Iain Duncan Smith’s Licence To Kill

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Iain Duncan Smith doesn't care that his reforms killed Brian McArdle. He's proud of himself and Brian's just 'collateral damage' in his 'war on welfare':  You can read all about Brian McArdle R.I.P. at https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/01/atos-benefits-bullies-killed-my-sick-dad-says-devastated-kieran-mcardle-13/ ; https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/02/teens-letter-about-cruel-effects-of-atos-hand-delivered-by-record-to-iain-duncan-smiths-whitehall-office/ ; https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/03/iain-duncan-smith-to-write-to-distraught-teenager-who-blames-atos-for-fathers-death/ Here is the clip of IDS BRAGGING ON BBC QUESTION TIME in response to being hauled up over Brian's death by Owen Jones. SHAMEFULLY the idiotic and ignorant SHEEP, fed on a diet of govt. & tabloid lies and propaganda to the point where they can no longer think for themselves or distinguish truth from fiction bleat and clap in approval. 'Iain Duncan Smith Losing His Temper With Owen Jones'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec3wJlHtVMM&feature=youtu.be When will the nation awake and arise???  How many more must DIE???
Iain Duncan Smith doesn’t care that his reforms killed Brian McArdle. He’s proud of himself and Brian’s just ‘collateral damage’ in his ‘war on welfare’:
You can read all about Brian McArdle R.I.P. at
https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/01/atos-benefits-bullies-killed-my-sick-dad-says-devastated-kieran-mcardle-13/ ;
https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/02/teens-letter-about-cruel-effects-of-atos-hand-delivered-by-record-to-iain-duncan-smiths-whitehall-office/ ;
Here is the clip of IDS BRAGGING ON BBC QUESTION TIME in response to being hauled up over Brian’s death by Owen Jones
‘Iain Duncan Smith Losing His Temper With Owen Jones’

How many more must DIE???


Sick or disabled people could be worked to death under legislation tabled this week simply because the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions takes a dislike to them.

The new workfare rules, rushed out in a panic after this weeks damning court verdict,  set out the details of the various forced labour schemes currently in operation.  This follows the High Court ruling that Iain Duncan Smith had been illegally sending people on workfare due to never fully explaining the schemes before Parliament as required by law.

Under the regulations it appears that almost anyone Iain Duncan Smith sees fit will be at risk of referral to the Work Programme, which is now vaguely aimed at any claimant “at risk of becoming long term unemployed”.

The DWP admit they don’t know how many people on the Work Programme are being sent on workfare as the private companies running the scheme are given free reign to behave as they like – something which flies in the face of this week’s court decision and may yet lead to another legal challenge on similar grounds.

Under the regulations, welfare to work companies, or the DWP, can mandate someone to up to two year’s full time unpaid work.  As was announced last December, on International Disabled People’s Day, even claimants on sickness or disability benefits can now be mandated to forced labour.

These are all claimants who have been signed off as unfit for work by their own GP.  Many more claimants, who have also been signed off work as sick by doctors, have had that decision over-ruled by the DWP and are now on mainstream unemployment benefits.  With such a rushed and no doubt bodged set of regulations, there doesn’t even appear to be anything stopping the Secretary of State singling out claimants he doesn’t like and condemning them to hard labour.

With jobs in desperately short supply, especially for those with a health condition or disability, the choice facing unwell claimants sentenced to unpaid work will be whether to be worked to death or starved to death.

Of course someone with a life threatening condition may appeal against a decision which forces them to carry out unpaid physical work at a Sue Ryder charity shop or The Conservation Volunteer’s latest chain gang.

But sadly many people don’t appeal – and legal support for appealing benefit decisions is being slashed.  And it is a truly chilling thought that the only thing protecting sick or disabled claimants from being sent to do work which may kill them is the whims of a DWP tribunal.

Iain Duncan Smith may not have introduced these laws as a way of working to death disabled activists, or anyone else on health related benefits who opposes his vicious and inept schemes.  But the power is now there to do so.

None of this has ever been adequately discussed by Parliament.  Even the Courts seem to be beneath the Secretary of State – today Iain Duncan Smith  dismissed the judgement of three High Court judges on a very technical point of law as ‘rubbish’.  Not even David Cameron seems to be able to control the power-drunk fool, whilst the Treasury willingly hands over billions of pounds to fund his whatever crazy old bollocks he cooks up next.  It is clear that Iain Duncan Smith regards himself as above the Prime Minister, above Parliament and above the very law itself.

Iain Duncan Smith is out of control and has the power to destroy millions of lives.  And that is exactly what the Secretary of State is doing.  If Parliament or the courts can’t put an end to the carnage, then it is down to everyone else with a shred of humanity to stop this vile monster.

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare

For the latest on this week’s workfare ruling visit:http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=2035

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14 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith’s Licence To Kill

  1. Barry says:

    Following a campaign by Anti-Slavery International and Liberty, the British Government has backed new laws to crackdown on modern day slavery. http://www.antislavery.org/english/campaigns/previous_actions/forced_labour_in_the_uk_2.aspx but this government is forcing people into unpaid work and if they refuse they lose there benefits yet back in October 2009 Ministers conceded that existing legislation fails to protect people from modern day slavery and have agreed to criminalise forced labour but this law doesn’t seem to have stopped this government forcing people on benefits into slavery UNPAID WORK!

    1. miss carole frost says:

      it is slavery..where are our civil liberties ..we have none this is the 21st century..these new laws are not justifying our rights as citizens it is forced labour whether you are disabled sick or not …this government do not care about any one ..too many people have died through them how many more people have to die proving themselves..as far as i am concerned this government ..DWP..and atos are cold blooded killers .

  2. jay says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

    On the link provided above it says

    Forced labour is a contemporary form of slavery, which has a number of key characteristics:

    forced to work, through mental or physical threat;
    controlled by an ’employer’, under the threat of some form of punishment;

    Substitute employer for DWP or workfare provider.
    the threat of punishment is sanctions – no money

    The physical threat is starvation and being unable to pay the rent leading to being homeless.

    So basically the British government has agreed to a law that it freely breaks by the use of coercion into workfare programmes

  3. Marion says:

    Have tried to leave a comment on the “Against Workfare” site on link above twice now and it hasn’t worked, so have lost what I wrote and getting tired now and still to do my Jobsearching for work! Despite the fact that no one wants to take on a 51 year old disabled woman, now blamed for being out of work for over 2 years and I don’t drive either!!

  4. Blood on their hands says:

    Why hasn’t anyone thrown a pot of red paint over IDS the paint would represent blood of the deaths of DWP and IDS victims.

  5. jeffery davies says:

    but if hes got us working then we not showing on the sick and unemplyed figures more manipulation by ids not only does he get figures adjusted to suit he also gets slave labour ah the torys who tell us they full of love for those sick and disabled yes like a hungry lion

  6. Bluesky says:

    IDS is screwing with us, we should screw with him. all computer savy people should screw with him. see how he likes his life being messed with….( i’ll probably get banned for this comment…)

  7. A Lewis says:

    I’ve been found fit to work. Hurrah! Fit for what though, no one knows. They look a bit worried when I ask and then say ‘Ooh you could do voluntary work!’ Well I could. Theoretically. We’ve been chewing the fat over it and for the past two weeks since having had to attend my last interview at the JC, I’ve had to visit my doctor pronto because I’m in such pain. I’m swallowing pills just to get through another day. I need a job coz they cut my money but regardless of how fit for work I am (legally), my body doesn’t seem to get it. If I ever get an interview, I’m really hoping they don’t ask silly questions like ‘Do you think you are up to the job?’ JC suggest to fudge it, coz what do I know? I think I’m sick! I’m off to the doc again this week, for another script or two hopefully. Think what I’ve lost off my food and heat budget I’m gonna make up for in heavy duty pain killers and happy pills. Doc is conflicted about the old chestnut of am I too miserable to cope with the likely need to top myself once I start the Happy Pills? I’ve got a referal just in case. Guess he has to cover his back but heck, who’s gonna pay? Not the DWP so it’s OK but I’m thinking whatever budget it comes from, it’s the jolly old hardworking taxpayer whose got to put his weary hand in his pocket again. Is he really so keen to see us on benefits suffer? Will he be when he gets the bill? Well I think you will find a lot of suffering right now, so now is the time to look around and enjoy it. Later when taxes rise or you can’t get a doctors appointment I hope it’s worth it!! My doc is inundated now. He’s writing the umpteenth letter to the DWP so his patients can have money to feed them selves and keep warm. Wouldn’t you prefer he was simply concetrating on healing his patients or keeping them well.

  8. john mc says:

    my health is shot to pieces, work till i drop , and now where going to be well fuck OVER,
    BUTT SAYING THAT ,there are lots off lovely people ,and i be leave,that’s are strength,, Dave gang, don’t See the world changing around them,,,best off luck to all including my self f , ,my story is to long to share ,love to all yours jmc,,


    Welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith has instructed officials to “look again” at how the “bedroom tax” will affect disabled people, the BBC has been told.

    1. A Lewis says:

      Ugh, what does all this having another look at things, that should have been obvious first time around, cost? Who is accountable for bungling this?

      There are so many reasons that this bedroom tax is wrong for all, but concentrating on the sick and disabled it is worth thinking about real life.

      Haven’t we all done our bit staying over with a friend or relative when they are sick (or perhaps the other way around), because it’s needed and it’s the right thing to do? It can be hard work and stressfull and isn’t it great when you get a bed and your own space? Just because some people have less, is having a little more really too much? If one home is overcrowded it’s tough and I don’t think it’s fair but maybe there are willing hands to help in a crisis.

      A person alone with room to spare may be scared and lonely in a crisis, do we really need to add ashamed to ask for help? Can one expect the kind helper to sleep in a chair ?

      Even a fit person can be knocked for six with a virus and need help for a day or two, but knowing it’s gonna happen because you are sick or disabled, what’s that like? Does worrying about how you are going to manage just make everything worse?? And frankly moving home is stressfull, exhausting, expensive and upsetting, especially if you have been happy in your home and want to stay. If people are forced to move some will never get over it. Ugh! thank goodness for a free NHS and happy pills huh?

      Oh one more thing. Why should couples have to sleep in the same bedroom? Is it the law? There are plenty of reasons why a couple need or want to sleep separately and it’s surely a private matter. Disadvantaging them economically is unfair. Marriages hold together in all sorts of ways, sometimes only just. Will they rehouse the homeless partner or pay their housing benefit when the camels back breaks? And that’s two more people who will no longer provide (FREE) mutual support If the govt wants their big properties back can’t they offer a little carrot instead of yet again getting out their big stick?

      I do hope that common sence will prevail .

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