Bedrooms. They would come and measure up, falsify the findings and get you evicted!

  11. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    The Queen, yes, her indoors, our monarch, saw it fit to put her monica on the welfare reform bill.
    She gave it her blessing prior to moving through the parliamentary stages. Royal assent.
    All that money, all those property portfolio and all those treasures……..
    But, nevertheless, the lady of a thousand outfits, saw fit to plunge the poorest of her subjects into abject poverty….

    I bet she doesnt even blink as she runs her blue blooded hand over the corgis diamond encrusted collar….

    Tell those serfs to go away they are blocking my view!

    “Bloody hell” Lizzie, have you seen the headlines?

    “I hope we dont have to pay bedroom tax on this gaff”

    “Which wing would one mean?”

  12. Barbara Johnson says:

    Just had a letter from the counicl about the rent increase – I have been unemployed for 3 years (and yes, i’m actively looking for work) I have lived in this house (I can no longer call it ‘home’) for 10 1/2 years I face paying this Bedroom tax which will leave me withe the grand sum of £4.53 a week to live on (food, clothes, fares to job centre and interviews etc) I would like to challenge the Prime Minister to try and live on that!!!

  13. Serenity says:

    Divine right, doctrine that sovereigns derive their right to rule by virtue of their birth alone.
    Doncha know!

  14. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Get wise, do you honestly think the reason we are under attack is because of the shortage of one bedroom homes?.

    Dream on. This was perpetrated intentionally as another tax on the poor.
    Our government looked into this heinous move in great depth prior to announcing it in the welfare reform bill.

    They knew that they had an excuse for implementing it and we are starting to believe that what they say may have some creedence.

    Its time to wake up!!!!

    Since when has it been an offence, open to enforced taxation, to have spare rooms in your home?
    The answer is NEVER….

    Our electorate is being played like patsys!!!

    By virtue of the fact that none of the previous governments have actively progressed a national housebuilding agenda, you, the people are being made to blame….
    Yes it now becomes our fault, and you will pay to rectify it.

    Bollocks! Stand your ground on this issue……..

    Its one step toward the coalition telling you how many kids you can have, a chinese style dictatorship enshrined in wealth and power for the party heads and cronies.

    Every thing we touch is being made harder to negotiate through spiralling costs. Flights are being made unaffordable by rocketing taxes, fast becoming a treat for the affluent only.

    We are being stampeded into a corner at an alarming rate.
    Basics are becoming looked upon as delicacies……
    You should be afforded the basic right of a home, regardless of room sizes, the basic right to eat real, nutritious food at affordable prices and the provision of gas and electricity at an affordable tariff. Water should be flowing through your pipes for peanuts. It falls from the sky, its not manufactured.

    ” Pissing on you from a great height, they continue to rub your noses in it”.

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