'There’s one lesson that I’ve taken from these jobs into my post-university career: the lower you are, the harder you work, and the more thanklessly.' Photograph: Laurence Dutton/Getty Images
‘There’s one lesson that I’ve taken from these jobs into my post-university career: the lower you are, the harder you work, and the more thanklessly.’ Photograph: Laurence Dutton/Getty Images

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  1. Dissabled dave says:

    Where are all of these young people that love doing this unpaid labour? I bet in fact, having this on your CV would guarantee that you wouldn’t get any interviews for proper jobs. If Poundland have these jobs, then they should be made to pay a living wage from their vast profits, not get their labour bill paid for from the taxes of the working men and women of this country.

    I bet Ian Dunked-in-shit has never done any of this sort of work. I would love to see a reality programme where he and the other nazis have to try and live on JSA for a month, including setting money aside for electricity, gas, water, sewerage, etc. To make it wothwhile there could be a rule that every time they over-spend they have to spend the night sleeping on the streets and give the same amount of money to charities for the homeless, or the disabled. I wouldn’t be surprised if he spends more on a bottle of wine than people on JSA have to live on for a week.

  2. jeffery davies says:

    you missing the point he come out and said still being payed by the dole ,when he tells us and the house that dole figures have gone down more people in work ops he now left the cat out of the bag by saying this not only is it cheap labour but also you still on the dole holy mother hesaid that figures for unemployment was going down we all now stacking shelfs for nowt whot a lieing no good politician is he jeff3

  3. David Moynagh says:

    When can he be imprisoned… Not IF but WHEN…Dont let the evil psyco of with the Atos Suicides. Keep shouting it everywhere you go to spread the word … IDS and Atos Deaths … jail him or nail him then jail him . Dont let him hide. We didnt let the nazis hide. This is a nazi atrocity that WEALL MUST STOP.

  4. Serenity says:

    Who works for £70 per week get real, anyone on the scheme/scam should be paid minimum wage for all the hours worked leaving them with a lot more than £70 per week at least that would be fair, also with all the benefit cuts the bit extra would be most welcome. It’s the slave labour for multinationals which is wrong , the least they could do is pay them after all the private company who send them on the scheme get paid the company get a couple of grand for taking them with no NI to pay ect, the government are then able to remove them from the unemployment list and pretend unemployment figures are going down.

  5. jay says:

    As someone previously said on a thread that I read “everyone gets paid except for the poor buggers doing the work.”
    There is no reason why if someone is on one of these schemes for six weeks or longer that they could not be paid the minimum wage for that time.
    Real work experience and a wage.
    If not then they should be classed as being unemployed and the unemployment figures should take this into account.

    I don’t see any reporter or tv interviewer asking politicians questions such as.
    If you want people to do work experience why are they not being paid the minimum wage?

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